Trump spews more nonsense on climate change

He is a hazard to everyone on the planet. Electing a new president will not undo the damage done in his four years.

Republican position on climate change is outside of the mainstream

This is similar to universal gun purchase background checks. Republicans are out of step with the majority (and almost all scientists). They will prevent meaningful action on climate change and we will all suffer.

More recent climate change tweets:

Trump’s fight against climate change facts

Trump has challenged the consensus on climate change. Now he is appointing a panel to disagree with the conclusions reached by his own administration. Trump is a threat to all of us because he is so ignorant. When we get a competent president, they will not be able to undo the damage done by Trump.

I won’t be around for it but I hope that Mar-a-Lago is eventually underwater. I hope that alligators take it over.

The Trump administration wants climate change deniers everywhere.

The latest Trump effort to deny climate change

This is pathetic. Something like 97% of the experts accept that there is climate change. Trump is ignorant and doesn’t. He won’t listen to reports from his own government agencies. We will all suffer and the damage will be permanent.

You’d really have to search to find someone who thinks carbon dioxide is good.
Trump listens to people like this instead of experts.

What will your city feel like in 2080?

This is really cool. It projects the climate for cities in 2080. I live in Baltimore – it will feel like Mississippi. We have to act now. The damage that Trump is doing is permanent. Sure, a green new deal will be expensive. So was a tax cut for rich people.

Trump is ignorant about climate change