Trump campaign has not paid El Paso

His campaign has stiffed El Paso just like Trump as a businessman stiffed some contractors. Sad!

Trump may use the government to attack Biden

and the media like the New York Times will help him by spreading what he finds.

This is so unethical and an abuse of the presidency. There’s no bottom for Trump.

Trump doesn’t want to hear about 2020 Russian interference in our elections

Rudy Giuliani says “There’s nothing wrong with getting information from Russians.”

It’s not alright. Rudy is wrong. It looks like they’re inviting the Russians to help again in 2020. There are big implications for future elections. If Trump wins in 2020, it will be hard to believe he didn’t win because of Russian help. Sad!

This is nothing like the Pentagon Papers.

I am not amused when Trump jokes about term limits

This is how authoritarians act. If he loses in 2020, he may not leave voluntarily.