GOP polls for 2024 primaries

The CBS poll shows how extreme Republicans are

This is even worse than I could have imagined.

Right-wing positions on abortion are unpopular

That doesn’t stop state legislatures and Republican judges from taking extremist actions.

I think the Supreme Court will ultimately uphold the terrible ban on Mifepristone (the abortion pill) that was done by a Trump judge. The right-wing judges don’t care if their decisions are unpopular. They have lifetime jobs.

Look at it politically. If they allow the usage of the pill to continue, I’ll still be mad at them for overturning Roe v. Wade. Their Trump cult voters who supported the end of abortion will be mad at them for this decision. So, they would not please anyone.

I and millions of others are already furious about overturning Roe. Banning the pill can’t make me much angrier than I am already

GOP and their courts have unpopular positions on abortion pills

also this:

Polls on the Trump indictment

2024 general election polls

More polls showing Trump leading the GOP – his cult doesn’t care what he says or does

Poll results vary but Trump can beat DeSantis

The GOP doesn’t care what Trump has done – liar, bigot, insurrection inciter, it’s all fine with them

Only about 1/4 of Republicans accept that Biden won legitimately

They’re never going to accept that Biden won. I expect red-state textbooks to show that the 2020 election was stolen.

There’s still a large Trump cult

It doesn’t matter what Trump says.

It doesn’t matter what Trump does.

It doesn’t matter how many settlements Trump has to pay

It won’t matter if he is indicted.

There’s still a large Trump cult. I don’t think he will go to jail and a fine would be meaningless. I would like to see him barred from running for office.