Sterling Hayden was born on 3/26/16

He was an excellent actor. Try The Killing or Johnny Guitar.

The actress is Gloria Grahame who was also great. Thus is for Naked Alibi which is now on Blu-ray

Tweets on the Washington Post coverage of AR-15s

I encourage you to subscribe to the Post.

Republicans will continue to block gun safety

They won’t care that kids were killed today because they didn’t really care when kids were killed in Sandy Hook, Parkland and Uvalde.

There is no reason for private citizens to own assault rifles.

Bobby Bonilla is not the only retired baseball player still getting paid

Bonilla’s contract is famous but he’s not alone.

Tweets on decline us US life expectancy

Polls show that the GOP is a Trump cult

The poll without Trump shows how much of a cult of personality the GOP is now. Trump, Jr. is in second and he has never even run for office. I bet he runs in the future.