Which lie is it?

Trump has said the 1/6 rioters were wonderful people. He has also said they were Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Those are both lies but which one does he believe? Both can’t be plausible. I don’t understand how anyone would think liberals would want to stop the Electoral College vote. Biden isn’t as liberal as I and many others would like but he is far better than Trump.

The media must stop tweeting Trump’s rants

At least a few people oppose tweeting his crap.

Trump’s Charlottesville comments

The $200 drug card was just another Trump lie

Trump lies update 1/18/21

Hope this is the last or next to last one


Trump encourages his extremist supporters

Trump lies update 1/5/21

I hope we don’t have to listen to Trump’s lies after 1/20/21.

Trump implies he won the Nobel Prize

It really bothers him that Obama won one.

Trump has golfed for over 300 days

Remember, he attacked Obama for playing golf.