Nicholas Cage keeps making bizarre movies

I recently watched Pig and Prisoners of the Ghostland. They’re right there with other recent Cage films like Mandy.

One Cut of the Dead in Hollywood

One Cut of the Dead is a very funny low-budget Japanese zombie movie. It’s about people making a zombie movie who are attacked by zombies. You see the final film and the behind the scenes action.

There are two sequels:

One Cut of the Dead Spin Off: in Hollywood was made for TV and is on the Terracotta Blu-Ray One Cut of the Dead: Hollywood edition.

One Cut of the Dead Mission: Remote is on YouTube

Manos: The Hands of Fate

“Manos: The Hands of Fate” was released on this day in 1966. It is one of the worst films ever and was the subject of a well-known Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. It’s available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Moonlight Graham was real

Moonlight Graham, a character in the film Field of Dreams and Shoeless Joe, the novel it was based on, was real. He really did appear in one major league game. His birthday was yesterday.

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films ranked in Esquire and Paste

I have seen and liked most of the MC films. They ought to be good considering the high level of performing, writing and directing talent involved with them. Most superhero films wind up with people beating the crap out of each other like in a WWE or UFC fight. Most and possibly all were filmed in 3-D but very few are now released in 3-D in the US. It’s possible to find 3-D versions from other countries on eBay. That’s how I got Black Panther and Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange looks great in 3-D and the casino scene in Black Panther looks wonderful.

I agree with putting Black Panther as #1. It;’s a great film. I would rate Doctor Strange higher than #17. Guardians of the Galaxy as #2 is good. The Guardian films add humor to the superhero mix.

My favorite Hitchcock films

I’ve probably seen about 30 films directed by Alfred Hitchcock. I like most of them. Here are my favorites:

  1. Notorious (1946) is a great suspense film and great romance. Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman are a wonderful pair.
  2. Rear Window (1954) is one of his funniest films. I had a leg cast once but didn’t have Grace Kelly to help me.
  3. Foreign Correspondent (1940) is my favorite of his espionage films. Hitchcock did more than murder mysteries.
  4. Vertigo (1958) is the most highly rated of his films now. It’s up there.
  5. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) Both versions are excellent but I am partial to this one. Did you know this is where “Que Sera Sera” debuted?

Take a look at the Black Film Archive

The Black Film Archive is a new site about Black Films from 1915-1979 that are streaming. It’s excellent and very comprehensive.