The Trump cult will never accept the Arizona results

Their phony audit showed Biden won but they won’t ever give up. They won’t accept the truth.

Update on companies who donate to the Sedition Caucus

Pennsylvania Republicans phony investigation of the 2020 election

Most Republicans will never admit Biden won.

Trump voters and online searches for Ivermectin

from the article:

“The states with the most search interest in ivermectin are also ones that voted heavily for Trump in 2020. The six states that have searched for ivermectin the most in the past 90 days supported Trump by an average 27-point margin.”

I don’t think Covid cost Trump the election

Update on Texas Republicans – election law and “audit” plan

Update on the phony Arizona 2020 election “audit”

There’s no fraud but the Trump cult will never give up. This will never end.

Update on phony claims of election fraud in Georgia

Will the 2020 election ever be over? Will the Republicans ever accept it if they lose a future presidential election?

What they’re doing based on non-existent fraud is wrong and dangerous.

New reports show that Trump’s efforts to overturn the election were worse than we knew