Republicans/Fox News are downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus

People will get sick because they are listening to Trump’s lies and Fox News. They are trying to downplay the virus because they think it could hurt Trump’s re-election. They care about that more than public health. Democrats, who have not been brainwashed, take it seriously.

Trump doesn’t want to hear bad news so his flunkies don’t tell him. I was an analyst for the federal government for 28 years and I found that executives appreciated it when you were honest and told them bad news.

1) This gave them a chance to react and respond promptly to the problem.

2) They were better off hearing it from you instead of someone outside of their organization.

If the only way Trump gets the truth is from media reports, his staff is not doing him any favors.

no basis in fact for this

The media should not cover Trump’s comments on the Democratic primaries

Trump is trying to influence the results of the Democratic primaries. When Biden had an early lead, he tried to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. Now, he is trying to sow dissension among the Democrats by claiming Sanders is getting ripped off. He has done these because he would rather face Sanders than Biden. Also, Russia is promoting Sanders and sowing dissension.

Prior presidents have never meddled in the opposing primaries like this as far as I recall (which is back to 1960). Trump should shut up until the Democrats pick his opponent for the general election.

The media is helping Trump by spreading his garbage. This is unacceptable and shows they learned nothing from 2016. Once again, they are helping Trump.

My comments on CNN giving publicity to Trump’s comments on Democrats

Here’s a letter I wrote to CNN today and the column I was responding to.

  • Harris Levy <>To:lauren.dezenski@cnn.comFeb 14 at 2:05 PM I think you are wrong to cover Trump’s comments on the Democratic primaries.  The Democratic race is none of his business.  He’s not running in it. I don’t think his comments are worth your time until the Democrats have selected his opponent.  I am 66 and I don’t recall prior presidents trying to influence the opposing side’s primaries.  Trump’s attacks on Joe and Hunter Biden certainly hurt Biden’s campaign (to an unknown degree) and the media helped Trump by repeating charges that have been shown to be baseless.  Now that Biden is faltering, you don’t hear much from Trump about this.  He accomplished his mission of damaging the opponent who was shown as most likely to beat him.  Now, he is trying to rile up Sanders supporters by making them think the process is unfair.
    When you repeated Trump’s lie about Bloomberg asking for a box, you left out two things:  Bloomberg’s denial and his actual height.Ask yourself this:  If one of your Republican commentators such as Santorum had told the lie about the box, would CNN have tolerated it?  I hope they would have refuted it or even suspended him briefly.  When Trump says it, the media repeats it.  Even a Fox host knows that the media is doing Trump’s dirty work.
    Jesse Watters ‘can’t stop thinking about the box’ at center of Trump-Bloomberg feud

    Jesse Watters ‘can’t stop thinking about the box’ at center of Trump-Blo…Yael Halon”The Five” hosts responded to the ongoing feud between President Trump and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloom…
    I would prefer that you spend your space on real issues such as health care, guns, immigration, and the economy.  There are major differences between the parties.  That is newsworthy and would help voters.  Repeating Trump’s vile lies and juvenile nicknames is not helpful to anyone but Trump.
    Harris Levy
    —– Forwarded Message —– From: Chris Cillizza <>To: “” <>Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2020, 06:30:44 PM ESTSubject: The Point: Donald Trump, part-time political pundit
    View this email in your browser The Point with Chris Cillizza   February 13, 2020  | by Lauren Dezenski and Chris Cillizza Donald Trump, part-time political pundit Image From childish nicknames to suggestions of frailty, impotence and more, President Donald Trump has shown he is no-holds-barred when it comes to taking down a challenger — or acting as a pundit against his potential opponents.   Let’s take a look at his latest takes on the current Democratic field.   First, there’s Michael Bloomberg.   Trump has seized on Bloomberg’s height in his criticism of the former New York mayor: “Mini Mike is a 5’4” mass of dead energy who does not want to be on the debate stage with these professional politicians. No boxes please,” Trump tweeted Thursday.   For reference, Trump is 6’3″ and has often repeated this line about Bloomberg asking for a box to stand on in future debates — and Bloomberg’s potential debate performance.   “Mini Mike Bloomberg is a LOSER who has money but can’t debate and has zero presence, you will see,” Trump also tweeted.   Trump added that Bloomberg “hates Crazy Bernie and will, with enough money, possibly stop him.”   That brings us to Trump’s thoughts on Bernie Sanders — winner of the New Hampshire primary. “Crazy Bernie” comes up a lot.   And last, there’s apparent Iowa caucus winner Pete Buttigieg. Trump has taken a different tack with the former mayor. His nickname for Buttigieg is simply “Bootedgeedge” — a phonetic spelling of Buttigieg’s preferred pronunciation.    Asked today whether America would vote for gay president, Trump told conservative radio host Geraldo Rivera there “would certainly be a group” that would not support an LGBTQ president, but, “You and I would not be in that group.”   It’s a much nicer tone than what Trump has used for the rest of the field, though it’s unlikely to last.    The Point: If you want to know what Trump thinks (or wants YOU to think) about his opponents, just watch his Twitter feed.   — Lauren

Trump administration helping investigation of Hunter Biden

But they’re breaking the law by withholding information about Trump. This is disgraceful.

Reminds me of their investigations of Hillary Clinton – politically motivated

The Republican party is extremely conservative

Democrats are moderate/liberal

Republicans should not meddle in Democratic primaries

They’re no better than the Russians. Maybe that’s where they got the ideas.

This is a very good analogy. Think of Biden as Muskie and Sanders as McGovern.