An Alabama editor defends the KKK

The latest right-wing fake picture

I haven’t seen liberals doing this. I think liberals are not as gullible based on how the Trump cult believes obvious lies.

Trump’s latest attack on abortion

Even a Fox News poll shows the majority wants Roe v. Wade to stand. This latest Trump action only appeals to his cult.

New election to be held for NC-09 House representative

Even Republicans finally understood all their efforts to rig the election were not acceptable. Trump says nothing.

The latest Trump effort to deny climate change

This is pathetic. Something like 97% of the experts accept that there is climate change. Trump is ignorant and doesn’t. He won’t listen to reports from his own government agencies. We will all suffer and the damage will be permanent.

You’d really have to search to find someone who thinks carbon dioxide is good.
Trump listens to people like this instead of experts.

Another example of Ross’s corruption

Commerce Secretary Ross does it again. Not the first example of his disregard for ethics and conflicts of interest. He should be removed.

Right-wing extremists talk about a civil war

This is scary. How will they react if Trump is impeached? We are lucky they caught the Coast Guard fanatic and that the bombs mailed by another guy earlier this year didn’t work. We can’t assume these guys will continue to be incompetent and Trump incites them with his hateful rhetoric and lies.