Ignorance about the Holocaust

A different interpretation:

Republican campaign’s anti-Semitic ad

The Republican party is full of bigots. This is disgusting.

I think it was intentional. Why else would you alter a picture?

White Nationalism at the Illinois reopening rally

Terrible anti-Semitism. These rallies have brought out all kinds of ugliness and Trump supports them instead of the CDC recommendations.

Trump weaponizes anti-Semitism

After his “very fine people” remarks following Charlottesville, I don’t understand how anyone can’t see that Trump is anti-Semitic. His remarks today were disgusting and dangerous.

Trump is anti-Semitic

He attacks others for anti-Semitism and his cult overlooks his own bigotry. I am Jewish and will repeat this: I will never forgive him for “very fine people” after Charlottesville.

Hawley’s use of “Cosmopolitan”

The Republican party has lots of bigots.

Trump should shut up about anti-Semitism

Trump has a lot of nerve calling anyone else anti-Semitic. As a Jew, I will never forgive him for his “very fine people” remarks about neo-Nazis at Charlottesville. Trump is anti-Semitic and needs to shut up. His bigotry inspired the attacks on the synagogues in Pittsburgh and California where people were killed.

The world Jewish population is lower than it was in 1939

Omar, Trump, Jews and Israel

Just my opinon:

Representative Omar was wrong when she talked about allegiance to foreign countries. Trump attacked her and then she got a death threat. Once again, Trump’s attacks on people have led to the potential for violence.

Trump was wrong when he told American Jews that Netanyahu was their prime minister. If you criticize Omar, you must criticize Trump for his similar comment implying Jewish dual or primary loyalty to Israel. I am much more worried about Trump’s language – he’s the president.

Trump was wrong to criticize Democrats for being anti-Semitic for criticizing Israel. Netanyahu is just an Israel version of Trump (and that’s not a compliment).

Trump is anti-Semitic. I will never forgive him for his “very fine people on both sides”remark concerning Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. As usual, he projects his own bigotry onto others. He is trying to divide Jews who primarily support Democrats.

Omar was 100% correct to call Miller a white supremacist. Just because he’s Jewish doesn’t mean he can’t be a bigot.

American Jews are loyal to the United States. I live here, not in Israel. I don’t think Israel is perfect.

23 House Republicans voted against a resolution condemning bigotry

How can you not be opposed to hate? Sad!