Republican voter suppression

Donald Trump and Fox News were the biggest spreaders of misinformation about mail-in voting

And Trump is the biggest spreader of misinformation about the coronavirus

Republican voter suppression in Texas

One drop box for almost 5 million people! This is blatant voter suppression.

Trump is trying to prevent people from voting in Pennsylvania

There are issues over “naked” ballots that don’t have an envelope inside the mailing envelope and how long mail ballots will be accepted. This will wind up in courts just like Republican voter suppression efforts in other states.

Georgia wrongly purged almost 200,000 voters

Drop boxes are safe

Trump lies about them. I plan to place my ballot in one. This is just typical Republican voter suppression.

Trump continues to attack mail-in voting

Republicans are big on voter suppression.

Wisconsin voter suppression update 1/15/20

The victory was for fairness, not voter suppression

Georgia voter suppression

Wisconsin voter suppression

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