Foxconn scam update

Trump’s plan to help poor communities is a bonanza for the rich

Just another Trump scam

Comments by Paul Krugman

Trump is damaging the economy

The tax cuts didn’t provide long term help and mostly benefitted rich people.

Trump either doesn’t understand tariffs or lies about them. Americans pay for the increased cost of Chinese goods, not China.

He has made poor choices for advisors.

He will blame the Federal Reserve and the media if there is a recession and is casting doubt on stats that don’t support his lies.

This is plausible. He’s a liar!

Trump tax cuts have not led to big growth

I never thought they would. It was a scam to give money to Republican donors and other rich people.

As usual, Trump blames someone else. In this case, he attacks the Federal Reserve again.

Republican tax policy failed in Kansas

This should serve as a lesson for the whole country. Republican tax cuts do not improve the economy, they just increase the deficit.

Economist lies and blames Obama for the recession

Trump is giving him an award. Sad!