Trump threatens to move the Republican convention

He is using it to attack the governor of North Carolina who is concerned about the health and safety of the residents there.

Trump continues to use official events for political purposes

His campaign should pay when he turns a presidential event into a rally. Reelection is his top priority.

Washington Post article

Trump’s lies about Michigan voting by mail

He’s stirring up nonsense about voter fraud. He wants voter suppression and doesn’t care about the health of voters.

Trump smears and attacks

That’s all he knows how to do. His campaign should be based on what he wants to do but, just like in 2016, he is focusing on tearing down his opponent.

Trump again uses an official event for a campaign rally

Can’t anyone stop this? taxpayers should not have to pay for this. Trump doesn’t leave any separation between his job and campaign. It’s all political to him. Sad!

What a stupid remark!