More proof that Hogan is a conservative

This is bad. He won’t respect the wishes of the Maryland legislature even though they overturned his veto. Do Republicans think elections only have consequences when they win?

Passing a law keeping abortion legal won’t help

I doubt they could pass a law in Congress that wouldn’t get killed by a Republican filibuster. Even if they did, the Supreme Court would strike it down. Nothing good will happen without turnover or expanding the court. I am not worried about polarization as a reason to not do something. Republicans don’t care about it. They don’t care about the reputation of the court. They only care about getting their way. I doubt the country could be more polarized than it is today. Democratic strategy (if there is one) and messaging has been poor. They are in reactive mode. DOJ should have said something BEFORE states passed restrictive laws.

Misleading tweet on abortion polls

The question should be how many people want a complete ban on abortion which is what the Alito draft proposes. Kerr’s tweet is very misleading because he includes people who want abortion but with restrictions. That’s not what’s being offered by Alito. Alito’s position has very little support. This is not a deep division.

More abortion polls

Most people do not agree with the extremist Alito draft position on abortion. Republican politicians haven’t gloated about the draft because they know it’s not popular. They are trying to distract us by focusing on the leak.

Missouri’s terrible anti-abortion bill

There could be more bills like this from other states. The Supreme Court may overturn or neuter Roe vs. Wade soon.

Only 30% support overturning Roe vs. Wade

That won’t stop the extremist right-wing Supreme Court.

The public supports keeping Roe. Wade

Poll: As Supreme Court hears Mississippi case, just 24% of Americans want Roe v. Wade overturned

Texans don’t agree with their Republican restrictive abortion law

The majority supports keeping Roe v. Wade

That won’t stop the Republican Supreme Court from killing it. The majority also disagrees with the Court on the terrible Texas law. Republicans don’t care if their policies are popular.

Corporations that donate to sponsors of the terrible Texas abortion law