Mueller must testify publicly

Trump and Barr have totally outmaneuvered Mueller. They have lied and distorted his findings and he only objected behind the scenes until last week. His brief public statement was unsatisfactory. He was way too polite and not very blunt. He expects people to read his report – that’s not realistic. It’s over 400 pages. He allowed Trump and Barr to set the narrative and there are now millions of Trump cult members who believe Trump is innocent. I don’t blame Mueller for not wanting to make this political but it’s too late. Trump and Barr already have. Now, Mueller must answer questions in public.

The 23 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct

We should not forget them. The Democrats should do something similar to what Trump did in 2016 – they should invite the women to a general election debate to remind everyone what a bad person Trump is.

There is no link between undocumented immigrants and crime

Trump lies about Flynn

He was warned several times not to hire Flynn. He’s just lying.

Trump lies at his rally in Wisconsin

He really liked about abortion.

Cryer is right – these are lies! Call them lies!
Trump lied
He inspires these terrorists with his bigotry
They cut heads off.

The number is exaggerated – I have a post on that.

Trump lies about Charlottesville

Trump lies about the white supremacists and his reaction to Charlottesville. His supporters try to say he didn’t defend white supremacists when he clearly did. Sad!