Earth Day 1970

I attended the first Earth Day observation in Philadelphia.  I remember that poet Allen Ginsberg and Ed Muskie were among the speakers.  Muskie, who was the Democratic vice-presidential candidate in 1968, was the favorite for the 1972 presidential nomination at that point.  Redbone, a Native American band, performed.

Here are articles about it.

Earthweek 1970

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Crime has been declining but that’s not what people think

John Prine and Steve Goodman sing Hank Williams

If this was at the Academy of Music, then I saw it. (See the comments on YouTube.) If it wasn’t, I saw them do something very similar. Prine and Goodman each performed solo acoustic sets and then did the Williams songs as an encore. I distinctly remember them doing “Setting the Woods on Fire” because it’s not as well known as the other songs. I saw Prine and Goodman several times and they were great.

COVID-19 death rates are higher among Republicans

Just one of the many things I blame Trump for. He provided funding for vaccines but didn’t do enough to promote them and spread lots of misinformation.

Polls on the Supreme Court update 10/4/22

There’s never been a more partisan court than now during that time

Juan Marichal and Warren Spahn pitched a 16 inning game