More tweets on indicted Trump mob 1/6 insurrectionists

They need to hold the leaders responsible too.

White Christian Nationalism was a main cause of the 1/6 insurrection

Let’s call it what it is.

More tweets on the Trump mob

Keep up the trials and convictions.

The right-wing FBI failure to anticipate 1/6

More evidence of Trump’s success at politicizing the government.

Republicans in Congress should (but won’t) use the 14th amendment to prevent Trump from being president again

This column is naive. Near the end it states:

 “Congress, led by Republicans willing to break with their party’s extremists, should bring the Jan. 6 tragedy to a close…”

Does anyone really think Republicans would do this? Look what happened to Kinzinger and Cheney. The gutless Republicans in Congress are not going to go against their Trump cult base. Sure, using the 14th amendment to prevent Trump from running is a good idea but it’s not going to be done by Congress once Republicans take over the House. The base doesn’t think Trump led an insurrection – they think he won.

Criminal prosecution of Trump is the only option. It won’t divide the country more than it is already.

Trump mob update 11/5/22

I am glad these people are going to jail but the people who incited the rally need to be charged too. I don’t think Trump will go to jail but I believe he belongs there.

Now we’re getting convictions of the Trump mob – part 2

Now we’re getting convictions of the Trump mob – part 1

Reforming the Electoral College is good. Do you expect Trump and his cult to follow new laws when they won’t follow current ones?

I don’t. If the Republican candidate loses in 2024, I don’t expect them to concede and I expect another insurrection. Do you really think Trump or his cult would respect new laws? The best way to prevent another insurrection is to punish people like Trump who incited it, planned it and funded it, not just the folks who stormed the Capitol. The jail time has to be so severe that tey won’t do it again.

As it stands now, Trump and other extremists would just recruit more chumps to replace any that are in jail. Since the leaders haven’t been punished, there’s no reason for them not to do it again.

Updates on the Trump mob

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