Sessions restricts consent decrees used to enforce civil rights laws

He did this on his way out.

Racist ads for Republican candidates

The article doesn’t say that every was for a Republican candidate.  To be fair,  the Georgia robocalls (one of several examples in the article) were paid for by an outside group, not the Kemp campaign.

Trump said Gillum and Abrams were unqualified

Just another racist lie.





More on white supremacists

ADL Report: White Supremacist Murders More Than Doubled in 2017


U.S. law enforcement failed to see the threat of white nationalism

This is a great in-depth article from the New York Times.  I’m not worried about the caravan.  I’m worried about white supremacists who are being encouraged by Trump and the right-wing extremists.





Online hate is thriving

Associated Press article

Is Steve King the worst bigot in Congress?

Even the head of the National Republican Congressional Committee criticized him.  Ted Cruz backed King up.

















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