A Founding Father and a whalebone

I learned something from this tweet which was posted after the Supreme Court draft was leaked.

A whalebone up your penis? Ouch!! This sounds almost as bad as the Bobbits. I’m kind of sensitive about this stuff. I have had bladder cancer twice and had medical equipment stuck up my penis about 25-30 times. Trust me, it’s painful.

I decided more research on Morris was necessary.

2018 Darwin Awards

He could have used a catheter. They already had them.

This is not the only bizarre thing about Morris:

The Wild Life of Gouverneur Morris, the Most Mysterious Founding Father of Them All

Thanks to Twitter and the rest of the Internet for the education.

Media gives coverage to Trump rallies they don’t give to Democrats

Examples from the New York Times and Washington Post. It’s very unfair to Democrats.

Republicans who have voted in ways to help Russia

I’m sure they made Trump happy.

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