It doesn’t matter that McCarthy lied

Cillizza is wrong. People like me already had a low opinion of him. Republicans don’t care that he lied.

From the New York Times article I linked to (with my bolding):

For Mr. McCarthy, the immediate political problem was not being caught in a lie. In the Republican Party, which has coalesced around Mr. Trump’s claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him, falsehoods have become routine and even accepted.

The greater danger for Mr. McCarthy on Friday was the truth — that, with the disclosure of his negative comments about Mr. Trump, he might invite the ire of the former president, who maintains a stranglehold on his party and on a powerful faction of extremist House members who already pose the greatest risk to his political future.

McCarthy lied but the Trump cult will never know that

The Trump team planned a coup before Biden was even declared the winner

I’m no legal expert but how is this not a crime? Somebody has to hold these people accountable. I’m looking at you DOJ.

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Let’s see action as the Who would say.

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