Court packing may be needed to correct Republican abuse

Republicans have trashed norms by blocking Obama judicial appointments, stealing a Supreme Court seat, and abandoning the blue slip tradition. There is no reason for Democrats to adhere to norms if Republicans won’t do it too. A drastic measure like court packing may be needed to offset the Republican abuses of the appointment process.

From the article:

“Expanding the Supreme Court would amount to a historic power play by the next Democratic president and Congress, requiring an intense legislative fight and the abandonment of many judicial and congressional norms.

But Democrats say that after Republicans blocked Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland and other lower court judges during President Barack Obama’s final term only to quickly fill those vacancies once President Donald Trump was in office, the party needs an equally bruising response.”

Is court packing a good idea?

Republicans stole a Supreme Court seat they used to install Gorsuch. Something must be done and court packing is worth considering.

Kavanaugh attacks Roe v. Wade

Those of us who are not Senator Collins knew this would happen.

Supreme Court won’t let a Muslim have a Muslim religious official present when he was executed

This is bigotry by Alabama and it was reinforced by the Supreme Court. The man should have been allowed to have his iman there.

The Supreme Court may restrict abortion rights soon

Sad!  This would be a bad decision by the court but hardly a surprise.

The Supreme Court will hear a guns case

More on the Trump administration efforts to bypass appeals courts

They want to go right to the Supreme Court with their two new Trump-appointed conservative justices.