Trump wanted Sessions to prosecute Hillary Clinton

They won’t. They let Trump do anything. They’re afraid of their voters who are more loyal to Trump than them.

Trump tweets unfounded story from a known liar

No surprise that one liar would spread the lies of another one

Trump probably doesn’t care if it’s true or not – he just wants to make Obama look bad

Bots pushed pro-Trump Twitter posts

Of course, Trump won’t do anything about this since he benefits from it. Sad!

Trump’s false statements – update from Daniel Dale

I call them lies.

Dale does a great job tracking them.

Trump lies again about the VA

He has told this lie over and over.

It sounds like the Supreme Court will cave in on the census citizenship question

This sounds bad based on reports from yesterday’s court hearing. The Republican-selected judges will support Trump and damage Democrats. Ross has lied about the reason for the question. It will result in damage to the court’s credibility, too. Sad!

How the citizenship question could break the census