The right-wing attack on public schools

Republicans and their Supreme Court (R) don’t want kids to learn the truth about American History and want to abolish the separation of church and state.

Ohio Republicans want schools to teach both sides of the Holocaust

Terrible idea. Anti-semitic, too.

Examples of Republicans who are distorting history in school textbooks

I expect red state textbooks to say Biden didn’t win a fair election in 2020.

Republican assault on public schools

They will use gun violence as a way to push homeschooling and subsidies for religious schools. These forms of education can be used to avoid teaching their children the truth about American history.

5/31; Also, pushing to get teachers to carry guns will reduce the amount of people who want to be teachers in public schools but that’s what they want.

6/2 Some Republicans attack public schools as “government schools”.

Covid hasn’t helped the situation

Schools should teach personal finance

They didn’t teach it to us in high school and I think they should have. The states that are doing it or plan to are a mix of red and blue states – this shouldn’t be political. Even the despicable Ron DeSantis supports it.

It’s especially important now since there is fraud online. I know. My personal information was hacked from work records and I have had to cancel three credit cards. I also had my information used to buy an iPhone – I know because I got the bill in the mail! I recently had to deal with a situation where my information was used to try (unsuccessfully) to get a payday loan.

The best books to read to get smarter about your money, according to personal finance experts

Its time to end legacy admissions

Liberal Hypocrisy in College Admissions?

Bomb threats against HBCUs

More on attacks on school boards