Facebook’s bad behavior – updated 11/16/18

Great investigation by the New York Times

update 11/16

update 11/16/18



White House shares doctored video from Infowars author

This is pathetic and disgusting.  The White House used an edited video from a guy who writes for Infowars, a right wing site that has been banned for hate speech by some social media sites.

update 11/9/18:

update 11/10/18:

Suspected Russian social media accounts spread stories about voter fraud/more about bots


there’s more:

Fake caravan photos

The right wing will lie with pictures as well as words.  Sad!






Notice Ginni Thomas calls the caravan an invasion. The alleged Pittsburgh shooter called the caravan members invaders so I guess that’s the buzz word on the extreme right.


U.S. law enforcement failed to see the threat of white nationalism

This is a great in-depth article from the New York Times.  I’m not worried about the caravan.  I’m worried about white supremacists who are being encouraged by Trump and the right-wing extremists.





Online hate is thriving

Associated Press article

Anti-Semitism on Instragram

This is terrible.