Right-wing book bans


Ken Kesey born 9/17/35

I saw Ken Kesey speak at Shepherd University in West Virginia. I am guessing it was in the 1990s. He was rambling but entertaining. I think anyone in West Virginia who had ever been a hippie was there. I felt like I was in a 1960s time warp.

The Appointment in Samarra story

I first became familiar with it through John O’Hara’s 1934 novel Appointment in Samarra.

Somerset Maugham used it in his 1933 play Sheppey which is where O’Hara got it from. It’s an old Mesopotamian tale.

Right-wing attacks on libraries

This is part of their war against books and facts they don’t like

They attack teachers, too

Documentary about actress Louise Brooks on YouTube

Start with Pandora’s Box (1929) a great silent film in which she plays Lulu. It would certainly be on my list of top ten silent films. The great Criterion Collection two-disc DVD version is out of print. I posted a link to a version on YouTube. I assume it’s in the public domain by now.

She wrote a book that was published in 1982. I also added the review from the New York Times.

This is great – a Florida man wants teaching of the Bible to be banned based on the ridiculous new law

This should show Floridians how ridiculous their new policies are. DeSantis is terrible. I think he has a good chance to be the Republican nominee in 2024.

Read Robert Christgau on music

He has written the Consumer Guide for decades and also several books. I strongly recommend his website and newsletter.