More on climate change 8/17/19

July 2019 was the hottest month ever

Republican Senator Cornyn just says “It’s summer”. We are all paying for Republican unwillingness to do anything about climate change. Sad!

Farmers suffer from the double whammy of Trump’s tariffs and weather

Trump’s tariffs have been disastrous for US farmers. China is shopping elsewhere and will never buy as much from the US again. Meanwhile climate change, which Trump has called a Chinese hoax, is making it harder to grow crops. Trump’s lack of acknowledgement will make it harder to combat the climate problems. The majority of Trump’s farm subsidies went to richer farms.

Climate update 8/12/19

We will never be able to undo the permanent damage caused by Trump’s unwillingness to deal with climate change.

Climate news (all bad) update 7/26/19

We are losing four years we can’t spare to try to do something because of the liar in the White House who won’t even admit this is a problem. It’s Trump against science and the rest of the world. It’s too bad we are all paying for his ignorance.

Climate update July 20, 2019

Trump administration suppresses testimony on climate change

They don’t want us to know the truth. Trump continues to be unwilling to accept the facts (which applies to a lot more than climate change). We will all suffer because of his ignorance. I have also included other recent tweets on climate change.