Americans support gun control

Polls show that about 90% support universal background checks and about 2/3 support an assault rifle ban. It’s too bad that the Republican party cares more about what the NRA thinks than what voters want. Vote them out.

How views on guns have changed

Only 18% of Trump voters agree that “go back” is racist

More proof that the Trump cult members are:

  1. racists or
  2. willing to tolerate racism

The majority of Republicans approve of Trump’s racist tweets

82 percent of Republicans agree with Trump’s racist tweets. Once again:

All Trump supporters are:

  1. racists or
  2. willing to tolerate racism

This problem won’t go away once Trump is gone. The Republican Party is now the party of racism. Very few Republican legislators criticized Trump’s tweets.

From the CBS poll: ” Most of those in agreement with the president are from his party, with 82% of Republicans agreeing, including 47% who strongly agree with the statements.”

But don’t forget this:

Trump needs polls showing he is ahead in order to claim the election is rigged if he loses

Trump is upset about his own internal polls showing he is losing. Of course, it’s a long time until the election and polls don’t mean much now.

Trump will almost certainly claimed the election was rigged if he loses. However, his claim will look weak if his totals look like the polls. For example, if he is expected to get 47% and he gets 47%, it will be hard for him to make a case that he was cheated.

However, if he is expected to get 52% (and he will find or make up a poll that says that) and he only gets 47%, he will say he was cheated.

Fox News poll

Some interesting notes on a new Fox News poll

It is obvious that Trump cult members don’t care about ethics.

Polls on Trump vs. potential 2020 opponents

Too early to read too much into these polls.

Russia likes Trump more than Obama – other countries don’t