Trump’s attacks on black candidates

Now he says Espy doesn’t fit in.

Trump complimented Gillum after the race was over but called him a thief during the campaign.

Trump complimented Abrams after the race was over but said she was unqualified during the campaign.


White supremacist terrorism is increasing

White supremacists, inspired by Trump and Fox News, are much more of a threat to our country than illegal immigrants or leftist groups.


Hate crimes are up 17%

I blame Trump for a large part of it.  His hateful, bigoted speeches and tweets hive riled up the bigots in his cult.  I also blame Fox News and other right wing outlets.

Their influence was clear in the recent bomb mailings and synagogue mass murder.  And no, the answer is not more people with guns.

Trump attacks black female correspondents

Trump has attacked black women like House members Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson.  In the last few days, he has attacked reporters April Ryan (who he has criticized before), Yamiche Alcindor and Abby Phillip.

Trump is a bigot and a liar.  He is also an opponent of the free press. Abby Phillip’s question today was very appropriate – it wasn’t stupid.


update 11/11/18



Racist ads for Republican candidates

The article doesn’t say that every was for a Republican candidate.  To be fair,  the Georgia robocalls (one of several examples in the article) were paid for by an outside group, not the Kemp campaign.

Trump said Gillum and Abrams were unqualified

Just another racist lie.