Trump’s dangerous executive order

He can’t take any interference with his lies. Facebook has caved into him. Twitter flags two out of thousands of false tweets and he goes ballistic.

Trump will try to bully social media companies

Trump whines that they are anti-conservative. I think the bias is in favor of the Republicans since Facebook and Twitter have let him spread thousand of lies and other inappropriate comments most people could not get away with. He’s just trying to bully them into keep allowing his lies. This is all his response to one effort by Twitter to highlight facts on voter fraud. Otherwise, they’re letting him lie. His voter fraud lies are dangerous and will cause his cult members to question the results of the election if Trump loses. Facebook has made it clear they will just let Trump lie. I think both companies are concerned that the government would try to break them up since they are so large and powerful now. That’s my view of why they have let Trump lie. This is another example of Trump’s authoritarian tendencies.

Trump’s disgraceful attacks on Twitter

He’s mad because they fact-checked him on one of his thousands of lies. Twitter is better than Facebook which has done nothing. They let Trump lie all the time.

Bots are pushing for reopening America

Facebook will help Trump by letting political ads contain lies

I rarely use Facebook because of the harm they are doing to our elections. Also, Zuckerberg met with Trump recently. I guess he’ll let Trump’s campaign post lies in return for not breaking Facebook up or some deal like that.

Misleading headlines

When Trump’s lies are published without indicating they are false, the media is misleading the public.


This is wrong. There is proof he called her nasty. Don’t just report his lies.