American people reject Trump’s nationalism

from the article:
“An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll this week found that an astonishing 61 percent of voters believe immigration helps the United States as opposed to hurting, while only 28 percent say it hurts as opposed to helps. ”

“An NBC poll in August found that voters say by 50-23 that free trade has helped, as opposed to hurt, the U.S. — a massive shift since 2016. A Pew poll taken over the summer, just as Trump’s trade wars started to take hold, found that a plurality of Americans, 49-40, thought tariffs against our trading partners would be bad for the country. A recent Post/ABC poll found Americans oppose Trump’s tariffs by 50-41 (though in fairness the polling has been somewhat mixed on them).”

Most college assault victims do not go to the police

Trump doesn’t have a damn clue.  He only cares about sexual abusers like Moore and Ailes, not the victims.  Of course, over a dozen women have accused Trump of assault. I think Trump is lying like he does on many other issues.

The Trump administration stopped tracking the juvenile justice race gap

This is what happens when you elect a racist to be president.


Obama-Trump voters



Kavanaugh update 9/14/18