Reforming the Electoral College is good. Do you expect Trump and his cult to follow new laws when they won’t follow current ones?

I don’t. If the Republican candidate loses in 2024, I don’t expect them to concede and I expect another insurrection. Do you really think Trump or his cult would respect new laws? The best way to prevent another insurrection is to punish people like Trump who incited it, planned it and funded it, not just the folks who stormed the Capitol. The jail time has to be so severe that tey won’t do it again.

As it stands now, Trump and other extremists would just recruit more chumps to replace any that are in jail. Since the leaders haven’t been punished, there’s no reason for them not to do it again.

Updates on the Trump mob

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Pardoning Trump is a bad idea

Update on the Trump mob 8/11/22

The Trump cult is immune to facts – the 1/6 hearings changed nothing

The majority of Republicans will never accept the fact that Biden won the 2020 election. They have not been moved by the great job the 1/6 committee has done.

Trump’s insurrection mob update 7/26/22

Bad tweets by the Washington Post

The Secret Service didn’t cause the controversy. Trump caused it by wanting to get rid of the magnetometers and wanting to go to the Capitol with his mob.

How would a DOJ trial of Trump work?

Grand juries do not have to be unanimous. The regular jury would have to be unanimous. The difficulty of finding jurors who don’t know the case was discussed on MSNBC.