Trump only cares about his base

He has no interest in being president of the entire country. His election strategy is focused on turning out his base instead of increasing his appeal. A recent poll showed that the Barr letter changed nothing.

Democratic candidates donations to charity

This is not impressive. They should do more. My own donations are around Warren’s percentage and I make much less than these folks.

Trump campaign makes Barr’s spying statement worse

Barr said he thought that the Trump campaign had been spied on. He provided no basis for his statement. Now the Trump campaign has ratcheted it up a notch by calling it “unlawful spying”. They’re lying about a lie and making it worse. Sad!

I don’t know how to reason with people who think like this

Many Republicans won’t accept basic facts about Russian interference and would even let Trump postpone the next election. I think it’s plausible he would try to do this if it appears he would lose. He’ll claim that it’s rigged and that there would be massive voter fraud.

Half of Republicans say they would support postponing the 2020 election if Trump proposed it.

This is an old survey but the Trump cult seems to be even more devoted to him now.