We haven’t forgotten the 2000 election

The NRA doesn’t care about the black security guard in Chicago who was killed

It doesn’t seem that they defend black people who legally use guns. This man was a hero.

They didn’t defend Philandro Castile either.

The NRA’s internal split over Philandro Castile

update 11/17/18


CNN was wrong

In their effort to be even-handed, CNN asked voters about extremist violence without pointing out that the great bulk of it is by right-wing extremists.  Left wing extremists attack Tucker Carlson’s house.  Right wing extremists kill people (such as the recent killings in Pittsburgh and Kentucky and the bombs).

I understand that they want to be fair but this is very misleading.  The screen print above is from my iPhone.

Trump’s first reaction to California fires is to attack


That’s all he knows how to do.

First, my sympathy goes out to the victims and their families and my admiration goes out to the first responders.  Trump’s initial tweet was vindictive but someone must have told him that he needed to do better because the second one was more appropriate.  Of course, he’ll never acknowledge the impact of climate change on the frequency and size of the fires.






This is hilarious!

Don’t target politicians or media members in restaurants or outside their home

Doing this just feeds into the right wing’s “mob” claim.  Even Ted Cruz is entitled to eat dinner in peace.

Zinke must go

What a corrupt administration!