Baltimore’s Shot Tower

Baltimore’s Shot Tower was the tallest building in the US from 1828-1846.

The giant ball of string at Baltimore’s Haussner’s Restaurant

Haussner’s was a famous Baltimore restaurant that closed in 1999. It was stuffed with art of varying quality including a giant ball of string.

The Story Behind Haussner’s Massive Ball of String

Baltimore’s famous giant ball of string can be yours for the right price

Shop owners tied to artifact from Haussner’s; Auction: The ball of string passes to the owners of Antique Man in Fells Point, who paid $10 a pound for the piece of Baltimore history.

The history of Baltimore Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium was the home of the Baltimore Orioles from 1954-1991. It was also the home of the Baltimore Colts before they left and the CFL Baltimore Stallions. The AA Bowie Baysox played there for one year while their stadium was being built.

I went to the last two baseball games. The Orioles did a great job at the last one. They had dozens of players who came out onto the field and stood at the position they had played.

Here are videos on the history of the stadium and final Orioles game.

Nipper statues in Baltimore, Albany and Bristol (England)

Nipper was a dog that was in a painting that was used by record labels. There are still a few statues left including one here in Baltimore. This Instagram post is why I posted about them.

Albany summer street exhibit features Nipper statues

Nipper, the RCA Dog Statue
Baltimore, Maryland

Nipper, the RCA Dog, Hears His Song

I went to the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Celebration – 2/5/13

I went to the celebration at M&T Bank Stadium after the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII. I live close to the stadium so I walked there. I stood on the field. The podium was at one end. I stood in the back at the other end where it was much less crowded. I could see everything on the big screens and could hear everything too. The celebration started late but nobody cared. We were all too happy and excited. The big screen showed the players as they showed up at the stadium.

The celebration was brief. Only 4 or 5 people spoke. Then they showed highlights as everyone filed out of the stadium.

The Orioles have revived a tomato-growing tradition

Orioles manager Earl Weaver and groundskeeper Pat Santarone grew tomatoes at Memorial Stadium starting in 1970.

This tradition was just revived at Camden Yards.

Remembering Memorial Stadium’s tomato patch

I saw the Wienermobile

It was at the B&O Railroad Museum, a few blocks from my house. I got a sticker and whistle.