The 2020 election will be a fiasco

Neither side will accept the results if they lose.

If Trump loses, he’ll blame illegal votes and mail voting.

If Biden loses, he’ll blame voter suppression and foreign interference.

Trump has told numerous lies about illegal aliens voting and voter fraud in order to undermine public confidence in the election. If he can’t win, he wants to take the country down with him. Sad!

More research about the coronavirus

Scientists keep learning new things about COVID-19.

Trump’s order to cut the payroll tax is a poor idea

  1. I don’t think he can do it without Congress
  2. Both Republicans and Democrats didn’t support it
  3. It only helps people who are working, not the large amount of unemployed people
  4. It would accelerate the financial problem timetable for Social Security since the payroll tax is how it’s funded
Neither party wants it, just Trump.
How would Social Security be financed?

Taxpayers pay for Trump’s “political activity” at his club

He called it a political activity, not me. Taxpayers should not pay for this. Most of his club members who attended it did not wear masks initially. The media posted pictures of the lack of masks and then masks were passed out. They did not social distance. I hope the state of New Jersey investigates to see if the state’s coronavirus rules were broken. The whole thing is disgusting and corrupt.

The tweets below were from yesterday but Trump did it again today. At least his club members wore masks today.

I don’t think he was ever sincere about wearing masks.
Trump and his cult support law and order but don’t think rules apply to them.
Trump is fine with Russia interfering in the election to help him.

Trump keeps lying about Veterans Choice

He has told this lie over 100 times. I am glad someone said something to him about it. It was passed in 2014 and signed by Obama.

Russia is interfering in the election to help Trump

I bet he does nothing to stop it. Russia should be thrilled by how much Trump has done to help them. Sad!

Coronavirus polls update 8/6/20

It’s like there are two separate countries here.

Wear a mask – more information

It’s terrible that many right-wing people have made this a political issue. It’s selfish, too.