Trump and other Republican bigots need to shut up about Representative Omar

They are in no position to talk. Trump has said many anti-Semitic things and never apologized. I am Jewish and I will never forgive him for saying neo-Nazis included very fine people. He has no right to call Omar’s apology insincere. How would he know? At least she apologized.

The rest of the Republican bigots need to keep their mouth shut too. Trump wants Omar to resign but he has supported Steve King. Total hypocrisy!

Trump’s bigoted tweet on the Trail of Tears

Trump referred to the TRAIL in a tweet on Warren. Once again, he’s a bigot – and Trump, Jr. is proud of it.

Trump will get real nasty for the 2020 election, especially if it appears he would be indicted once he is no longer president. There’s no bottom to his bigotry.

This is deliberate, not a potential mockery.

Northam must go but Republicans should shut up

Republicans can’t talk:

Trump is a bigot.

Steve King is a bigot.

Several southern Republicans made racist statements during the 2018 elections and were elected.

McConnell posed with a Confederate flag.

None of this excuses Northam’s behavior but since Republicans tolerate racism, they can’t talk about the Democrats.

MAGA hats

The MAGA hat was part of the discussion this weekend about the students and the Native American.

I am offended by the hat because it stands for Trump.

Trump is a racist.

If you show your support for him by wearing the hat, you are:

a) a racist


b) willing to support a racist

There’s not much difference and in a confrontation, I wouldn’t have the time to find out (or really care).

Remember, you can make your own virtual Trump hat here!

Trump and his MAGA base feed the Covington controversy

White people are victims in the MAGA  world.

The attack on the Native American is Trump-inspired bigotry


Many of the students were wearing MAGA hats.  Trump makes fellow bigots bold.