McConnell blames entitlements, not Republican tax cuts for the wealthy, for the deficit increase

We have to defeat Republicans so they can’t cut entitlement programs.


The deficit is up to $779 billion

Trump/Congressional Republicans will blame social programs for the increase instead of their massive tax cuts.  They will try to reduce spending on programs like Social Security and Medicare.  It would be better to eliminate many of the tax cuts that only benefitted rich people.

Trump lied about repatriation

Republicans hindered efforts to end the recession

This is an outstanding column which explains how Republicans hindered efforts to end the recession.

The last paragraph: “So if you want to understand why the great slump that began in 2008 went on so long, blighting so many American lives, the answer is politics. Specifically, policy failed because cynical, bad-faith Republicans were willing to sacrifice millions of jobs rather than let anything good happen to the economy while a Democrat sat in the White House.”