Trump lies update

Trump’s dangerous executive order

He can’t take any interference with his lies. Facebook has caved into him. Twitter flags two out of thousands of false tweets and he goes ballistic.

More on Trump’s lies about Joe Scarborough

Some of his media supporters know it’s wrong but few Republican politicians have spoken up. Shameful!

Trump’s disgraceful attacks on Twitter

He’s mad because they fact-checked him on one of his thousands of lies. Twitter is better than Facebook which has done nothing. They let Trump lie all the time.

Trump continues terrible lies about Joe Scarborough

It’s very unfair to the family of the deceased woman. Twitter is wrong since they aren’t removing Trump’s disgusting tweets.

They already got to the bottom. She died from medical issues. Trump is disgraceful.
This is lame. Twitter should do something now, not in the future!
No word from Republicans. They know Trump will attack them, too.
She is 100% correct. Collins has been doing a great job asking questions of Trump.
McElhany did defend Trump.

Trump’s endless lies