Trump keeps lying about the coronavirus

Covers: John Hardy

“John Hardy” is an American folk song which, like many others, is based on a true story. The song has been recorded many times since the 1920s. I like the alt-country version by Uncle Tupelo. It’s loud, stripped-down and fast.

Trump benefits from misleading headlines and tweets

The media doesn’t always point out that his comments are lies or misleading.

This is similar

Trump lies update 1/20/20

He lies more than ever.

Trump takes advantage of the fact that if the media keeps accusing him of lying, he and his supporters will say they’re biased. The media understates what a liar Trump is in order to appear balanced and fair. It took most of the media years to call him a liar. They used much wimpier terms instead of stating the truth. Nobody will confront Trump and call him a liar to his face. Trump wins on this one.

100% correct!

Update on farmers 10/3/19

Update on Trump’s lie about the hurricane

They would fire people for telling the truth!