Trump lied about his meeting with Republican House members last night



Trump is saying more things that aren’t true. (That’s what I call lying.)


Trump reversed his family separation policy

Trump reversed his policy about separating families after saying only Congress could do it.  What a damn liar!


Trump administration memo creating the zero tolerance policy separating families

Trump keeps lying and blaming Democrats.  It’s all his.

“Infest”: Language as a weapon

Trump has called some illegal immigrants “animals” and today said Democrats want them to “infest” our country.  It’s an effort to appeal to the bigots that are a large part of his base.

Here are some tweets on Trump’s disgusting language.


Contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians

We keep finding out about more of them.  This is an overview.

80+ contacts

Outrageous comments by the right on Trump’s immigration policy

This is disgusting and pathetic.  They can’t even accept reality, let alone discuss it.  They follow Trump who has lied non-stop by blaming his policy on Democrats.

Limbaugh says it’s a made up crisis and that people are trying to invade the US:

Ann Coulter calls crying children “child actors”: