Coronavirus polls update 09/23/20

Polls show public opposes Trump nominating Ginsburg’s replacement now.

The margin varies but all polls I have seen have more people opposed to having Trump nominating someone now. Of course, that won’t stop Trump and McConnell. Public opinion supported having hearings on Garland. Public opinion supported having witnesses at the Senate impeachment hearing. Republicans did neither one and they won’t care about public opinion now. They only care about power.

Ignorance about the Holocaust

A different interpretation:

Coronavirus polls – update 9/16/20

Vaccine polls update 9/4/20

Not enough people wear masks

Not enough people would take a vaccine

I don’t know how we ever get back to normal

I don’t agree with the anti-vaxxers but am concerned by Trump’s efforts to rush the vaccine.

57% of Republicans think 176,000 virus deaths is acceptable

We have two countries under one roof.

How can anyone think it’s alright that there are 176,000 people dead?

Coronavirus polls update 8/6/20

It’s like there are two separate countries here.

Only 42% would get a coronavirus vaccine

I’m concerned that Trump will rush a vaccine to help his election chances. If it doesn’t work or has bad side effects, that will make it much harder to get people to take a vaccine when there is a better one.

Coronavirus poll update 7/28/20

Coronavirus polls