Overturn Citizens United

This is a great idea. The terrible Supreme Court decision has given rich people excessive influence on elections and thus on government policies.

The inadequate investigation of the Supreme Court leak

This is pathetic. There aren’t that many people who would have access to the draft. It doesn’t appear they interviewed the justices or spouses (who I think include the leaker). They don’t want to know who did it because it would look bad if it was a justice or spouse.

Right-wing extremists on the Supreme Court (R) could end affirmative action

The Supreme Court (R) doesn’t care what you think

Sure, they should do something about the things Marcus writes about but they won’t because they don’t care about anything except their extremist agenda.

They’ve had plenty of time to find out who leaked the Dobbs draft. How many people could have had access to it? I would be surprised if it’s more than a few hundred. I am guessing (with no basis) that it’s Alito or Ginni Thomas and they don’t want to tell us.

Congress needs to do something since it’s clear the Court won’t.

Republicans benefitted from their Supreme Court’s unwillingness to enforce lower court rulings on gerrymandering

A big reason why it looks like they will win the House of Representatives.

The terrible Independent State Legislature theory

The Supreme Court could undermine elections by endorsing it. Nothing is too extreme for this bunch.

The extreme right-wing Supreme Court will probably end affirmative action

As part of their plan to take the country back to the 1950s, I expect the extremist Supreme Court (R) to overturn affirmative action.

Polls on the Supreme Court update 10/4/22

There’s never been a more partisan court than now during that time

Term limits on the Supreme Court will take too long to have an impact

what I wrote in comments on the Washington Post site.

Your editorial supporting term limits states “The reform would take a long time to work.” Are we supposed to put up with 30 more years of the extremist court until the Trump justices are gone?  (I assume it would not apply to current justice.) This right-wing court will continue to do damage so this would not solve the problem any time soon.  I expect them to endorse the independent state legislature theory in the next term.   Term limits are a good idea but something else must be done sooner.

One thing that should be done is a law requiring the Senate to have hearings and a vote on any presidential nominee for the Supreme Court. A repeat McConnell’s shameful behavior on Garland is unacceptable.