We have forgotten how great Warren Spahn was

Warren Spahn won 20 games 13 times including once when he was 42!

He won 363 games after not winning one until he was 25 because he was in World War II.

Airplane poop

Lots of stuff on pooping on planes

What I remember from an anti-war rally

When I was in high school, I went to an anti-Vietnam war rally in Washington. I don’t recall who the speakers were or anything else about the rally. To be honest, I think some kids went because the drinking age in PA was 21 and the drinking age in DC was 18. ( didn’t drink…yet.)

This is all I remember. We went by bus from the Philadelphia suburbs. The bus pulled over once and kids went off into the woods to go to the bathroom. This old lady (she was probably 35) squatted about 10 feet from the bus to go and had all the kids still on the bus watching her.

The Portland Pickles mascot attended an Orioles game

Pickles Pub in the first tweet is across the street from the stadium

Here he is in the stands at the 9/23/22 Orioles game – took this off my TV

Ted Cruz is a hypocrite

How to help Puerto Rico

My experience with a bouncer near Yankee Stadium

This was about a dozen years ago. I went to Yankee Stadium with two guys who were younger than me. One guy was then in his late twenties and the other guy was about 40.

We stopped in a bar first. They had a bouncer. The first guy (the one in his twenties) was carded. The second guy was also carded. He certainly looked older than 21 so I assumed they carded everyone.

I took out my ID and showed it to the bouncer. He looked at me with disgust and waved me in. He didn’t say anything but his look was “Why are you showing this to me, old man?”