Many people don’t believe Trump

Mueller investigation has recovered more money than it has cost

Trump keeps whining and lying about the cost of the Mueller investigation.  It has made money for the government through recovery of unpaid taxes.


More on Trump calling Cohen a “Rat”


Mob boss Trump calls Cohen a “Rat”

Trump speaks like a gangster instead of a president.  That’s because he is a mob boss.


Trump under investigation in many areas

a good graphic


Republicans lied about Obamacare

Many Republicans, including Trump, claimed they wanted to preserve the popular Obamacare provision to protect people with pre-existing conditions.  At the same time, they supported a court case to kill Obamacare.

Now, a judge made a far-reaching decision that goes beyond even what some Republicans wanted but that was always a risk.  Trump tweeted praise for the decision which kills all of Obamacare.  This will wind up in the Supreme Court.



update 12/16/18



Trump lies and says immigrants bring communicable diseases

just more made up nonsense but his cult believes it