New reports show that Trump’s efforts to overturn the election were worse than we knew

Texas Republicans are sore winners

They want to audit 2020 results but only in large counties almost off of which Biden won. They won the state. This is like Trump whining after he won in 2016. It’s disgusting.

The latest on the Trump cult attempt to do an audit in PA

The Trump cult won’t give up on the Arizona “audit”

I guess they didn’t find any fraud so they’ll keep trying stuff.

The public knew Trump wouldn’t concede

I didn’t think he’d concede right away. I never expected the insurrection, the calls he made to states and the non-stop lies. He’ll never concede.

Pennsylvania Republicans are initiating a baseless audit like Arizona is doing

Update on companies who donate to Republicans who voted to overturn the election – 7/6/21

see update on Toyota – pressure must have helped change their minds

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6 months after Capitol assault, corporate pledges fall flat

Update on the phony Arizona “audit”

Maricopa won’t reuse voting equipment seized in the phony audit

PA Republicans and the big lie

There may be an audit there. Terrible news.