Where the cover art for Bob Dylan’s Oh Mercy is from

New York Magazine article

Cheetos Statue in Alberta

Have you heard this joke?

A guy goes to a doctor because he has an orange penis.

The doctor says “Could you have gotten this from your wife?”

The guy says “No. My wife left me.”

The doctor says “Could you have gotten this at work?”

The guy says “No, I lost my job.”

The doctor says “What do you do all day?”

The guy says “I watch porno movies and eat Cheetos.”

Free Bird cartoons

From Songfacts:

Shouting out “Free Bird!” as a request at concerts became a rock and roll joke, and every now and then a musician will actually play it. The 2007 Mitch Myers book The Boy Who Cried Freebird: Rock & Roll Fables and Sonic Storytelling explores this subject in a work of fiction about the first person ever to shout “Free Bird” at a concert.

Here are two cartoons on it.

R. Crumb

R. Crumb is the subject of a fine New York Times article. He is best known for his comic art which was most popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

He also is a musician and plays old blues songs. He designed a deck of cards of blues artists. I have included pictures of a large poster and small print based on them. I bought the poster from his website.

He was also the subject of an excellent 1995 documentary, Crumb, available on Blu-ray and DVD from the Criterion Collection.

Wes Freed artwork

Here are examples that I have copies of.

Wes Freed’s book came with a postcard signed by him

a 2004 poster signed by Freed and the band – I saw the Baltmore show
a t-shirt from a 2004 tour – I also have it as a poster

poster for the 2003 album Decoration Day – think I got this on eBay
This is a limited edition based on the 2008 Drive-By Trucker song “The Monument Valley” – mine is 10/100
poster from 2013 – I saw the Baltimore show
I bought this poster on eBay if I remember correctly

RIP Wes Freed

Wes Freed was an artist best known for album covers, posters, and t-shirt designs for the Drive-By Truckers. His art was a great match for their music.

I’ll update this post with pictures of his work that I have copies of.

9/7 – I made a separate post of Wes Freed art