Climate tweets – 2/15/22 update

Tweets on climate change 1/10/22

Climate update 10/11/21

Pathetic CNN article on climate change

They put all the responsibility on Democrats and give Republicans a free ride.

Climate news update 9/8/21

Lots of articles on climate after Hurricane Ida. Let’s do something before it’s too late.

Polls show Republicans don’t care about climate change

I doubt that Hurricane Ida will change their minds.

Climate news has been terrible lately

How many fires, floods, and extreme temperatures will it take for use to do something? We lost four years with climate change denier Trump.

Only 19% of Republicans believe climate change is an emergency

Republicans are ruining our country because they don’t believe the truth about climate change, the 2020 election, the virus and vaccine, and their insurrection.

Climate update – 8/3/21

Trump caused a government brain drain

I’m sure this has happened at other departments. Trump showed how easy it was to undo decades of work. Would you want to work on something knowing that changing the president could undo all you accomplished?

USDA Research Agencies ‘Decimated’ By Forced Move. Undoing The Damage Won’t Be Easy