Tweets on the debt limit

The Democrats should have done something when they had the House majority. The Republican extremists hate the government and are willing to do things to harm it.

The stock market thinks layoffs are cool

Before I started following the stock market, I thought layoffs would be bad for companies as well as the people who were laid off. I was wrong. Wall Street likes layoffs because it reduces company expenses. Wouldn’t it be better for the economy if people were working and could spend money?

Greedy oil companies

High profits, giving money to shareholders instead of reducing prices

Bad New York Times tweet on GDP increase

more positive comments on the GDP increase:

In support of tipping

It took a long time until I understood that servers got a very low salary and made most of their money from tips.

I have tipped delivery drivers well, especially during the pandemic. They were taking a real risk dealing with people before there were vaccines,

Wall Street is investing in music

They’re buying up the catalogs of geezer musicians from my day. I don’t like the idea of big companies owning music but it’s hard to blame the artists for cashing in.

More on greedy oil company profits

Record oil company profits

At least part of the high gas prices is due to corporate greed