A Biden presidency is predicted to mean more jobs

Trump is trying to prevent people from voting in Pennsylvania

There are issues over “naked” ballots that don’t have an envelope inside the mailing envelope and how long mail ballots will be accepted. This will wind up in courts just like Republican voter suppression efforts in other states.

Polls show public opposes Trump nominating Ginsburg’s replacement now.

The margin varies but all polls I have seen have more people opposed to having Trump nominating someone now. Of course, that won’t stop Trump and McConnell. Public opinion supported having hearings on Garland. Public opinion supported having witnesses at the Senate impeachment hearing. Republicans did neither one and they won’t care about public opinion now. They only care about power.

Trump aides feared his cult would cheer the passing of Ginsburg

Even his staff understands they have created a monster. This country will never be unified.

The election will be a fiasco

Neither side will accept a loss.

Democrats will blame voter suppression, foreign interference and whatever Barr/courts/Republican legislatures do.

Republicans will blame illegal votes and mail in vote fraud.

There’s no limit to what Republicans will do to steal the election. I don’t think Trump is even trying to win the popular vote. He’s counting on Republicans in the legislatures, courts and Congress to steal the election if he doesn’t win the Electoral College vote.

More Republican fake videos

Trump would use courts to steal the election

He says it right out in the open. We may not know the winner on election night and courts should have nothing to do with it. This is part of his campaign to sabotage mail-in voting because more Democrats will use it.

Excellent stuff on why the Republicans have the Senate advantage and what they do with it

Trump approves of attack on Ali Velshi

Former Pence aide says she will vote for Biden because of Trump’s ‘flat out disregard for human life’ during pandemic