Republicans want to overturn Roe v. Wade

Abortion polling trends

Most Americans oppose fetal “heartbeat bills’

That won’t stop Republican states and I doubt it will stop the Supreme Court from drastically limiting abortion rights.

Banning abortion is not popular

Republicans are just appealing to their extremist conservative base.

Trump lies at his rally in Wisconsin

He really liked about abortion.

Cryer is right – these are lies! Call them lies!
Trump lied
He inspires these terrorists with his bigotry
They cut heads off.

The number is exaggerated – I have a post on that.

Will the Supreme Court strike down or limit abortion rights?

There are lots of new laws that will give them that opportunity. With the new conservative justices, this is a real possibility. Polling shows support for Roe v. Wade but the far right doesn’t care what the public wants. The Trump administration has been very hostile to abortion rights. Trump and other Republicans lie about Democratic positions on abortions.

New state laws ban abortion before many women even know they’re pregnant!

Trump’s latest attack on abortion

Even a Fox News poll shows the majority wants Roe v. Wade to stand. This latest Trump action only appeals to his cult.

Kavanaugh attacks Roe v. Wade

Those of us who are not Senator Collins knew this would happen.