23 House Republicans voted against a resolution condemning bigotry

How can you not be opposed to hate? Sad!

The “race vs class” debate

Excellent summary. Here’s a great list of questions and some tweets on specific issues.
great thread

Trump is a racist. Meadows is a racist.

They’re both racist birther movement believers. I don’t care that Trump has a black employee, I’m sure lots of racists do.

let’s see proof of the apology

Steve King must go

He should be gone. Bigot.

The Republican party is supporting racism if they let him run again (and serve now).

An Alabama editor defends the KKK

Northam must go but Republicans should shut up

Republicans can’t talk:

Trump is a bigot.

Steve King is a bigot.

Several southern Republicans made racist statements during the 2018 elections and were elected.

McConnell posed with a Confederate flag.

None of this excuses Northam’s behavior but since Republicans tolerate racism, they can’t talk about the Democrats.

Northam should resign