Trump lies about Democrats (again)

How can we have a discussion on issues when one side tells outrageous lies about the positions held by the other side?

The only thing here that has any relationship to the truth is the one about cities being safe havens for illegal aliens (and this is an oversimplification).

It’s infuriating that Trump says Democrats want open borders and are weak on terrorism and national defense.  I think a president who sucks up to our enemy Putin is weak on terrorism and national defense.


Is it relevant that Stormy Daniels is a porn star?

I don’t think it matters that Stormy Daniels is a porn star. Her occupation does not factor into the activities covered by the suit.  She met Trump in a hotel, not on a porn movie set.  If, for example, Daniels was a teacher, would the media keep mentioning that?  I doubt it.  I don’t think it’s fair to Trump either for the same reasons.   The alleged payoff had nothing to do with her profession.  I wish the media would use her real name (Stephanie Clifford) and leave her occupation out of it when discussing the lawsuits.

However, it is relevant when discussing how she is profiting from the publicity by having a tour.

Belated happy  birthday to her – she turned 39 on March 17th.


I’m sending out the hit song “Stormy” from 1968 to Stormy Daniels.

The Trump camp’s story just gets more and more implausible.  Are we really supposed to believe Michael Cohen paid Stormy Daniels on his own?  Are we supposed to believe Trump knew nothing about this when one of his organization’s lawyers was involved the arbitration case against Daniels?  The truth will eventually get out and I expect it to be: Trump had an affair with Daniels and paid her to keep quiet.

Here’s a good analysis by Chris Cillizza of CNN including commentary by Jeffrey Toobin.

There are two reasons why the Trump camp isn’t admitting everything:

  1. There are other women who could file cases against Trump.  You really didn’t think this was an isolated situation, did you?
  2. This may be a violation of election laws.


Fact checks on Trump’s Pennsylvania speech

Trump said he got 52% of the women’s vote. He got 52% of the white women’s vote. I guess the other women don’t matter. Just another bigoted lie.

CNN’s column on the 64 most outrageous lines in the speech.

Trump questioned Maxine Waters’ intelligence.  I can understand why he is mad at her because she has called for his impeachment.  However, Trump singled her out even though 66 House Democrats voted for an impeachment resolution in January.  Just Trump being a racist.

The New York Times fact check on the speech.

Trump again misrepresented the results of recent special elections.

All in all, more lies, more bigotry, more attacks on people.  Sad!