Terrible action by the governor of Missouri

A reporter did a public service by identifying a flaw in a state online site. The governor called him a hacker.

Three examples of how Republicans overruled the will of the voters

In Florida, voters determined that former felons could vote. Florida Republicans tried to negate this by passing a terrible poll tax.

In Utah, voters authorized a non-partisan commission to draw lines for districts. Republicans neutered the commission by making it advisory.

In Missouri, voters approved the expansion of Medicaid but Republican legislators blocked it. A court finally stepped in and overruled them.

The majority supports keeping Roe v. Wade

Republicans don’t care what the public thinks. They just want to impose their extremist views.

NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll: majority want Roe v. Wade to stand

Racist Republicans blame immigrants for spreading Covid

Florida Republicans looking at repealing other vaccine mandates


John Prine (the album) is 50

This is a great album. Our college radio station was giving away albums and one of my friends took this one because John Denver had covered “Spanish Pipedream”. We didn’t know anything else about it. It’s full of great songs and showcases Prine’s ability to inhabit the lives of a variety of people including women and the elderly. My favorite song here is “Angel from Montgomery”. I have other posts on songs from this album that were covered.