Trump’s golf trips cost us much more than the salary he is donating

The 2020 election is going to be ugly

We have seen what the Trump strategy will be:

  1. He can’t win on the issues – most people support some gun control, Roe vs. Wade and keeping Obamacare.
  2. He is running on white supremacy to rile up his base and get them to vote.
  3. He will tear down his opponent just lie he did with Clinton. He will use pathetic name calling and lies. The media will help him spread his message.
  4. They will use edited/altered videos. They have already done this.
  5. If the economy goes into a recession, Trump will blame the Federal Reserve and won’t accept any responsibility.
  6. He will use foreign countries like Israel to divide American Democrats. He already wanted to get the Ukraine to help him attack Biden.
  7. If he loses, he won’t accept the results. I expect him to sue (like he does for everything else) and I won’t be surprised if he refuses to leave the White House.
  8. Republicans won’t stop Russian interference because it helps them. McConnell won’t even consider bills passed in the House.
  9. If it gets close to the election and polls show that he will lose, he will really ramp up these strategies. He is afraid of getting indicted which I hope happens as soon as he leaves office.

Democrats need to run on the issues, not his lack of morals. Clinton tried that in 2016 and it failed. The public knew he was a bad person and elected him anyway.


Trump focuses on Antifa. They haven’t killed people. White supremacists have.

Trump is just appealing to the bigots who are a large part of his base and avoiding dealing with the real problem which he has made worse. I am not defending any Antifa violence; they’re just not the big problem.

but he only talked about classifying Antifa as terrorists.

The majority of Republicans don’t think white supremacists are a serious threat

Republicans have a racism problem and it’s getting worse. The majority of them don’t think white supremacists are a serious threat. Does that mean the majority of Republicans are white supremacists? I hope not but many of them are. The white supremacist problem won’t go away once Trump is gone. He has made it worse but it was here before him and will be here after him.

It’s accurate.

Shell workers had to attend the Trump rally to get paid