Only about 1/4 of Republicans accept that Biden won legitimately

They’re never going to accept that Biden won. I expect red-state textbooks to show that the 2020 election was stolen.

There’s still a large Trump cult

It doesn’t matter what Trump says.

It doesn’t matter what Trump does.

It doesn’t matter how many settlements Trump has to pay

It won’t matter if he is indicted.

There’s still a large Trump cult. I don’t think he will go to jail and a fine would be meaningless. I would like to see him barred from running for office.

Democrats are much more interested in compromise than Republicans

GOP polls will be used for the claims that elections were stolen

Republicans have issued polls showing their candidates doing better than more objective polls. Then, when some of them lose, they won’t accept the results. It’s a scam and I can see it coming.

Same with not counting the mail-in votes. Republicans complain about votes not being counted by election day but they block efforts to count them earlier.

Excellent point on GOP polls

Republicans will use this as a reason not to accept election results.

More generic polls – 10/18/22

Polls on the Supreme Court update 10/4/22

There’s never been a more partisan court than now during that time

Abortion polls update 9/16/22

The extremist Supreme Court decision is unpopular.