We must see the Mueller report no matter what Trump thinks

The House voted 420-0 to release the Mueller report to the public and 81% of the public thinks it should be released. Republicans in the Senate will block a vote on releasing it, according to Trump stooge Graham.

Trump doesn’t think it should even exist. Let’s see if he tries to block the release or reduce what is made public. He wouldn’t be going through all of this “witch hunt” nonsense if he had nothing to hide. If he is innocent, the report would clear him and he should want it released. The White House should not see it before Congress. Forget executive privilege.

That said, there may be security reasons to redact parts of it. The impact on unfinished investigations should also be considered.

Court packing may be needed to correct Republican abuse

Republicans have trashed norms by blocking Obama judicial appointments, stealing a Supreme Court seat, and abandoning the blue slip tradition. There is no reason for Democrats to adhere to norms if Republicans won’t do it too. A drastic measure like court packing may be needed to offset the Republican abuses of the appointment process.

From the article:

“Expanding the Supreme Court would amount to a historic power play by the next Democratic president and Congress, requiring an intense legislative fight and the abandonment of many judicial and congressional norms.

But Democrats say that after Republicans blocked Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland and other lower court judges during President Barack Obama’s final term only to quickly fill those vacancies once President Donald Trump was in office, the party needs an equally bruising response.”

GOP expects Democrats to sabotage the election

This is dangerous and inflammatory language. They’re all going to sound like Trump.

Brilliant tweet on guns and mosques

This is 100% correct. After mass shootings in a church and a synagogue, gun supporters said they should be armed. They’re not saying it about the mosques. This is hypocritical and inconsistent. Since Trump and many of his supporters hate Muslims, they won’t encourage them to get guns.

Trump continues to lie about McCain

Trump continues to attack McCain with lies. He has no decency. McCain on his worst day was a much better person than Trump on his best day. Trump’s friend Graham is unwilling to take Trump on – coward!

Trump is extra-unhinged today

I wish he would shut up and play golf. His tweets were terrible today. Sad!

Trump’s evil lie about the 2016 election

So now he’s back to saying there were illegal votes. As always when he makes this claim, he has no proof. This is just a setup for him to cast doubt on the 2020 results. He’ll probably claim there were illegal votes even if he wins. Let’s see if any Republican defends our electoral process. I doubt it. They’ll just continue to put up with the lies and bigotry.