Trump sides with the Saudis instead of truth and justice

His top concern is money.   We know about his inflated numbers for arms deals.  We don’t know if his personal business dealings affected his decision.


Ivanka Trump used a personal email account for government business


Rake America Great Again – Finland mocks Trump


This is also the latest example of Trump’s account of a conversation being different from the other person’s account.  Trump is a proven liar.


Soybeans sales are down 94% because of Trump’s trade war

Adam Schitt

Trump can’t talk about decorum after his insult of Adam Schiff. This is his latest disgusting attack on people.  I think it  was intentional – he hasn’t retracted it.  The T and F keys aren’t next to each other.

Republicans say  nothing.  Sad!


Trump attacks a retired admiral

Trump does it again.

Just like attacking McCain and the Khan family

Just like not visiting the cemetery in France or Arlington on Veterans Day

What a phony – I bet we find out he doesn’t pay the income taxes that support the military.


Mississippi runoff

Republican Senator Hyde-White has shown what she is really like and she is slipping.  Now her fellow bigot Trump will try to bail her out.

I support Mike Espy.