The New York Times said Santos lied but the Washington Post didn’t

The Post did a poor job here.

The media gave Kari Lake over $300 million of free publicity

See the screen print from this December 12, 2022 Washington Post article. They have learned nothing from covering Trump. Trump and Lake both have extensive TV experience and know how to get attention.

Tweets on 2022 election results

CNN is addicted to Trump

This column talks about Trump’s influence and Walker’s shortcomings but says nothing about Warnock winning because he is better.

More on wealthy political donors (mostly to Republicans)

Great alteration of a Trading Places photo into a Herschel Walker photo

Someone took a picture from Trading Places that featured Eddie Murphy flanked by Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche and made it into one with Herschel Walker with Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham. It goes back to Walker saying “erection” when he meant “election”.

Crime exaggeration was the right-wing 2022 version of the caravan

Coverage slowed down after the election was over.

Republicans are ripping off Herschel Walker

They claim they’re raising money for Walker but they’re keeping most of it. They’re scamming Walker and their voters.

Republicans benefitted from their Supreme Court’s unwillingness to enforce lower court rulings on gerrymandering

A big reason why it looks like they will win the House of Representatives.