Heritage Foundation is training law clerks

This should not be allowed.


Republican congressman suggests Soros is funding the caravan of Honduran children

Republicans blame Soros for everything and ignore the millions spent by their own billionaires who they rewarded with the tax cut.

They put Soros in a campaign ad too:

Will Trump cover up for the Saudis?

It sounds like Trump will cover up for the Saudis with this ridiculous story of rogue killers.  It reminds me of the lie Trump dictated on Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russians.  Now, the Trump administration won’t even share intelligence with the Senate. Trump only care about money and has no interest in human rights.

“The Cruelty Is the Point”

This column by Adam Serwer is excellent.

From the column:

“Even those who believe that Ford fabricated her account, or was mistaken in its details, can see that the president’s mocking of her testimony renders all sexual-assault survivors collateral damage. Anyone afraid of coming forward, afraid that she would not be believed, can now look to the president to see her fears realized. Once malice is embraced as a virtue, it is impossible to contain.”

2018 elections update – 10/18/18


Trump is withdrawing the US from another international organization

After Trump, if the next president wants to rejoin organizations and treaties, will anyone trust the US?

from the Washington Post