Russian bots are still at it

Russian bots are still sowing discord in the US.  Russia wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t working.   I would call their positions pro-Trump since they align with his interests.

After the Parkland shooting, they posted anti-gun control messages.   They’re even pushing the conspiracy theory that the shooting never happened.  Here’s another article on pro-gun bots.

Russian bots also promoted the release of the Nunes memo. 

Here’s another article on that.

Russian bots retweeted Trump 500,000 times in the weeks before the election.  Sad!


How much did Russian interference affect the 2016 election?

We’ll never know how much Russian meddling affected the 2016 election.  It’s hard to quantify.

Here’s a column from 538 which thinks that other things caused the outcome more than Russia.

Here’s a contrary view from a column on CNN .  The author states that Trump’s margins in the states that put him over the top was so small that Russian meddling made the difference.

Russia must have thought their activities made a difference because they continue to use social media to support Trump.  Sad!

We don’t know if the election results were impacted by Russian meddling

Trump says “The results of the election were not impacted” by the Russian efforts.
We don’t know that. We have no idea how many, if any, votes were affected by it. Because the impact cannot be determined, I accept the results. Trump won. I will not say that he would have won without Russian help because we will never know if that’s true or not. The Russians must think they got good results because they have continued meddling through social media and will likely meddle in the 2018 elections since Trump will not try to stop them.
Trump says “The Trump campaign did nothing wrong – no collusion.”
How can he say the campaign did nothing wrong? Two people have admitted guilt and two more have been indicted. Nobody in his campaign was charged in the new indictments but he can’t make a blanket statement about the entire campaign.
There was no collusion with the Russians indicted in the campaign. The overall collusion issue is still open while Mueller completes his investigation (if Trump and the Republicans let him).  
Trump is correct when he says “Russia started their anti-US campaign in 2014” but that isn’t relevant to the 2016 election.
Here’s the Washington Post’s opinion.