Historic Homes of Baltimore on the Sellers Mansion

Historic Homes of Baltimore on Instagram and Baltimore Heritage on YouTube both do a great job on Baltimore architecture.

White Tower architecture

White Tower Hamburgers was a restaurant chain that was founded in 1926. There is only one left. Here are pictures of the old buildings. Here’s an article from RoadsideArchitecture.com.

Architects Paul Hirshorn and Steven Izenour wrote a book about the buildings, White Towers, that was originally published in 1979. It was reissued in 2007. I have a paperback copy of the first edition

White Towers Revisited was an exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania in 2015. I saw it and thought it was excellent. Here are two articles on the exhibit.

Penn exhibit revisits White Tower fast-food chain

White Tower Power

Fire at a vacant former brewery

The Birckhead-Bond House/Mount Royal House in Baltimore

I didn’t know about this building in Reservoir Hill either.

Here are some older articles and documents.

Maryland Historical Trust Architectural Survey File

Hugh Lennon Bond Historical Marker

Up for grabs: Baltimore’s storied ‘Mount Royal’ mansion dates to 1792 (from 2019)