Kavanaugh accuser Ford continues to receive threats


The Supreme Court is protecting Ross

The court decided that Wilbur Ross did not have to give a deposition about his  statements about the 2020 Census (which I think are lies).  They’re protecting Trump.

The Kavanaugh investigation was incomplete so Democrats will do it properly if they win the House

The Kavanaugh investigation was a sham – it was very limited.  If Democrats win the House, they will conduct a real investigation.  It would have been much better to have a full investigation before the vote but Republicans chose not to do that.  I don’t think they helped Kavanaugh by shoving the nomination through before a thorough investigation.  Dr. Ford and the other accusers deserve a full hearing.  The majority of people favor it.  The FBI ignored many witnesses.  No matter what it finds, I don’t think the investigation would lead to Kavanaugh’s impeachment.  Republicans will keep him in his seat no matter what they find.