More on Trump’s lies

Trump’s secret agreement with Mexico may be a blank sheet of paper

There is no additional deal according to Mexico. I believe Mexican officials instead of the liar in the White House.

Trump has told almost 11,000 lies (or false statements as the Washington Post calls them)

They are lies. He does this deliberately and knows that many people will either accept them or not call them lies.

Trump lies about NATO

It appears that Trump made up a quote from the head of NATO saying there wouldn’t be NATO without Trump. Trump takes advantage of the situation. NATO would not want to antagonize him since the US is its biggest contributor. Thus, Trump knows he can lie and get away with it. Sad!

Daniel Dale’s count of Trump’s false claims (which I call lies)

I think Trump lies deliberately every time. He has access to the facts. He chooses to ignore them. The volume of lies has increased as Trump realizes there are no repercussions. People like me can’t hate him more and his cult believe him. More lies don’t change anything. More media outlets are finally calling Trump’s false statements lies. They should have started doing this in 2015 (or even earlier).

Daniel Dale has done a great job for the Toronto Star and will soon join CNN.