Trump lies when he says protesters are throwing tuna cans

Ridiculous and pathetic. Trump just makes stuff up and the media spreads his lies.

Trump lies update 9/23/20

a disgusting lie even by Trump’s standards

Trump lies from 9/16-17

Unlimited lies

More Trump lies at his ABC town hall on 9/15/20


Trump tells four lies in one sentence

This is an amazing achievement, even for him. Sad!

Trump’s endless lies

And his cult lies right along with him

More on Trump’s attacks on the military

Of course I believe he said it. I assume Trump’s lying now like he does most of the time. It shows how he thinks people who are patriots are really suckers. More stuff will keep coming out…..

what character? nothing to defend
They are right to be concerned. Look at how Anthony Fauci and Christine Blasey Ford have been treated,

Trump denies attack on the military but I think he’s lying

I don’t think it will affect the election much. His white supremacist base will brush it aside because their racism is a higher priority. I have no doubt he said these things and is lying now. I agree with the media people who say the anonymous people should come forward but they don’t apply the same standard to Trump. They didn’t push him to say who was on the plane with the terrorists because they know he’s lying.

The article that started it

Trump retweets tweet that lies about attack

It wasn’t a Black Lives Matter or Antifa attack. It was from 2019. Trump is a liar and he retweets liars. We’re going to have to deal with his avalanche of dishonesty during the campaign.

More on Trump’s lies 8/29/20

another Trump lie
His cult lies just like Trump