This is great – a Florida man wants teaching of the Bible to be banned based on the ridiculous new law

This should show Floridians how ridiculous their new policies are. DeSantis is terrible. I think he has a good chance to be the Republican nominee in 2024.

Read Robert Christgau on music

He has written the Consumer Guide for decades and also several books. I strongly recommend his website and newsletter.

Right-wing extremists now target libraries

First it was CRT, then math books, now libraries. Terrible.

American films based on 19th Century English novels

I recently watched Wuthering Heights (1939), Pride and Prejudice (1940), and Jane Eyre (1943), three deluxe Hollywood productions.

I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice the most because it’s funny in a sophisticated way. The acting in all three is excellent: Laurence Olivier stars in Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice, Greer Garson in Pride and Prejudice, and Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine in Jane Eyre.

I must admit I have read none of the novels so I don’t know how faithful they are to the books but they’re all fine movies.

Gregg Toland, best known for his work on Citizen Kane (1941), won an Academy Award for Cinematography for Wuthering Heights.


I hated Thomas Hardy’s Return of the Native

Too many remarkable coincidences. You could see Hardy pulling the strings. In the book, a character is stung by an adder and dies. It was ridiculous. For a high school assignment, I wrote a parody in which someone is hit by a meteorite which I thought was equally plausible. The witnesses were more concerned and upset about the blood on the meteorite.

Harry Crews

It’s great to see someone write about Harry Crews. He wrote terrific outrageous and violent novels about the South. I especially recommend Body (about bodybuilding which I have no interest in but loved the book). Also try A Feast of Snakes, All We Need of Hell, and Car.

Crews also taught Michael Connolly whose fine mystery novels have no resemblance to Crews’s work.

Tweets on Jack Kerouac at 100

Jack Kerouac would have been 100 yesterday. I am not that familiar with his books but certainly understand his large influence.

I have included YouTube video of the visit to his grave by Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan in 1975. The manuscript for On the Road, is a long scroll that was purchased by Colts owner Jim Irsay.

The public doesn’t support terrible Republican book banning/teaching policies

Ishmael Reed

I haven’t read all of Ishmael Reed‘s books but Mumbo Jumbo is my favorite and I strongly recommend it. I also suggest Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down. I have seen him in person at a bookstore in Washington in the 1990s.