Trump campaign goes on the attack

They are the last people to accuse others of lying. Sad!

Trump, who is Putin’s stooge, accuses others of treason!

Recent polls of Democrats

The top priority is beating Trump. That’s more important than positions on specific issues. We have to get this lying bigot out of the White House!

Beating Trump is most important for Democrats

A recent poll shows that it’s more important than a candidate’s views on issues. I agree. Any Democrat is better than Trump. We have to vote him out if he’s still in office by then.

GOP expects Democrats to sabotage the election

This is dangerous and inflammatory language. They’re all going to sound like Trump.

Trump’s threat about violence

He’s implying that his supporters could get violent. I am very concerned about what will happen after the 2020 election if he loses. Will he and his cult accept the results?

Trump is already casting doubt on validity of the 2020 election

This is very dangerous and another sign that Trump will not accept a loss.

see the last sentence

Cohen fears there will not be a peaceful transition of power if Trump loses in 2020

This was one of the key things from Cohen’s testimony and something we should really be concerned about. Will Trump give up the presidency if he loses the election? He frequently talks about (phony) voter fraud and could easily not accept the results. He threatened to do this in 2016 if he lost. Mr. Cohen knows Trump well and if he’s concerned, I’m concerned.