Tweets on the police

Reagan was terrible – don’t believe the GOP hype

Current Republicans idolize Reagan. This is revisionist crap. He was awful. The first thread does a great job of reminding us about what he did.

Anti-vaxxers are winning the coverage war

DeSantis’s terrible Florida book ban

A chisel made of frozen poop

Amazing what you can learn on Twitter. Peter Freuchen freed himself with frozen feces.

Between the Buttons – 1/20/67

The Rolling Stones released Between the Buttons on January 20, 1967. This was their last album with different tracks on the US and UK versions. The version included their single “Ruby Tuesday”/”Let’s Spend the Night Together”, two great songs. Of the lesser known songs, my favorites are “Connection” and “All Sold Out”.

‘Between The Buttons’: Behind The Rolling Stones’ Forgotten Album

Barbara Lynn – born 1/16/42

“You’ll Lose a Good Thing” (1962) was Barbara Lynn’s biggest hit. She wrote it, sang it and played guitar on it.

Tweet on the Hollywoodland sign

It was originally “Hollywoodland”.