Trump has no business meddling in Amazon postal costs

Trump asked the Post Office to raise shipping prices for Amazon.

This is none of his business.  He’s just mad at Amazon because Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post.

Politfact on Trump’s claim that the Post Office is losing a fortune on Amazon.


Unemployment falls to 3.9%

The unemployment rate fell to 3.9%.  Trump deserves some of the credit.  It would be easier to give him credit on the rare occasions when he does something right if he didn’t take credit for things he didn’t do.  The fall in unemployment and the rise in the stock market are continuations of the trends under Obama.  Trump claims he inherited a mess but that’s not true.

More on the unemployment rate  The article states: “The economy has added 2.7 million jobs during Trump’s first 15 full months in the White House, extending labor market gains under the Obama administration. Employers added 3.1 million jobs during the last 15 months of President Barack Obama’s tenure. ”

That’s exactly my point!


Update on hourly wages:

Tax law roundup

recent articles and opinion columns on the Trump tax cut law:

Paul Krugman thinks it’s a “nothingburger”. The article states: “Krugman, who is also a columnist for The New York Times, added that he was always skeptical that the new tax law would trigger the economic benefits touted by some lawmakers. But the results so far, he said, are “worse than the pessimists expected.”   Krugman’s column is here.

Apple will buy back $100 billion in stock.

Investment boom from the tax cut hasn’t happened.

CNNMoney asked readers about the impact of the tax cut on them