Good riddance to Papa John

Good riddance!

Trump’s rhetoric empowers white supremacists

From this article: ““Clearly, the racist rhetoric throughout the presidential campaign and continuing into Trump’s administration has empowered white supremacist groups to be much more public,” says Michael German, who infiltrated neo-Nazi and militia groups as an FBI agent and is now a fellow at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice. “It’s very dangerous because these people who have a history of violence now feel they have state sanction to commit violence.””

Bill Shine’s wife tweeted racist tweets

Bill Shine was recently appointed to a high-level job by Trump.  He resigned from Fox for during all of the sexual harassment problems there.  Now, we find that his wife tweeted racist tweets.  Of course, Trump won’t criticize her.

Update on 7/8:

update 7/11:

update 7/12:


The Trump administration attacks affirmative action