Anti-Semitism is on the rise

I blame Trump for a large part of this. His bigotry has inspired white supremacists. Jew understand what a bigot Trump is.

Mail bomber compares attending a Trump rally to getting hooked on a “fun drug”

Trump’s hateful rhetoric is clearly inspiring dangerous white supremacist.

Trump doubles down on his terrible attacks on Representative Omar

He obviously doesn’t care if she gets death threats. Trump’s bigotry will get people killed.

He distorted her remarks on 9/11 through editing. I can’t forgive his disgusting behavior about 9/11. See below for details. What a self-centered lying bigot.

Donate money to rebuild the three black churches destroyed by arson

I support Representative Omar

I don’t agree with everything she has said but I defend her against the attacks from Trump. His video distorts her message by showing only parts of what she said. She’s already getting death threats and will get more thanks to Trump.

Republicans will do nothing to defend her and Democrats haven’t done enough. This is a strategic move by Trump to divide the Democratic Party and I am sure he will attack people who defend her.

He’s the bigot and should be ashamed of his disgraceful behavior.

This sums up where I am very well.

Going high has failed. We have to fight back. There’s no bottom for how low Trump and his cult will go.

Republicans use liars to deny the problem with white supremacists

Today’s House hearing on Hate Crimes and White Nationalism included Republican witnesses who lied about history. Republicans don’t want to deal with white supremacists because they are a large part of the Trump cult.

Omar, Trump, Jews and Israel

Just my opinon:

Representative Omar was wrong when she talked about allegiance to foreign countries. Trump attacked her and then she got a death threat. Once again, Trump’s attacks on people have led to the potential for violence.

Trump was wrong when he told American Jews that Netanyahu was their prime minister. If you criticize Omar, you must criticize Trump for his similar comment implying Jewish dual or primary loyalty to Israel. I am much more worried about Trump’s language – he’s the president.

Trump was wrong to criticize Democrats for being anti-Semitic for criticizing Israel. Netanyahu is just an Israel version of Trump (and that’s not a compliment).

Trump is anti-Semitic. I will never forgive him for his “very fine people on both sides”remark concerning Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. As usual, he projects his own bigotry onto others. He is trying to divide Jews who primarily support Democrats.

Omar was 100% correct to call Miller a white supremacist. Just because he’s Jewish doesn’t mean he can’t be a bigot.

American Jews are loyal to the United States. I live here, not in Israel. I don’t think Israel is perfect.