Trump’s fundraising scam

It’s unreal that Trump’s cult members never blame him for anything.

Many Republicans still believe the big election lie and lies about the riot

We’ll never have any unity in the US until the Trump cult accepts basic facts like Trump lost a fair election and that the insurrection was done by Trump supporters, not Antifa. We are now months after both events so I doubt their opinions will ever change. I fault Republican leaders for not doing more to get their voters to understand the truth.

Most Trump voters think antifa primarily caused the 1/6 insurrection

How am I supposed to unify with people who don’t accept basic facts?

The elected Republicans are just as bad as their voters. They are still spreading the big lie about the election. TV networks should not put liars on their programs. There is no incentive for them to stop lying.

He’s wrong. They haven’t lost control, they’ve given it to the Trump cult.

The GOP is an extremist party

The majority of the Republican party still supports Trump and believes the election was stolen. Many believe violence is justified. It’s not just a wing – it’s an extremist party now and that is dangerous for the whole country.

After the ballots are counted: Conspiracies, political violence, and American exceptionalism – The Survey Center on American Life (

refers to the survey linked to above which is also discussed in the column linked to in the first tweet

Trump’s potential legal problems

Trump’s big lie will lead to voter suppression

There was no widespread fraud in 2020 but Republican’s will use Trump’s lie to suppress votes. They have already submitted over 100 bills in state legislatures.

New York Times on Trump’s campaign to subvert the election

analysis of why Trump lost