Baltimore salt box creator on TV

Juliet Ames has done a great job with the salt boxes.

new mural with a salt box

Wes Moore, Maryland’s next governor, plans to revive the Red Line

Good for him.

Good riddance to Larry Hogan

He’s been terrible for Baltimore.

I recommend Neopol Savory Smokery

The article from the Baltimore Beat is excellent. Neopol is near here and I really like their food. I order the food online and pick it up. The food has always been read and the orders have always been correct. See the pictures below of the shrimp salad sandwich, turkey sandwich, and mussels.

Bertha’s Mussels is going to be sold

I have lived in Baltimore since 1976. Most bars and restaurants from then are gone but Bertha’s is still here. Now, the owners are retiring. It was going to be auctioned but now is being sold. I didn’t go there often but always liked it when I did.

3D views

The Pigtown Festival – 10/8/22

The Pigtown Festival was on again after several years off because of the pandemic. I was glad to see it back.

The pictures above are ones I took including the race path for the pigs before they used it. The pictures below are

  • Merchandise – tote bag, glasses, window sign and t-shirt
  • Food that I got from Sobeachy (sausage bowl) and Chef Hogate (skewers). Food is always one of the highlights.

Incredible Justin Tucker statistics

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker won another game with a field goal as time expired. He could be the best NFL kicker ever..

Baltimore’s Shot Tower

Baltimore’s Shot Tower was the tallest building in the US from 1828-1846.