Biden’s agenda continues to be popular

Biden’s popularity has dipped but the bipartisan infrastructure plan and the reconciliation bill are still popular.

Texans don’t agree with their Republican restrictive abortion law

Pew poll on Biden and his agenda

The majority supports keeping Roe v. Wade

That won’t stop the Republican Supreme Court from killing it. The majority also disagrees with the Court on the terrible Texas law. Republicans don’t care if their policies are popular.

Bad CNN tweet on who is vaccinated.

Republicans are the problem. Romney’s statement is cowardly and should be challenged. The media really gets me angry. They’re afraid Republicans will say they’re biased.

Mask and vaccination mandates and polls

Right wing Republicans are out of step with the public but insist on imposing their will anyway. Get vaccinated and wear a mask when appropriate.

Polls show Republicans don’t care about climate change

I doubt that Hurricane Ida will change their minds.

Mask mandates are popular – you would never know it from social media or watching TV

The media just focuses on what looks dramatic on TV. Normal people behaving responsibly is boring. Republican governors like Ducey, Abbott and DeSantis are just trying to score points with the Trump cult.

Only 19% of Republicans believe climate change is an emergency

Republicans are ruining our country because they don’t believe the truth about climate change, the 2020 election, the virus and vaccine, and their insurrection.