Earth Day 1970

I attended the first Earth Day observation in Philadelphia.  I remember that poet Allen Ginsberg and Ed Muskie were among the speakers.  Muskie, who was the Democratic vice-presidential candidate in 1968, was the favorite for the 1972 presidential nomination at that point.  Redbone, a Native American band, performed.

Here are articles about it.

Earthweek 1970

Time Magazine


Democrats need to do more on abortion and guns

This is so frustrating, Republicans are so much better at achieving their goals. Democrats should have been prepared for the terrible Supreme Court decision. I will vote for them but I haven’t given them a dime in 2022. Biden is still stuck in the past which will never come back. He needs to act more like Newsom who put out a commercial attacking what Republicans have done. Pleading with us to vote isn’t nearly enough.

Abortion access in each state

More on the bad Independent State Legislature theory

Republicans want the Supreme Court to support their plan to give state legislatures more power over elections.

Paterson’s Hinchcliffe Stadium – a Negro Leagues ballpark

Covers: Desperados Under the Eaves

Great tweet by The Paranoid Style on a fine Warren Zevon song. “Desperados Under the Eaves” was released in 1976.