2020 debates between Trump and the Democratic candidate

I am worried about the debates.

  1. Who will Trump accept as a moderator? Everyone besides Fox News is fake news.
  2. How should Trump’s lies be handled. The volume of Trump ‘s lies has increased as time in his term passes. By 2020, he will have three years of his presidency to lie about. When (not if) he lies, who should correct him?
    1. If the moderator corrects him, Trump will say they are biased
    2. If the Democratic candidate corrects him, that cuts into their time to express their own views.
  3. This is my suggestion – strike first:
    1. In their opening remarks, the Democratic candidate should say something like this: “Tonight, I want to focus on our ideas to improve our country. However, I first want to note that I expect Mr. Trump to lie throughout the debate, just like he has on the campaign trail. We will keep track of his lies and the facts in real time on our web site which is ________. That way, we can concentrate on our ideas during this debate.”
    2. The Democratic campaign could have a ready-made database of his common lies ready to go. He lies repeatedly about the same things so it should be easy to be prepared.
    3. Trump must be told that name calling such as “Pocahontas”is unacceptable.
    4. If Trump persists with lies and insults, the Democrat should cancel future debates.

Trump is not prepared to stop election meddling in 2020

I assume he thinks it will help him again.

The new right-wing buzzword is “coup”

This is right-wing nonsense and an attempt to deflect attention from the real investigations of Trump and Russia. Are they going to call it a coup if Trump loses in 2020? I think that’s where they could be headed. They may say the deep state stole the election. I don’t want to sound paranoid but I don’t put anything past them.

They’ll use this in 2020 if Trump loses.

Trump lied in his El Paso rally

I worry about the 2020 campaign and election. How are Trump and his cult going to handle if they lose? During the campaign, his claims will get wilder if he is losing and desperate to motivate his base. If he loses, will he and his cult accept the result?? I have my doubts.

Daniel Dale’s thread-always great stuff

Trump lies about everything.

CNN should not have a town hall with Schultz now

This is right on the money. CNN and other networks helped Trump tremendously by giving him so much coverage. Schultz hasn’t even announced that he is a candidate. Give the town halls to the actual candidates.

Let’s look back. Jeff Zucker, now head of CNN, gave Trump a big boost by having The Apprentice on NBC. CNN gave Trump a ton of coverage in 2016.


“Ten years later, it was Zucker, now the head of CNN, who gave Trump astonishing amounts of free exposure in the Republican presidential primary on the cable network, continually blasting out his speeches and rallies — often unfiltered and without critical fact-checking.

“It’s a not-unfair knock on CNN to say that they went all in on Trump and helped him enormously,” Ken Lerer, co-founder of the Huffington Post and BuzzFeed, said in a recent onstage interview at City University of New York’s journalism school. “I think it was a strategy, a programming strategy.”

Those paragraphs are from the article which is linked to before them.

Trump is undermining the legitimacy of the 2020 election

This is very alarming. Will he accept the results if he loses? He’s already setting the stage for claiming it was rigged.

Democrats must find a candidate who will defeat Trump

I totally agree with this. Getting rid of Trump is more important than any policy issue.