The majority of Republicans don’t think white supremacists are a serious threat

Republicans have a racism problem and it’s getting worse. The majority of them don’t think white supremacists are a serious threat. Does that mean the majority of Republicans are white supremacists? I hope not but many of them are. The white supremacist problem won’t go away once Trump is gone. He has made it worse but it was here before him and will be here after him.

It’s accurate.

Trump focuses on Antifa. They haven’t killed people. White supremacists have.

Trump is just appealing to the bigots who are a large part of his base and avoiding dealing with the real problem which he has made worse. I am not defending any Antifa violence; they’re just not the big problem.

but he only talked about classifying Antifa as terrorists.

White House rebuffed DHS effort to make domestic terrorism a higher priority

Trump, the Republican party and Fox News don’t want to offend the bigots that are a large part of his base.

Look at the polls (second tweet below) which show that Republicans are much less concerned about white supremacists.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise

I blame Trump for a large part of this. His bigotry has inspired white supremacists. Jew understand what a bigot Trump is.

Mail bomber compares attending a Trump rally to getting hooked on a “fun drug”

Trump’s hateful rhetoric is clearly inspiring dangerous white supremacist.