Trump is unleashing white grievance politics

Just one of the many terrible things Trump has done

an old article:

White people think racism is getting worse. Against white people.

More on Trump’s anti-Semitism

The man’s a bigot

Trump’s latest ant-Semitic comments

Not surprising. The man’s a bigot and has said similar things before.

Biden ends Trump’s worthless 1776 Commission

Trump’s racist attacks on Black voters

Trump won’t renounce the Proud Boys

He didn’t during the debate and gave a half-hearted attempt today after he was widely criticized. Trump is a white supremacist and he doesn’t want to alienate his cult.

I think Trump is lying, I think he knows who the Proud Boys are.

Trump’s bigotry

He’s a racist and anti-Semitic. I have no idea how Jews can vote for Trump after the “very fine people” comments about Charlottesville neo-Nazis. He also says that Israel is our country. Not true. I am an American.

Trump’s bigoted genetic superiority talk

Incredible bigotry.

Two-thirds of US terror attacks tied to right-wing extremists

Trump won’t do anything about this (besides encourage it).  This is part of his base.

This didn’t start with Trump.

Trump cut funds to fight anti-right wing violence