Republicans don’t care about election security

McConnell will block bill, the administration has slowed work on election security and Trump would accept foreign help. There will be foreign efforts to meddle in the 2020 election which will undermine confidence in the results. Sad!

Trump’s words encourage foreign meddling in our elections

Trump is fine with foreign meddling in our objections. This will encourage his Russian pals. This is not alright. Democrats will say it’s wrong. Let’s see what the Trump cult says.

Trump’s strategy is to distract from this by lying about Democrats.

Polls on Trump vs. potential 2020 opponents

Too early to read too much into these polls.

Trump campaign has not paid El Paso

His campaign has stiffed El Paso just like Trump as a businessman stiffed some contractors. Sad!

Trump may use the government to attack Biden

and the media like the New York Times will help him by spreading what he finds.

This is so unethical and an abuse of the presidency. There’s no bottom for Trump.