Polls show that the GOP is a Trump cult

The poll without Trump shows how much of a cult of personality the GOP is now. Trump, Jr. is in second and he has never even run for office. I bet he runs in the future.

The media helps Trump by spreading his disgusting nicknames

I point it out but it won’t stop them

More polls showing Trump leading the GOP – his cult doesn’t care what he says or does

More on Trump being the GOP favorite for 2024. His cult is still powerful

It doesn’t matter what he says – his cult is fine with his lies and bigotry

It doesn’t matter what he does – the cult is fine with the insurrection and they won’t care if he is indicted

The rest of the GOP is cowardly – they won’t do much to criticize him because they need his voter base

Poll results vary but Trump can beat DeSantis

The GOP doesn’t care what Trump has done – liar, bigot, insurrection inciter, it’s all fine with them

Tweets on DeSantis – I think he’s terrible

He could be the GOP candidate for president in 2024

The media’s continuing failure to cover Trump properly

The media is addicted to Trump because he boosted their ratings. They have never covered him properly since he started running in 2015 and they haven’t learned from their failures. This is addressed in a recent column by Oliver Dary and an old one by the great Margaret Sullivan. I am really worried about how badly the media will do for the 2024 election.

There’s still a large Trump cult

It doesn’t matter what Trump says.

It doesn’t matter what Trump does.

It doesn’t matter how many settlements Trump has to pay

It won’t matter if he is indicted.

There’s still a large Trump cult. I don’t think he will go to jail and a fine would be meaningless. I would like to see him barred from running for office.