White House rebuffed DHS effort to make domestic terrorism a higher priority

Trump, the Republican party and Fox News don’t want to offend the bigots that are a large part of his base.

Look at the polls (second tweet below) which show that Republicans are much less concerned about white supremacists.

Only 18% of Trump voters agree that “go back” is racist

More proof that the Trump cult members are:

  1. racists or
  2. willing to tolerate racism

Many people would have been fired if they made “Go back” comments like Trump

The majority of Republicans approve of Trump’s racist tweets

82 percent of Republicans agree with Trump’s racist tweets. Once again:

All Trump supporters are:

  1. racists or
  2. willing to tolerate racism

This problem won’t go away once Trump is gone. The Republican Party is now the party of racism. Very few Republican legislators criticized Trump’s tweets.

From the CBS poll: ” Most of those in agreement with the president are from his party, with 82% of Republicans agreeing, including 47% who strongly agree with the statements.”

But don’t forget this:

Trump doubles down on his racist tweets and the crowd in North Carolina

He disavowed the “Send her back” chant and then he doubled down by praising the crowd – this is just like Charlottesville.

It is pathetic how few Republicans pushed back against Trump’s racist comments. They know he will attack him and they will probably not get re-elected. They saw what happened to Flake and Corker.

Trump retweets a bigot

Trump’s history of racism

a good summary

I call them racist