Trump supporters won't accept it if he loses in 2020

Trump will only spread polls (real or fake) that show he is ahead. His supporters will not expect a loss and won’t accept it.

from the column: “In Trump’s formulation, it is simply impossible for Democrats to win fairly. He has warned that if he is turned out of office through impeachment, the result will be a violent revolt by his supporters — and he is most definitely not saying they’re the ones who would be in the wrong.”

Biden lies about his position on Iraq

He’s not in Trump’s league but he’s not the most honest candidate either.

2020 battlegrounds

The election is decided in the Electoral College. I want to see polls on the key swing states, not national polls. It matters where the support for a candidate is, not just overall popularity.

The 2020 election will be terrible

Neither side will have confidence in the results. I blame the Republicans for their voter fraud lies, voter suppression, and McConnell’s unwillingness to act on election security. This is going to divide the country even more. Sad!

USA TODAY/Suffolk poll: Americans dread the 2020 election

Joe Arpaio is running for sheriff again

He’s the convicted bigot pardoned by Trump.

Shell workers had to attend the Trump rally to get paid

Trump uses presidential events for political speeches

His campaign, not taxpayers, should pay for his travel and events. He almost always injects politics into what should be a non-partisan presidential speech. We can go back to the beginning of his presidency when he did this at the CIA and Boy Scouts appearances. He has not changed and won’t change. I hope he is sued and his campaign has to pay.

The link above takes you a to a good interview with the communications director for the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).