Almost half of Republicans believe mail in voting fraud is a problem

They believe Trump’s lies

Republican lawyer admits there is no widespread voter fraud

Trump’s baseless voter fraud claims

Trump’s lies about Michigan voting by mail

He’s stirring up nonsense about voter fraud. He wants voter suppression and doesn’t care about the health of voters.

Trump’s allegation of 2016 voter fraud will undermine confidence in 2020 results.

He’s getting his cult ready to consider the 2020 results invalid if he loses. His claims of fraud in New Hampshire and California are baseless lies. Republicans should step up to defend our elections but they won’t. They won’t support legislation to increase election security because they have benefitted from Russian interference.

Debunking the fraud claim

It was debunked back in 2016

Phony claims of busing voters to New Hampshire

NY Times article from 2017

Trump’s dangerous lies about illegal voting.

Trump is lying again by claiming that there is massive illegal voting. He is doing this to undermine public confidence in the 2020 results. I expect him to claim it was rigged if he loses and I doubt he would concede.

The Philip Bump column quotes ridiculous things Trump expects Democrats to say in the 2020 debates. I expect him to use this as a rationale to lie in the debates. He will lie about his own record as well as the Democratic positions and candidate. Trump will claim that Democrats are socialists led by the “squad”.

The column quotes what Trump said:

“Don’t kid yourself,” he said later. “Not as easy when I’m up there on the debate [stage] all alone with some maniac that they” — the Democrats — “chose and that maniac is saying, ‘We’re going to do this for you! We’re going to do that for you! We’re going to give you everything! Everybody gets a free Rolls-Royce, every family!’ ”

“ ‘And we’re going to take better care of illegal immigrants than we take care of our own citizens!’ they tell you,” he said.”

Texas voter fraud claim was phony

Trump’s evil lie about the 2016 election

So now he’s back to saying there were illegal votes. As always when he makes this claim, he has no proof. This is just a setup for him to cast doubt on the 2020 results. He’ll probably claim there were illegal votes even if he wins. Let’s see if any Republican defends our electoral process. I doubt it. They’ll just continue to put up with the lies and bigotry.

North Carolina House district NC-09 update

In addition to the new election, here are some other developments.

  1. The main guy who committed election fraud has been indicted.
  2. McConnell lied and treated this as voter fraud, not election fraud by Republicans. He did this to blame Democrats which is totally wrong.

Trump won’t condemn North Carolina election fraud

He compared them to phony voter fraud claims in Texas and California.