Polls on the Supreme Court show lower approval

Of course, approval will be down now that we know that the three Trump nominees lied during their hearings and the Court will make the very unpopular decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

Passing a law keeping abortion legal won’t help

I doubt they could pass a law in Congress that wouldn’t get killed by a Republican filibuster. Even if they did, the Supreme Court would strike it down. Nothing good will happen without turnover or expanding the court. I am not worried about polarization as a reason to not do something. Republicans don’t care about it. They don’t care about the reputation of the court. They only care about getting their way. I doubt the country could be more polarized than it is today. Democratic strategy (if there is one) and messaging has been poor. They are in reactive mode. DOJ should have said something BEFORE states passed restrictive laws.

Expand the Supreme Court now

I support expansions of the Court. Republicans essentially stole two seats by not having a vote on Garland and then being hypocrites and pushing Barrett through. As much as I would love a liberal majority on the court, I think you can only justify adding two to make up for the two seats Republicans took. Republicans play hard ball (and win). Democrats need to do this, too. This must be done now. If Republicans win the Senate, they won’t approve anyone Biden nominates for the Supreme Court. They threatened to do this if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016.

The public doesn’t approve of how Republicans treated Judge Jackson

Republican senators played to their white nationalist/conspiracy theory base. The way they treated Judge Jackson was terrible. The public disapproves but that never stops Republicans from doing what they want.

58% support confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson for Supreme Court justice

Republican senators won’t care. They’re more interested in appealing to their white nationalist base.

Upcoming Supreme Court cases

The extreme right-wing Supreme Court

Right-wing Supreme Court goes against precedents and norms

They’ll gut or end Roe vs. Wade and affirmative action. They don’t care what anything looks like as long as they get their right-wing agenda through.

Only 30% support overturning Roe vs. Wade

That won’t stop the extremist right-wing Supreme Court.

Gorsuch is an asshole

He won’t wear a mask even though Justice Sotomoyor has diabetes. The anti-maskers are selfish and showing no concern for others.