Trump tweets deep fake Biden video

There is no bottom for what Trump won’t do to win the election. He’s desperate now.

Some Wisconsin voters got the coronavirus

It was a bad decision by Wisconsin Republicans to have in-person voting. People will get sick and die.

Trump may challenge the election results if he loses

He is casting doubt on the validity of the election. This is disgraceful. The 2020 election was going to be a fiasco before the pandemic.

There’s no bottom for the Trump campaign.

Surprise Democratic win in Wisconsin

I guess voters understood Republicans wanted them to risk their health to vote in person. I assume that a few weeks from now we will read about people who died because they voted.

Republican voter suppression in Wisconsin

The Democratic governor just postponed tomorrow’s primary. Republicans are more concerned about winning than public safety. They don’t want a high voter turnout that would help Democrats. This battle will apply to the national elections, too. It’s going to get ugly. A lot of issues will wind up in the courts.

The Postal Service could run out of money in June

Republicans don’t want mail in voting because they lose when more people vote. As usual, they will put party interest ahead of the country’s interests.

Republicans don’t want everyone to vote

They know they need voter suppression to win. They will fight the use of voting by mail because it would make it easier to vote.