Stop 2024 predictions

I blame the media for all of the 2024 coverage. Once again, they are helping Trump.

The media still gives Trump excess coverage

Examples of what I mean:

Trump has already undermined confidence in the 2024 elections

So if the Democrat wins in 2024 Republicans will again believe it’s cheating. They have decided this three years before the election. It could certainly result in more right-wing violence.

The 2024 election will be worse than the 2020 election

Hard to believe but it’s true. The Trump cult is already undermining confidence in our elections. Republicans are doing phony audits, implementing voter suppression and making it possible for politicians to overturn election results.

The media is already giving Trump a head start for 2024

Didn’t they learn anything from their mistakes in 2016? It’s too early to star the 2024 campaign.

Biden is wrong to think Republicans will support voting rights

Republicans have made it very clear that they will suppress voting and make it easier to overturn elections. Biden is wrong to think Republicans will do anything to support voting rights.

One in five new US COVID cases is in Florida

It’s scary that DeSantis is the second most popular Republican choice for 2024 after Trump.

The media’s ratings after Trump are down but the media still gives him too much attention

Here are tweets from Paul Farhi from the Washington Post and an email I sent him. (It’s similar to an email I sent to Ben White at Politico which I posted on the blog but was rejected by their email system.)

The media still gives Trump lots of coverage but ratings may be down because people have lost interest. Here’s a link to an article I linked to in the email.

Trump’s blog has staggeringly small audience – The Washington Post