Trump lies about defending pre-existing conditions

This is the same lie Trump and many Republicans told during the 2018 elections. They are not defending coverage of pre-existing conditions. Republican states have a lawsuit which would end it and the Trump administration is not defending Obamacare. Trump lies all the time but this is one of his worst lies.

Obamacare is more popular than Trump or his tax cut

Obamacare has become more popular since people now appreciate features such as protection for people with pre-existing conditions.  Republicans are going against the public when they try to destroy it.  They also have no replacement plan.  Sad!

The latest GOP assault on Obamacare might boost its popularity even more


Democratic health plans

It will be difficult for Democrats to pass their health plan, even with a Democratic president,  because of the difficulty of getting a Senate majority


Republicans lied about Obamacare

Many Republicans, including Trump, claimed they wanted to preserve the popular Obamacare provision to protect people with pre-existing conditions.  At the same time, they supported a court case to kill Obamacare.

Now, a judge made a far-reaching decision that goes beyond even what some Republicans wanted but that was always a risk.  Trump tweeted praise for the decision which kills all of Obamacare.  This will wind up in the Supreme Court.



update 12/16/18



Obamacare has majority support


Republicans are suing to get rid of protection for people with pre-existing conditions but they lie and say they support it.