Trump’s Opportunity Zone scam

just another way to help rich people

Trump’s payroll tax fiasco

Employees will get more money now but less money next year when the tax is recouped. It’s confusing and hard to implement. Making people think they are getting more money is another Trump scam. It also doesn’t help the millions of people who are unemployed. It will severely damage Social Security if the tax cut is permanent.

Trump hurt the lobster industry but lies and claims he helped it

Rich people own most of US stocks

Trump brags about the stock market but most people don’t benefit from it. Trump wants to cut taxes on capital gains which would benefit the wealthy.

Coal isn’t coming back

Trump is lying as usual.

Mass evictions could be coming

Conservatives are pushing to reopen the economy

This is premature. More people could get sick in a second wave of the virus. Trump will accuses anyone who opposed reopening of doing it to hurt his re-election bid. For Trump, everything is about him and everything is political.

from the article “Their push has faced resistance from public health experts, who warn of potentially disastrous consequences should Americans resume daily routines without a clear national plan for doing so safely, creating an enormous power struggle within the Trump administration.”

Stocks during the Trump presidency

Most of the gains are gone. He takes credit when things are going well and takes no responsibility when they aren’t. Sad!

Foxconn scam update