Earth Day 1970

I attended the first Earth Day observation in Philadelphia.  I remember that poet Allen Ginsberg and Ed Muskie were among the speakers.  Muskie, who was the Democratic vice-presidential candidate in 1968, was the favorite for the 1972 presidential nomination at that point.  Redbone, a Native American band, performed.

Here are articles about it.

Earthweek 1970

Time Magazine


Terrible action by the North Carolina Supreme Court

Blatantly partisan action by Republican majority court

Tweets on the police

Tweet on the Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic

Great name!

The Harry Smith B-Sides – the label’s dilemna

Dust-to-Digital released a collection called the Harry Smith B-Sides with the B-sides of the songs on The Anthology of American Folk Music. They excluded several racist songs.

For music archivists, a contemporary dilemma: Should racist songs from our past be heard today?

Reagan was terrible – don’t believe the GOP hype

Current Republicans idolize Reagan. This is revisionist crap. He was awful. The first thread does a great job of reminding us about what he did.

Mississippi Republicans refuse Medicaid expansion despite public support for it

see the poll in the second tweet below