House condemns Steve King

The House condemned Steve King.  What took them so long?  He didn’t just become a racist last week.  Of course, they won’t condemn the bigot in the White House.  Trump didn’t condemn King either and has claimed he didn’t know about the issue.

Paul Ryan supports immigration by white people

This is like Trump wanting more immigrants from Norway.

Wisconsin Republicans don’t see urban voters as legitimate as rural voters


Sore losers!

White supremacist terrorism is increasing

White supremacists, inspired by Trump and Fox News, are much more of a threat to our country than illegal immigrants or leftist groups.


The Mississippi Senate runoff update

Trump will have two rallies for her on Monday.

Mississippi runoff

Republican Senator Hyde-White has shown what she is really like and she is slipping.  Now her fellow bigot Trump will try to bail her out.

I support Mike Espy.

update 11/26/18



Sessions restricts consent decrees used to enforce civil rights laws

He did this on his way out.