Over two dozen Trump nominees won’t endorse the Brown vs. Board of Education decision

Today is the 65th anniversary of this landmark Supreme Court decision against school segregation. I can’t understand why you wouldn’t agree with it….unless you’re a racist.

Donate money to rebuild the three black churches destroyed by arson

Another Trump nominee won’t say that Brown v. Board of Education was correct

Brown v. Board of Education was a landmark Supreme Court case that resulted in a ruling that school segregation was unconstitutional.

Now, another Trump nominee won’t say that it was correctly decided. This is racism right out in the open.

Burnings of black churches

I certainly think you can attribute this to Trump’s encouragement of white supremacism.

Trump and Pence quickly tweeted sympathy after the Notre Dame fire but said nothing about the black churches that burned.

Republicans use liars to deny the problem with white supremacists

Today’s House hearing on Hate Crimes and White Nationalism included Republican witnesses who lied about history. Republicans don’t want to deal with white supremacists because they are a large part of the Trump cult.