It’s obvious that Trump is antisemitic

It’s more than just associating with antisemites.

More tweets on the rise of antisemitism

I blame Trump

I blame Trump for much of the increase in antisemitism

Trump is a bigot and he has made other American bigots think it’s alright to display their bigotry. I’ll never forgive him. I think antisemitism is the worst it has been in my lifetime.

Antisemitism is increasing

Trump meets with fellow antisemites.

Antisemitism on Twitter is up.

A few Republicans are criticizing Trump for meeting with Fuentes

Better late than never

Most Republicans are still quiet.

Very few Republicans have criticized Trump for meeting with Fuentes

I guess they’re cool with anti-semitism. The GOP is a haven for bigots.

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I am 69 and Jewish. I think there is more public antisemitism than at any point in my life. I blame Trump for making it acceptable for his cult. It’s right there with their anti-Asian and Anti-Black hatred.

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter unleashed an avalanche of bigotry

Right-wing extremists spewed racism and anti-semitism

More tweets on Trump’s antisemitism

Trump’s antisemitism (and lack of reaction by the GOP)

Trump is a bigot. The GOP is antisemitic too since they haven’t responded to his terrible rant.