Some prominent Republicans are critical of Trump’s family separation policy. Trump won’t care.

Here’s a summary about prominent Republicans who oppose the policy.

Trump won’t care.  The majority of Republican voters support it and Trump only cares about his base.  He’ll use this to tell Republican politicians that they must support his policy.  Read this article which shows that he will focus on issues like immigration, no tax cuts, to energize his base.

The Trump Tax law is not popular

The Trump tax law is not popular.  Remember, in the recent race for the House seat in western Pennsylvania, Republicans stopped running ads based on the tax cut because they weren’t working.

From the Monmouth Poll article: “The poll also finds that 34% of the public approve of the tax reform plan passed by Congress last December and 41% disapprove. Another 24% are not sure how they feel. These results have shifted in the past six weeks. Approval is down 6 points from 40% in late April and disapproval is down 3 points from 44%. The number who give no opinion on the plan has risen 8 points from 16%. Polls earlier this year had shown a more evenly divided public – 41% approve to 42% disapprove in March and 44% approve to 44% disapprove in January – with a smaller percentage of undecided opinion.”





New polls on Trump

He’s higher in Gallup and lower in CNN.

From this article on CNN: “The President’s approval has ticked slightly downward, to 39%, compared with 41% in May and 42% in March. His lowest rating in CNN polls was the 35% he reached in December 2017. The number of those who approve of his job performance strongly (28%) remains the same as in the poll in March. ”


Analysis by Chris Cillizza from CNN

Real Clear Politics averages

Trump’s attacks on the Mueller investigation are working in a new poll


a different view:

Trump’s policy on separating families of illegal immigrants is unpopular




Here’s the CNN poll which shows the majority of Republicans approve of Trump’s policy but overall, two-thirds of the country does not approve.