Climate news update 2/26/20

Trump is doing permanent damage to the world by doing nothing about climate change. Sad!

Climate update

It’s an emergency, not a hoax. Four years of Trump will do irreparable damage to the planet. Sad!

The effect of climate change on baseball

I think Baltimore, where I live, will have this problem eventually.  It was sure hot this summer. Rain could be a problem too. You also have to wonder how it affects the players and the game. Doesn’t the ball travel further in hot weather?

I think you will see more domed stadiums in the future to counteract the heat and rain.

Could Climate Change Affect the Future of Baseball?

How Will Rising Temperatures Change Baseball?

Climate update 9/18/19

more bad news for the most part

Climate change is making hurricanes worse

Climate update 9/1/19

Only 18% of Republicans think climate change is an emergency

at least young people get it