Trump doesn’t want to follow the laws

Trump claims to support law and order but doesn’t want to follow the laws when it comes to immigration.  Hypocrite.



Trump called the media “almost treasonous”

This sounds like a dictator to me.  I don’t think much of the “deal”.  It doesn’t end the nuclear threat like Trump claims.  It was good that he met with Kim – that’s a start.

Remember when he said not clapping for him was treasonous.

Congress’s failure on immigration reform

Congress’s repeated failures on immigration reform

Republican fondness for Putin has doubled

24% of Republicans approve of a man who meddled in our election.  That’s disgusting.

I am not a big fan of Nancy Pelosi either but she has not murdered people, locked thousands of people up, etc. like Kim has.

The real reason Trump is opposed to immigration


Trump even wants to cut legal immigration. This would extend the time whites are the majority here.