Trump admits he is damaging the post office to hamper mail-in voting

We don’t have the will to beat the virus

I blame Trump for this country’s terrible response to the coronavirus. But the public has to take some of the blame for being unwilling to make the sacrifices needed to beat the virus. Great tweet by Peter King.

Birtherism is back

Trump and his cult smear Kamala Harris and cowardly Republicans don’t stand up for her.

QAnon update 8/14/20

More people believe this horrible stuff. It’s found a home in the Republican party.

She should talk to the families of the people that were killed by the crash.
Just like they criticized Trump and now support him. All that matters to Republicans is winning.

More on bad Trump picks

Trump’s latest lies – update 8/12/20

QAnon’s obsession with fake pedophilia stories

Trump supports the QAnon believer who won the primary in Georgia

QAnon is gaining popularity in the Republican party. This just gets worse and worse.

QAnon followers on Facebook

This just gets worse and worse.