Stop airing Trump’s lies

Buster Keaton’s The Cameraman

The Cameraman was Keaton’s first film for MGM and his last great feature. After that, MGM ruined his career by placing him in bad films. He had much less control than when he made features independently.

This tweet shows film locations:

The Criterion Collection will issue it on Blu-ray in June 2020.

Keaton at an empty Yankee Stadium

The lost month

Trump denies oversight for the fund to help businesses

1) Why should he oppose oversight if the money is being spent properly?

2) Did congressional Republicans know he would do this when they negotiated with the Democrats? Why didn’t Democrats expect this since it’s consistent with Trump’s previous behavior?

3) This will drag out in the courts if that’s how Democrats take that route. Meanwhile, the money will have been spent.

4) Just another example of Trump’s contempt for the law. He acts like he’s a dictator.

Cuomo says Trump didn’t speak to him about a quarantine

I believe Cuomo. Trump lies all the time.