Over two dozen Trump nominees won’t endorse the Brown vs. Board of Education decision

Today is the 65th anniversary of this landmark Supreme Court decision against school segregation. I can’t understand why you wouldn’t agree with it….unless you’re a racist.

Court throws out Republican Ohio gerrymandering

This will wind up in the Supreme Court with the other gerrymandering cases. The gerrymandering was extreme.

Lindsay Graham just keeps getting worse

Republicans are pushing their fake idea that the investigation was illegitimate.

It sounds like the Supreme Court will cave in on the census citizenship question

This sounds bad based on reports from yesterday’s court hearing. The Republican-selected judges will support Trump and damage Democrats. Ross has lied about the reason for the question. It will result in damage to the court’s credibility, too. Sad!

How the citizenship question could break the census

Adding seats to the Supreme Court – a poll

I support adding additional seats to the Supreme Court. I don’t see any other way to compensate for the seat the Republicans stole when they ignored the Garland nomination.