Update on farmers 10/3/19

Update on Trump’s lie about the hurricane

They would fire people for telling the truth!

Trump wants the Ukraine to interfere in our 2020 election

This is corrupt. It also helps Trump’s pal Putin.

More of a preview of Trump’s ugly re-election tactics

He will lie about Democratic positions on guns. They are not trying to repeal the Second Amendment.

Trump says Democrats want criminals and open borders. Another lie.

Trump will try to make the ‘squad’ (four liberal Democratic freshmen congressional representatives who aren’t white) the face of the Democratic party. In fact, the Democratic base is more moderate than the extremely conservative Republican base.

Trump is already making personal attacks on leading Democratic contenders Biden and Warren. He will try to do what he did in 2016. He will never be popular so he will try to destroy his opponent and make them more unpopular than him. He will not run on the issues.

He’s making phony fraud claims about the 2016 election to set his cult up to believe the results are wrong if he loses.

GOP attacks on the ‘squad’.

Did Trump want to nuke a hurricane?

I think he asked about it and is lying now when he denies it. I believe Axios, not a proven liar. Sad!

The original article

Trump’s attitude on Jews is meant to appeal to Christian evangelicals

This is the best column I have seen on Trump’s comments on Jews. He’s not doing this for Jews or to get Jewish votes (which he won’t get many of). He’s doing this to appeal to the evangelicals which are a large part of his base. They don’t care about Jews either except how we would help them get to the Rapture.

Also, American Jews are Americans, not Israelis. We are not blindly loyal to Israel. Trump doesn’t understand this at all. Trump’s real big on blind loyalty.

Here are more tweets:

Trump acts like all American Jews are Israelis too but it’s not true. This is my country.
I don’t agree with everything the congresswomen have said but Republicans lie about it to appease Trump.

What would you call O. J. Simpson’s fantasy team?

The comments on this tweet are great. My favorite suggested team names are “Donovan McStab” and “The White Broncos”.

I believe Simpson is guilty of murder but I also am willing to believe that the prosecutors didn’t prove it. You get what you pay for. The government lawyers made a lot less money than Simpson’s “dream team”.

And now for some tasteless Simpson jokes:

  1. Q: Did you know the Bills are going to re-sign O. J. A: He can still cut and run.
  2. Q: Did you know that O. J. is going to take up hockey? A: You only get two minutes for slashing.
  3. Q: What’s the difference between O. J. Simpson and Jeffrey Dahmer? A: O. J. only ate one of his victims.
  4. Q: Did you know O. J. is moving to West Virginia? A: All the DNA is the same there.