Trump claims he forgot things

I think he’s lying. I wonder if his memory would get better if he testified under oath.

Benefits from Trump’s NAFTA replacement will be much smaller than he claims

Speaking of NAFTA:

Another Trump lie

Trump lies about the New York Times

He lies when he says they apologized. He lies when he says they are failing. Sad!

As you can see from the old tweets, he has told these lies before.

Trump lies about 9/11

Trump distorted what Omar said about 9/11. He has a long history of lying about 9/11. Sad!

Trump doubles down on his terrible attacks on Representative Omar

He obviously doesn’t care if she gets death threats. Trump’s bigotry will get people killed.

He distorted her remarks on 9/11 through editing. I can’t forgive his disgusting behavior about 9/11. See below for details. What a self-centered lying bigot.

Trump lies/false claims last week

Trump goes even further than Barr