The latest Trump effort to deny climate change

This is pathetic. Something like 97% of the experts accept that there is climate change. Trump is ignorant and doesn’t. He won’t listen to reports from his own government agencies. We will all suffer and the damage will be permanent.

You’d really have to search to find someone who thinks carbon dioxide is good.
Trump listens to people like this instead of experts.

What will your city feel like in 2080?

This is really cool. It projects the climate for cities in 2080. I live in Baltimore – it will feel like Mississippi. We have to act now. The damage that Trump is doing is permanent. Sure, a green new deal will be expensive. So was a tax cut for rich people.

Trump is ignorant about climate change

Climate update 1/22/19

updated 1/24/19

Climate update 12/4/18

Trump won’t do anything about climate change but at least some states, cities and businesses will.   Trump is doing permanent damage to our country by denying the results of the United Nations study and his own government’s report.  He’s an ignorant liar.


We need a president who understands climate change is real

What a moron!

I think everyone in the world except Trump and his cult understand that climate change is a problem requiring immediate action.

update 11/27/18

update 11/27/18


Trump administration climate report is the opposite of their policies

The report is grim – we have to act.