Dominion sues Giuliani

Good for them. Make him and all of the other liars pay!

Republicans are blind to white supremacy because many are white supremacists

The riot was obviously full of white supremacists

most people get it:

Dominion Voting Systems fights back

Good for them. Punish the Trump cult liars!

Michigan GOP will replace official who certified the election

They can’t accept that Biden won a fair election. Sad!

Anti-Semitism in the 1/6 Trump riot

I have no interest in unity with these bigots.

1/6 riot videos

More Trump polls

The Republican party is still the Trump cult.

This article says:

In addition, 28 percent of the Republicans polled said that Trump’s actions related to the events of Jan. 6 made them happier that they had supported Trump. Only 5 percent said they now regretted voting for Trump, while almost two-thirds (66 percent) said their feelings for the president were unchanged.

also 28% blamed Antifa for the riot. The FBO said that’s untrue.

More on the Trump riot mob