I didn’t know who Bob Ross was

I was with several friends who are younger than me at a bar and they were talking about

Bob Ross. I had no idea who he was. I have since learned about him.

Here’s his grave marker

Is Harmon Killebrew the model for MLB logo?

The mystery of the Major League Baseball logo designer 

Two Faberge eggs are in Baltimore

This tweet about the Faberge Eggs reminded me that two of them are at the Walters Museum here in Baltimore.

Rose Trellis (Fabergé egg) is ranked #16

Gatchina Palace (Fabergé egg) is ranked #22

Where they all are now

A Faberge egg is included in the James Bond film Octopussy.

Broadsides from Black Oak Books

I used to go to a lot of author appearances in Washington to hear authors read and get books signed. Black Oak Books from Oakland printed broadsides with book excerpts which they distributed at readings. I got some through the mail and brought them to readings. The one from Maxine Hong Kingston was sent to me already signed.

I eventually got most of them framed. They are signed unless noted. I saw the authors of three of the four unsigned ones (Johnson, Sayles, Stone) after I got the broadsides.

The top group of 9

top: Maxine Hong Kingston (sent to me signed), Paule Marshall, Charles Johnson (not signed)

middle: Martin Amis, Tim O’Brien, Don DeLillo (not signed)
bottom: Julian Barnes, Gloria Naylor, Ivan Doig

The bottom group of 6

John Sayles (not signed), Robert Stone (not signed), Elmore Leonard, Jayne Anne Phillips, TC Boyle, Amy Tan

Weasels Ripped My Flesh – the album cover

Not a great album but one of the all-time best album covers

More on Neon Park who designed the cover

my favorite track on the album – a Little Richard cover