“We Will Adopt Your Baby” memes

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff?

The right wing does personal attacks instead of discussing issues

Look at the responses to my tweet. They attack me and my mask. (It’s an old picture and I will replace it.) They rarely discuss the issues. If I get rid of the mask, then they’ll attack my long hair. I blame Trump for this. He has engaged in personal attacks and his cult members follow his style.

Great Alice Cooper photos on Twitter

He’s drinking a beer in a lot of them. Make sure to follow the people on Twitter who post this stuff.

Did you know that the Twitter bird is named Larry?

Twitter is in the news because of the potential sale to Elon Musk but I just learned the bird is named Larry after Larry Bird.

One more reason to dislike Facebook

I only use it for birthdays and checking on news about people I worked with and went to school with.

Lack of civility on Twitter by Trump cult members

Someone said I look like a Muppet in a reply to one of my tweets. I never respond to personal insults but I was tempted to answer the guy who asked if I was on LSD. I would have said “Not lately”.