Indictments, not impeachment

I agree with Pelosi. Let’s not talk about impeachment now. We need to concentrate on policy issues. Polls show impeachment is not popular now. Let’s talk about health care, climate change, racism, etc. If impeachment was under discussion, the media would cover that instead. I will include tweets with different views on this issue. There is not a consensus.

I don’t think there will ever be bi-partisan support for impeachment. Fox News will brainwash Trump cult members so they will think the whole thing’s a witch hunt and he did nothing wrong. I would support impeachment if I thought enough Republicans in the Senate would approve of it. That’s not going to happen.

If Trump is guilty of crimes (which I think is already obvious), let’s get him indicted. If it can be done while he is president, fine. If not, indict him on 1/21/21, the first day he is not president if he serves one term. Lock him up!

Good point!

Keep the indictment talk coming

If they can do it in Israel, we should be able to do it here and indict Trump if he has committed crimes (which seems obvious to me). Lock him up!

Indict, don’t impeach

I want to Trump to be indicted, not impeached. Impeachment will fail in the Senate. Enough Republicans will not vote to remove Trump regardless of the evidence. I think it’s clear by now he committed crimes. The most obvious one is election fraud over the payments to the mistresses. Cohen is going to jail for this. Trump should, too. I am glad to see some people say that Trump can be indicted. I am also glad to see people pushing for release of the Mueller report, even if DOJ won’t indict Trump. He’s not above the law and we should see the evidence of his actions.

another view

Trump should be indicted if he is guilty

I don’t care if it’s while he is president or after. I just want him in jail if he’s a criminal. I think it’s obvious that he’s guilty of election violations similar to what Cohen will serve three years for.

I hope she’s wrong.

The case for and against impeachment

I want indictments, not impeachment.

I want Trump to go to jail.

It is good to have a discussion about impeachment.

I want Trump to be indicted

I think it’s obvious Trump is a felon.  If Michael Cohen committed felonies over Stormy Daniels/Karen McDougal, how is Trump not guilty too?  Plus he could be guilty of other crimes depending on what Mueller and the Southern District of New York find.

I don’t want impeachment.  It will fail in the Senate if the House brings charges.  Do you really think 20 Republican Senators would vote for conviction no matter what the evidence is?  I doubt it.  Then Trump will say he is vindicated.  The Clinton impeachment process certainly didn’t hurt his popularity.

There are different opinions on whether a sitting president can be indicted.  If it has to wait, there are issues concerning the statute of limitations.  I am posting tweets with links to articles by legal and political experts.