The Ouija board was created in Baltimore

OThe Ouija board was invented by Elijah Bond. He applied for a patent in 1890 and made the board in Baltimore. Bond is buried in Baltimore’s Green Mount Cemetery. His grave was not marked until 2008. The marker shows a Ouija board on the backside.

Pictures of Bond’s grave marker.

Good for Hogan for telling the truth about Trump but he’s still bad for Baltimore

Two Faberge eggs are in Baltimore

This tweet about the Faberge Eggs reminded me that two of them are at the Walters Museum here in Baltimore.

Rose Trellis (Fabergé egg) is ranked #16

Gatchina Palace (Fabergé egg) is ranked #22

Where they all are now

One Charles Center – Baltimore

One Charles Center is one of a few Baltimore buildings designed by Mies Van Der Rohe. Charles Center was an area that was built to revive the business district downtown. One Charles Center was constructed in 1962. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places.

From An Engineer’s Guide to Baltimore

Wikipedia entry

Historic American Buildings Survey

Ravens tribute to Michael K. Williams

Omar coming

(You have to know The Wire which is set in Baltimore)

The Redemption of Michael K. Williams – good article written before he passed away.

Salt Box news 09/08/20

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