Trump continues to lie about McCain

Trump continues to attack McCain with lies. He has no decency. McCain on his worst day was a much better person than Trump on his best day. Trump’s friend Graham is unwilling to take Trump on – coward!

Trump doesn’t think white nationalism is a big threat. He can’t offend his base.

Trump ignores the problem of white nationalist terrorism because he’s a white supremacist and many members of his base are too. He has encouraged violence and downplayed the threat of terrorists who are inspired by his bigotry. He offered sympathy to New Zealand but didn’t say the word Muslim. Trump’s rhetoric has encouraged anti-Muslim bigotry worldwide.

This is like “very fine people” after Charlottesville. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to deal with the problem and in fact is making it worse. I am much more concerned about white supremacist terrorists than I am about ISIS or immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

Trump’s budget shows he lied about not cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

Pathological liar Trump lied when he said he wouldn’t cut these programs. He also lied about getting rid of the deficit. Why believe anything he says?

Trump continues to punish states that didn’t vote for him.

Trump wants to drag us back to the 19th century when coal was king.

He will lie about the proposed cuts. Remember in the 2018 elections when Trump and other Republicans said they supported insurance for pre-existing conditions while they were trying to end Obamacare? Liars!

Trump’s false statements – I call them lies

Remember when he said the government statistics were fake?

Republicans are lying about Democratic positions on abortion

How can we have a discussion when they lie and exaggerate so much? We do not want to kill babies! Sad!

Go on Twitter and search for “Democrat babies” and you will find lots of hateful lies and distortions from the right wing.

Trump’s unhinged rant at CPAC

Lies and more lies. It was his longest speech ever and a preview of his re-election campaign which will be based on bigotry and lies about the Democrats. The sad spectacle shows that the Republican party has caved in to this con man.

He spoke for over two hours without going to the bathroom. I’m impressed. I’m 65 and I couldn’t do it. Maybe he was wearing a Depends.

He cursed and Republicans will say nothing, but as Keith Boykin noted, the was an uproar when Representative Tlaib cursed. Sad!

Daniel Dale’s excellent thread of tweets during the speech. Dale is terrific!
He was not being sarcastic – he was asking, right out in the open, for Russian help. He often says he was joking when there is a negative reaction to something outrageous he said.

Trump hates wind power. He just lost a battle over it in Scotland.

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