Covers: Dueling Banjos

“Dueling Banjos” became famous because it was in the 1972 film Deliverance. The film version was played by Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell. The original version was by Arthur Smith who had to sue to get credit when the film was released. Among the covers is “Dueling Tubas” by Martin Mull.

I saw Tony Trischka play it in 2014 at a banjo concert held in conjunction with an exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Mandell was in the audience and Trischka introduced him.

Covers: Sail On, Sailor

“Sail On, Sailor” is a Beach Boys song from their 1973 album Holland.

This message board post discusses the long and complex history of the song’s composition.

Van Dyke Parks, one of the song’s five author’s recently posted a link to a version vy The Beach Boys and Ray Charles.

Chaplin was the lead vocalist on the original Beach Boys version.
see the board post linked to at the top – very different lyrics
another version with the different lyrics