Ohio Republicans want schools to teach both sides of the Holocaust

Terrible idea. Anti-semitic, too.

Republican bigots can always blame George Soros

The latest anti-semitic outburst was from the Minnesota GOP.

Tennessee school board bans a book about the Holocaust

Anti-semitism and racism are leading to book banning. It’s a dangerous trend. Maus is outstanding.

There were lots of comments on my tweet

More on Trump’s anti-Semitism

The man’s a bigot

Trump’s latest ant-Semitic comments

Not surprising. The man’s a bigot and has said similar things before.

Don’t equate vaccine protests with the Holocaust

The Rise in US anti-Semitism

Excellent report from CNN

More recent anti-Semitism news

Anti-Semitism in the 1/6 Trump riot

I have no interest in unity with these bigots.

Facebook will finally ban Holocaust denial