Most black voters say Trump is racist

I certainly agree. The man is a terrible bigot.

Trump lies update 1/20/20

He lies more than ever.

Trump takes advantage of the fact that if the media keeps accusing him of lying, he and his supporters will say they’re biased. The media understates what a liar Trump is in order to appear balanced and fair. It took most of the media years to call him a liar. They used much wimpier terms instead of stating the truth. Nobody will confront Trump and call him a liar to his face. Trump wins on this one.

100% correct!

How are Trump's farm subsidies being paid for?

Climate update

It’s an emergency, not a hoax. Four years of Trump will do irreparable damage to the planet. Sad!

Wisconsin voter suppression update 1/15/20

The victory was for fairness, not voter suppression

Foxconn scam update