Trump’s endless lies

Blobfest 2019

I went to Blobfest for the fourth time on July 13, 2019. I saw a double bill of The Blob and Forbidden Planet. The audience is like the people who attended The Rocky Horror Picture Show events. They really know the movie and clap along with the rhythm of the theme song. For the first time that I have seen, the audience laughed at the end when the blob is taken to the Arctic because it is frozen. We know that it is thawing because of global warming.

I also posted YouTube videos I found about this year’s Blobfest.

Trump should shut up about anti-Semitism

Trump has a lot of nerve calling anyone else anti-Semitic. As a Jew, I will never forgive him for his “very fine people” remarks about neo-Nazis at Charlottesville. Trump is anti-Semitic and needs to shut up. His bigotry inspired the attacks on the synagogues in Pittsburgh and California where people were killed.

Republican tax policy failed in Kansas

This should serve as a lesson for the whole country. Republican tax cuts do not improve the economy, they just increase the deficit.

2020 Census update 7/11/19