Baltimore’s Shot Tower

Baltimore’s Shot Tower was the tallest building in the US from 1828-1846.

33 players have 3,000 hits

33 batters have 3,000 hits in major league history. Here are tweets and videos on some of them.

Covers: Old Man (Neil Young song)

Neil Young’s “Old Man” (1972) was just covered by Beck for a football commercial.

The butt punt

Remember the butt fumble by Mark Sanchez? Today, we had the butt punt.

Finally, accountability for Jared Kushner

He fits right in as a member of the Trump family. What a disgusting bunch.

His father is a criminal.

The Band (brown album) was released on 9/24/69

My second favorite rock album ever (after Exile on Main Street).

Another example of how the GOP is pro-Russia

We know Trump is pro-Putin but he’s not the only Republican. Tucker Carlson is pro-Russia, too. If the Republicans win either or both houses of Congress, US support of Ukraine will be reduced or halted.

I doubt this is a coincidence

Remember this?

What I remember from an anti-war rally

When I was in high school, I went to an anti-Vietnam war rally in Washington. I don’t recall who the speakers were or anything else about the rally. To be honest, I think some kids went because the drinking age in PA was 21 and the drinking age in DC was 18. ( didn’t drink…yet.)

This is all I remember. We went by bus from the Philadelphia suburbs. The bus pulled over once and kids went off into the woods to go to the bathroom. This old lady (she was probably 35) squatted about 10 feet from the bus to go and had all the kids still on the bus watching her.