Trump’s racist comment about the suburbs

He’s being more obvious in his racism to rile up his base.

Trump’s racist lie about Bubba Wallace

Trump is supporting the Confederate flag, too. He’s a racist. No question about it. Sad!

Trump attacks Black Lives Matter

Can anyone doubt he is a racist anymore? It’s so obvious.

Fact-checking Trump’s references to the anti-police chant ‘pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon’

Trump’s racism keeps becoming more obvious

He’s pandering to the bigots in his cult.

Trump retweets tweets from an anti-Muslim hate group

Trump has really let his bigotry show recently. Sad!

Trump retweets another terrible video

This is disgusting.

Trump tweets video with “white power”

He took it down but didn’t disown the “white power” sentiment. He’s a racist.

I bet this is a lie.

Trump downplays systemic racism

That’s what racists do.

Majority disapproves of how Trump handles race relations