Trump lies update – 9/1/19

Trump supporters lie when they say Trump doesn’t lie

Trump lies update – 08/27/19

He sure is lying a lot lately.

Trump lies – update 8/25/19

I’m sure nobody asked him that. It’s just another lie.
Trump will take stats that prove his point and exaggerate them

Increasing frequency of Trump’s lies

This tweet links to an excellent column.

I wrote these comments on the Washington Post web site today:

Trump’s lies are increasing because there are no bad consequences.  His cult believes him, Republican politicians are scared to contradict him, and Democrats can’t make him stop.  The media is doing better at calling his statements lies but he wins every time they don’t.  Trump wins when they call his racist statements “racially charged”.  He knows that nobody in the media will directly call him a liar to his face. 
Some voters are cynical about politicians; they don’t see the difference in volume between Trump’s lies and those by other politicians.  
The lies are also increasing because he now has almost three years in office to lie about.
I am very concerned about the 2020 general election.  Trump will tell lots of lies and the Democratic candidate will be mostly truthful.
What’s going to happen in a debate?  Let’s say Trump says the Democrats want to repeal the Second Amendment.  If the moderator says that’s not true, they will be accused of bias.  If the Democrat says it’s a lie, it will take away time they need to present programs on issues like guns, racism, climate change, etc.

Trump’s lies – updated 8/13/19

Trump lies more than ever. He realizes there are no bad consequences for him:

His cult believes him.

Democrats have no power.

Republicans have no guts and don’t rebut him.

He has more to lie about since he has been president for almost three years.

The media does not do enough to call his lies “Lies”.

Then its a lie!
Trump lied – say it!

Trump’s lies in PA

great thread by CNN’s Daniel Dale:

Disgusting attack on potential rivals. You can see how evil his campaign will be. He will do name calling instead of a discussion of issues.
His campaign should pay for this political speech.
why lie about this?
Isn’t 18.5% a be enough win?