Trump may try to add the citizenship question to the census through executive order

Trump has no regard for the law. He bypasses Congress to re-allocate money for his wall. He uses acting officials so they are not subject to congressional approval. He refuses to obey congressional subpoenas and tells even former subordinates to ignore them.

Now, he is thinking of an executive order to get the citizenship question on the 2020 census. The Supreme Court declared the administration’s reason was not valid. The administration lied and said it was for administering the Voting Rights Act. Even though there is not sufficient justification to add the question which obviously helps Republicans, Trump and his cult won’t give up. They are now using different lawyers.

Uncle Meat – The Mothers of Invention (1969)

Uncle Meat by the Mothers of Invention was released in 1969. Compared to their earlier albums, it was much more focused on music with little focus on social issues. This post includes information on the artist who did the cover and how you can get a giclée print based on it. I have also included links to several songs. “The Air” shows the influence of doo-wop which was prominent in early Mothers records. “King Kong” is more representative of the album. I saw one of their concerts in 1969 and it was largely instrumental.

Meat Light is an expanded version.

Cal Schenkel has a web site where you can purchase a giclée print based on his Uncle Meat cover. The picture is of my copy of the print.

Betamax VCR introduced on this date in 1975

Sony introduced the Betamax on this date in 1975. I bought the first Beta Hi-FI VCR for my 30th birthday in 1983. It cost about $750 (which would be $1890.86 in 2018 dollars). Sony had retrofitted an old-style model and it weighed 32 pounds. It had a wireless remote control but you could only program one event. VHS did not introduce HI-FI until 1984. Blade Runner and Apocalypse Now were among the first Beta Hi-Fi tapes released. In 1986, my house was broken into and the burglars took the VCR from the third floor to the first floor and left it there. Beta was already on the way out.

2020 census update

Several Trump properties are in decline

He is getting what he deserves for not disposing of his properties when he became president.

Trump lies about the Johnson Amendment