Trump sucks up to Putin again

Trump congratulated Putin on winning the rigged Russian election.  His advisers had recommended that he should not do that.   

He didn’t confront Putin on the poisonings in England, Russian meddling in our elections, or their access to our power grid.

I think they leaked the information to the media because they are patriots concerned about Trump’s unwillingness to confront Putin, not because he ignored their advice.

I continue to think Russia has something on Putin. I’m not the only one speculating about this.  I am guessing it’s financial dealings, not a pee tape.  Sad!


Trump lies about Democrats (again)

How can we have a discussion on issues when one side tells outrageous lies about the positions held by the other side?

The only thing here that has any relationship to the truth is the one about cities being safe havens for illegal aliens (and this is an oversimplification).

It’s infuriating that Trump says Democrats want open borders and are weak on terrorism and national defense.  I think a president who sucks up to our enemy Putin is weak on terrorism and national defense.