Trump adds more appeals court judges

Never forget that Trump is getting so many judicial picks because McConnell wouldn’t approve Obama’s selections.

Europe was right not to applaud Pence’s mention of Trump

Trump is helping Putin, not NATO. What did Pence expect based on the shabby and hostile way Trump has treated Europe? Are they supposed to like it? I don’t blame any European country that is disgusted with Trump. I wish they could see how many of us are too.

There is no reason for Europe to go along with Trump’s poor decision on the Iran pact. In spite of Trump’s lies, Iran was in compliance with the deal. Trump wanted out of the deal but had no idea of what to do instead. He is a threat to world peace.

It won’t be possible to undo all the damage Trump has done.
Europe is right and Trump/Pence are wrong.
Russia will benefit from the friction between the US and Europe. The US will not.

Hearing on North Carolina illegal election activity

Looks like Republican fraud to me. I recommend a new election.

Roger Stone’s disgraceful Instagram post

Stone posted a picture of the judge in his case next to rifle crosshairs. This is dangerous.

Good luck with that. Remember the pictures attacking CNN that Trump has posted.

Monday holidays

This one’s a satire:

I don’t think it’s right that we celebrate birthday holidays like Washington’s birthday (which is the actual holiday) or King’s birthday on Mondays. How would you like it if I said to you ” Your birthday is on Thursday but I’m going to celebrate it on Monday because that’s more convenient for me.”

I figured out how we can move July 4th to a Monday. Rename it “Independence Day.”

Trump either lies about tariffs or doesn’t understand them

I don’t care which it is. Either way is bad. Tariffs are being paid by American businesses and consumers. This has been pointed out many times before so I think he’s just lying.