Rudy Ray Moore films on YouTube and Blu-ray

Rudy Ray Moore made movies and records. I have seen four of his films and think they’re well worth watching. Eddie Murphy plays Moore in the Netflix film Dolemite is My Name. Vinegar Syndrome has released four of his films from the 1970s on Blu-ray: Dolemite, The Human Tornado, Petey Wheatstraw and Disco Godfather.

I have also included links to the films on YouTube.

Bringing Out the Dead is an underrated Scorsese fim

Bringing Out the Dead (1999) is an excellent film based on a fine autobiographical novel by Joe Connelly. It’s not even on Blu-ray. I have the DVD.

There are also two fine novels about being an EMT by another former EMT:

Orangey the cat

Orangey starred in films and TV shows. I haven’t seen Rhurbarb but this tweet led me to find out more about the cat.

The Hardest Working Cat in Showbiz is a film about Orangey. Here’s where to watch it. It was inspired by this column. Orangey is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

I visited the Stoogeum in 2011

The Stoogeum is a museum devoted to the Three Stooges in Ambler, PA. It’s only open by appointment now and is in a business park. It sure doesn’t look like a museum from the outside.

This is the sign outside. Visitors are not allowed to take pictures inside.

Space Monster Wangmagwi (1967) – a Korean monster movie that was recently rediscovered

Space Monster Wangmagwi (1967) is an entertaining South Korean monster film. The monster reminds me of 1950s films – it’s a person in a suit. It was thought to be lost but was recently found. The video quality on the Blu-ray disc was surprisingly good.

Buster Keaton films online

This includes a link to all of his films on YouTube

Our Man In Havana

This tweet reminded me of both the film and the book. The book is lesser Graham Greene and the film is lesser Carol Reed but they are sophisticated fun and well worth reading and seeing. The movie was filmed in Cuba and has a great cast.

More on the Sight and Sound Poll

How about The Big Sleep (Hawks)?

Sight and Sound’s 2022 list of best films

This was released today. It comes out every 10 years. I think the greatest film ever is Rules of the Game (1939) directed by Jean Renoir. I would put Citizen Kane (1941) second.

I have seen four of the five Torrente films

There are five Torrente films all directed, starring and written by Santiago Segura. I first saw Segura in excellent films by Alex de la Iglesia. I was especially impressed by his performance in Dying of Laughter and decided to find more films of his.

Torrente is a disgusting bigot, coward, and liar. He is racist, anti-Asian, and anti-gay but I don’t recall any antisemitism. I think the character could be established as a bad guy without all of the bigotry but overall the films are very amusing in a tasteless way. Torrente reminds me of Billy Bob Thornton’s Bad Santa and the films of W. C. Fields. Look at the Tip #1 video below to get an idea of what he is like.

The firsts four films were released on DVD and I have seen them all.

The New York Times article linked to below is well worth reading.