Racial disparities and Covid

More on the racist Great Replacement Theory

This is now mainstream in the Republican Party.

Carlson, Republicans, and other right-wing racists promote the Great replacement theory

Female patients and people of color are more likely to have their symptoms dismissed by medical providers

Bomb threats against HBCUs

Most House Republicans vote to keep Confederate statues in the Capitol

How can Republicans justify voting to keep the statues?

Phony right-wing outrage about Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Republican politicians and right-wing media can’t attack Biden because he is popular. Their supporters don’t hate him because he is a white man unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They don’t attack his policies because they are popular, too.

Instead, they stoke the culture wars – Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head, and now CRT. CRT is not taught in K-12 schools. It’s an undergraduate/graduate school level subject. However, talking about it inflames the white nationalist Republican base.

Racism in house appraisals

There are numerous examples

Home appraisal increased by almost $100,000 after Black family hid their race