Covers: Tell the Truth (“5” Royales song)

The “5” Royales are one of the most underrated groups ever. Several of their songs are better known by cover versions. I am going to post a series of them now. The covers, especially the James Brown version of “Think” and the Ray Charles version of “Tell the Truth” are great but the original versions are well worth your time. “Tell the Truth” was released in 1958 and followed by Ray Charles’s version in 1959.

Covers: Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues

“Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” is one of the best songs on one of Bob Dylan’s best albums, 1965’s Highway 61 Revisted. In addition to the original version, a live 1966 version with the musicians later known as the Band was the b-side of the single of “I Want You”. It was recorded in Liverpool on May 14, 1966. The link also connects to a picture of the single. This version is also on the box set of the 1966 live recordings (disc #14). The Cutting Edge collection also has unreleased versions – see the second video. Dylan and the Band performed it on the 1974 tour but it wasn’t on the official album from the concerts, Before the Flood. They did perform it in the show I saw – 1/6/74 afternoon in Philadelphia.

There are many covers by artists such as Nina Simone and Bryan Ferry. Check out the version by the Handsome Family.