Trump lies about the Obama administration

He lies about how they handled the H1N1 swine flu outbreak. He’s trying to divert attention away from his failures.

Republicans/Fox News are downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus

People will get sick because they are listening to Trump’s lies and Fox News. They are trying to downplay the virus because they think it could hurt Trump’s re-election. They care about that more than public health. Democrats, who have not been brainwashed, take it seriously.

Trump doesn’t want to hear bad news so his flunkies don’t tell him. I was an analyst for the federal government for 28 years and I found that executives appreciated it when you were honest and told them bad news.

1) This gave them a chance to react and respond promptly to the problem.

2) They were better off hearing it from you instead of someone outside of their organization.

If the only way Trump gets the truth is from media reports, his staff is not doing him any favors.

no basis in fact for this

Health care polls

Update on Trump’s efforts to kill Obamacare

Trump wants to destroy the ACA to please his base

He doesn’t care what happens to people who would be affected by the end of the ACA which include many of his cult members.

Trump won’t publicize the rate decrease.

Republicans have tried and failed to come up with a plan.

Trump administration doesn’t have a replacement plan for the ACA (Obamacare)

Trump hates Obama so much he wants to get rid of the ACA even though it keeps increasing in popularity. They are fine with having millions of people lose health care. Fortunately, the public does not agree with the Republicans. This is a bad move for them (which is fine with me!)

It’s also alarming that the Justice Department is unwilling to support a law passed by Congress. Trump supporters are quick to say “elections have consequences” when we complain about their judicial picks but in this case the public elected the people who passed the ACA. The Trump administration couldn’t get Congress to overturn the ACA. The government should enforce the law.

This is a lie. They have no plan.

The Attorney General did not agree with the plan to eliminate Obamacare
He’s just being his usual huckster liar self