Most Jewish voters don’t support Trump

As a Jew, I am really good at recognizing a bigot. I have experience. I don’t think most Jews will forget Trump’s appalling Charlottesville comments. I will never forgive him.

Bullies use Trump’s language in school

One of the many ways Trump has been a bad influence. The media helps him by spreading his bigoted comments.

Trump adds Nigeria and other countries to his travel ban.

This is just racism.

Most black voters say Trump is racist

I certainly agree. The man is a terrible bigot.

Trump weaponizes anti-Semitism

After his “very fine people” remarks following Charlottesville, I don’t understand how anyone can’t see that Trump is anti-Semitic. His remarks today were disgusting and dangerous.

Cuccinelli’s racist remarks

How obviously racist can you get? The bigotry of Trump and his appointees is right out in the open now.

White House rebuffed DHS effort to make domestic terrorism a higher priority

Trump, the Republican party and Fox News don’t want to offend the bigots that are a large part of his base.

Look at the polls (second tweet below) which show that Republicans are much less concerned about white supremacists.