Mr. Trash Wheel

Mr. Trash Wheel removes trash from the Baltimore Harbor.

He has his own twitter account.

You can ever get a plush toy and t-shirts

The source for the plush toy

The source for the shirts

Frank Robinson

The great Frank Robinson passed away yesterday. He did so much that these are just some of the highlights:

Two time MVP – only player to win in both leagues

First African-American manager

Triple Crown in 1966

Statues outside stadiums in three cities – Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnati

Manager of the year

He was the only player to hit a home run out of Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium. There was a flag that said “HERE” marking where it went out.

The only time I am sure I saw him play was in 1962 when I saw the Reds play the Mets at the Polo Grounds.

Baltimore’s Mee Jun Low

The Baltimore Sun ran an article today about Mee Jun Low, a small cheap Chinese restaurant on Mulberry Street in downtown Baltimore many years ago.

I recall one time I was there with a friend.  He asked the waitress if they had a cigarette machine.  She said no but she would give him one of hers.

The 1978 edition of the Citizens Planning and Housing Association (CPHA) Bawlamer guide said:

“At the end of your “meal” in the garish den of Mee Jun’s, you’ll wonder why you bothered to try to find the location, climb the narrow stairs, attempt to decipher the faded menu, and figure out what you were really eating.  Not for the faint at heart.  Entrees $2.50-$6.75.”