A few Republicans are criticizing Trump for meeting with Fuentes

Better late than never

Most Republicans are still quiet.

Very few Republicans have criticized Trump for meeting with Fuentes

I guess they’re cool with anti-semitism. The GOP is a haven for bigots.

More tweets on Trump’s antisemitism

The GOP won’t renounce Trump’s bigotry

The only conclusion I can draw is that they agree with him. It’s a white nationalist party now.

Trump’s antisemitism (and lack of reaction by the GOP)

Trump is a bigot. The GOP is antisemitic too since they haven’t responded to his terrible rant.

Trump is unleashing white grievance politics

Just one of the many terrible things Trump has done

an old article:

White people think racism is getting worse. Against white people.

More on Trump’s anti-Semitism

The man’s a bigot

Trump’s latest ant-Semitic comments

Not surprising. The man’s a bigot and has said similar things before.

Biden ends Trump’s worthless 1776 Commission