Facebook will finally ban Holocaust denial

Facebook remove Trump post and Twitter adds warning label

Trump’s lies about the virus are dangerous.

Facebook is still letting Trump do this. How can he say he’s immune? Liar!

Facebook helps people spread lies and conspiracy theories

They don’t do enough to stop this.

QAnon followers on Facebook

This just gets worse and worse.

Facebook keeps Trump ads up even though they contain lies

This is what’s wrong with Facebook. They are helping Trump spread lies. I assume this is because they don’t want Trump to go after them for anti-trust issues and his campaign spends millions of dollars on Facebook. Sad!

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The haven for conspiracy theories and right wing crap

The ad boycott of Facebook

Conspiracy theories spread on Facebook

Some advertisers are boycotting Facebook because it allows hate and lies to be posted

Good for them. Facebook should be ashamed of their policies.

Facebook is too close to Trump

They don’t want anti-trust problems so they let him post lies. I rarely use it because of this.

Right-wing posts are popular on Facebook

Facebook has totally caved in to Trump and will do nothing to stop him from lying.