Right-wing extremists lie about the FBI situation in Cincinnati

They lie about the insurrection

They lie about the search at Mar-a-Lago

Now they lie about the attack on the FBI facility

The generic ballot is moving towards the Democrats

Update on the Trump mob 8/11/22

Violent right-wing threats after search of Trump property

Baseball players holding seven balls in one hand

I saw the Ben McDonald tweet and found more examples

Bad Washington Post headline which they changed

Since DOJ isn’t talking, the media is parroting the Trump cult perspective

Trump cult claims FBI planted evidence

Anything to avoid admitting Trump is a crook.

Update on New York gerrymandering

Poor media coverage of the search of Trump’s property

The media coverage has been bad.

  1. The FBI isn’t going to say anything so we only hear from Trump and his cult members
  2. The cable networks need to fill time so they are filling it with endless speculation. Let’s try to be patient and wait for the facts
  3. As usual, the media is giving excess coverage to Trump. This is limiting coverage of Biden’s recent accomplishments. It’s obvious that Biden wasn’t in on this because reduced coverage of his actions is bad for him.