Only about 1/4 of Republicans accept that Biden won legitimately

They’re never going to accept that Biden won. I expect red-state textbooks to show that the 2020 election was stolen.

Most Republicans are quiet on Trump’s statement that the Constitution should be terminated

One of the worst things Trump has said

Most Republicans are cowards.

Right-wing poisonous use of “regime”

About 2/3 of Republicans will never accept that Biden won in 2020. This is one way they show it. “Regime” makes it sound like dictators, not elected officials. Just search “Biden Regime” on Twitter to see GOP garbage.

Articles on GOP election deniers

GOP access to voting equipment is wrong

This is a multi-state issue.

Bad Republican election behavior

They don’t think the rules apply to them

Republican efforts to boost third-party spoiler candidates

I don’t approve of Democrats supporting Republicans they think they can beat but this is even worse.

Republican efforts to breach voting machines