Several bad headlines/tweets for Trump’s campaign announcement

The media is still doing a bad job. They should point out things like the insurrection and investigations of Trump. They also gave Trump excessive coverage.

The GOP is still a Trump cult

61% of Republicans still want Trump to run even if he’s charged with a crime!

Nothing will convince the Trump cult of the facts about their disgraceful leader.

I think the big winner of the 1/6 hearings is Ron DeSantis

It certainly seems obvious that Trump is a criminal but I don’t think the Department of Justice will charge him. They’re concerned about dividing the country but that’s irrelevant for two reasons:

  1. The country is already polarized.
  2. Republicans don’t care about dividing the country. Look at the abortion decision which is very unpopular.

I do think the hearings weaken Trump’s standing within the GOP which helps potential rivals. Look at this poll:

Republicans can get Trump policies without Trump’s personal baggage by nominating DeSantis or someone similar. I do think DeSantis could win the 2024 presidential election as long as the economy has problems such as inflation. Democrats aren’t in love with Biden and there could be a nasty primary fight if he doesn’t run for re-election. I hate to say it but I think Ron DeSantis will be the next president. I despise him but I don’t think he’s a criminal. I think the only thing that could derail him is if Trump runs as an independent or does something else to sabotage DeSantis.

Ominous signs for the 2024 elections

Republicans will try to get electors selected by legislators instead of voters.