Films shown at Baltimore City Jury duty

This is great. They show films in the waiting rooms during Baltimore City jury duty. Some of the ones I remember are Hitch, Sabrina (Harrison Ford version), and It’s Complicated. They’re on the list already. Great job by the Twitter posters.

Historic Homes of Baltimore on the Sellers Mansion

Historic Homes of Baltimore on Instagram and Baltimore Heritage on YouTube both do a great job on Baltimore architecture.

I lived on a block with a house of prostitution

There was a house of prostitution on my block (which only had six houses) near downtown Baltimore in the late 1980s. I asked the guy next door to it how he knew. He said he saw five guys coming and going over a five-hour period. There were frequently people hanging outside late at night. How come I didn’t know? I said I only got the pizza and Chinese food flyers. They weren’t there long. My understanding is that they didn’t pay the rent. I called it the house that was a house, not a home.

Bad news for Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

The Gallery is closed and the Light Street Pavillion of Harborplace only has one tenant.

Good thread on the Oriole Park at Camden Yards redesign