Trump pol numbers drop after redacted Mueller report released

Americans support gun safety ideas

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The Republican party, which gets massive support from the NRA, will make sure none of these things become law as long as they control the Senate. They care about their donors, not the public. Even Republicans support background checks but McConnell will never give it a chance for a vote. Sad!

Adding seats to the Supreme Court – a poll

I support adding additional seats to the Supreme Court. I don’t see any other way to compensate for the seat the Republicans stole when they ignored the Garland nomination.

Trump only cares about his base

He has no interest in being president of the entire country. His election strategy is focused on turning out his base instead of increasing his appeal. A recent poll showed that the Barr letter changed nothing.

More polls on the Barr letter

Overall, the public is not convinced Trump and his team are innocent. It has not improved his ratings.

Barr letter has not persuaded the public that Trump is innocent

The majority does not think he has been exonerated. The more the administration does to hide the facts, the more people will be suspicious. Let’s see the report.

It doesn’t appear that it affects Trump’s overall approval ratings.

Recent polls of Democrats

The top priority is beating Trump. That’s more important than positions on specific issues. We have to get this lying bigot out of the White House!