More on the Electoral College

It’s good that there is a discussion on it. Time for it to go!

I don’t agree but here’s an opposing view.

Jared and Ivanka use private email/messaging for government business

Hypocrites. Let’s see if Republicans think they should be locked up. I guess this is only bad when Hillary did it. Lol.


Republicans only think it’s bad when Democrats do it.

Trump continues to attack McCain and tell lies

Trump lied about McCain’s funeral. He did nothing and does not deserve thanks. He also lied about the Veterans Choice law passed in 2014. It was modified under his administration but McCain deserves a lot of credit for the law.

It is shameful how wimpy the Republicans have been. Only Isakson has taken on the president and a few others have defended McCain but not blamed Trump for anything. It’s pathetic how afraid they are of Trump and his cult.

This isn’t good enough.
McConnell is gutless.

Concentrate on gerrymandering and voter suppression

The Democrats in the House passed HR 1, a huge voting overhaul that has no chance at all in the Senate.

I think it would be better if they chopped it up into pieces. It would be easier to explain to the public if they concentrated on one item at a time.

I would start with gerrymandering. It is easy to show examples like Wisconsin and North Carolina. (Yes, Democrats did it in Maryland but this is almost entirely a Republican problem.) The public will understand and approve of the idea of fairness. Democrats also need to emphasize that when districts are redrawn like in Pennsylvania, it’s to promote fairness, not Democrats.

Since the Republicans won’t do anything, it should be easy to tag them as being opposed to fair elections. See the tweet below for a new study that shows obvious problems.

Same for voter suppression. Everyone should understand that all people who are eligible to vote should be able to vote. Republicans have made extensive suppression efforts in places like Georgia.

Trump turns presidential events into political rallies

He did it again this week in Ohio. It was totally inappropriate. We are so numb to his violations of norms that this doesn’t get enough coverage. His campaign (which started on his first day in office) should pay for these events, not taxpayers. I can’t remember them all but some others were speeches at the CIA and Boy Scouts. It’s just wrong.