The media gives Republicans a free pass on voting rights

Texas bad voter restrictions

I’m sure other red states will do this.

I’m worried about voting rights

Let’s be optimistic. Let’s say that Manchin and Sinema agree to bypass the filibuster and one or more voting rights bills pass and are signed into law by Biden. (I don’t think this will happen but just for sake of discussion, let’s say it does.)

This is what worries me:

Republicans would take this to the courts and it would go all the way to the Supreme Court. The right-wing Supreme Court has already shown they are not interested in voting rights when they gutted the 1965 law. They have said they will not interfere with partisan gerrymandering.

I would expect them to overturn any new voting laws and we’ll be right back where we are today. None of this will change until (if and when) we get a liberal majority on the Supreme Court.


I just saw this:

Voter suppression update – 8/15/21

The Supreme Court is the biggest obstacle to voting rights legislation

Even if Congress passes voting rights legislation to undo damage done by the Supreme Court and Republican states, the Supreme Court is likely to strike it down. This is very discouraging. We will only make progress in voting rights when the court doesn’t have a Republican-appointed conservative majority.

Biden is wrong to think Republicans will support voting rights

Republicans have made it very clear that they will suppress voting and make it easier to overturn elections. Biden is wrong to think Republicans will do anything to support voting rights.

Would the Supreme Court undermine new voting legislation?

This is an excellent point. Based on what the court decided on Arizona, it’s reasonable to think the court would rule against any new laws that tried to restore voting rights. This is a bad situation and I am not optimistic that voting rights will ever be protected with the current court balance..

Terrible Republican election laws

They are afraid they can’t win a fair election. The worst things they are doing concerned how ballots will be counted and certified. They will make it possible for some legislatures to overturn the will of the voters.