American life expectancy is decreasing

Tweets on decline us US life expectancy

Tweets about anti-vax misinformation

80 of 85 Ohio children who got measles were unvaccinated

The anti-vax movement has spread way beyond COVID-19

Tweets on Black maternal mortality

Racism in health care

Death rates are higher in areas that elect Republicans

Russians are anti-vaxxers like some extremist Republicans

Sure seems like the GOP is very much like Russia. They’re both big on spreading disinformation. DeSantis is pushing anti-vax stuff since the MAGA cult likes it and it makes him more extreme than Trump.

Health insurance coverage compared to political views by state

Yes, red states have fewer people covered. Some have even turned down Medicaid expansion even though the fderal government would pay for most of it,

Anti-smoking commercials

The one I remember is from the 1960s with William Talman who had been on the Perry Mason TV program and who died soon after the commercial was filmed. This tweet reminded me of the commercials

We didn’t know how bad smoking was until the Surgeon General’s report in 1964. I had pot before tobacco. I only smoked about 15-20 cigarettes ever and never bought a pack.