Trump should release his tax returns

Trump keeps siding with Russia.  Let’s see if he owes them money.


Republicans block funding for election security

Inspector General finds that more EPA oversight is needed for drinking water after Flint

Covers: Hooked on a Feeling

“Hooked on a Feeling” was written by Mark James who also wrote “Suspicious Minds”.  The original version was by B. J. Thomas in 1968.   There is a weird well-known cover by the Swedish group Blue Swede from 1974.   It was similar to Jonathan King’s 1971 version.   The Blue Swede version is the films Reservoir Dogs and Guardians of the Galaxy.

B. J. Thomas

Jonathan King

Blue Swede



Trump doubles down

This is just like Charlottesville.  Trump won’t admit he was wrong.  Just like Charlottesville, attention will move on to something else and Trump will not be held accountable by cowardly Republicans in Congress.

Trump wants to use oil reserves as a political tool