Polls on the Trump indictment

Trump is winning the message war on crimes and impeachment

Trump and the Republicans have done much better than the Democrats on getting their message out concerning the actions discussed in the Mueller Report. Trump and Barr have consistently lied and got their side out before the redacted report was released. They and Fox News (state TV) have consistently focused on “witch hunt” and insisted there was no collusion or obstruction. Except for Amash, the entire Republican party has fallen meekly in line to defend Trump. There are plenty of clips showing how differently Graham and McConnell behaved when Clinton was accused of crimes. These hypocrites think only Democrats can be guilty. Now, they’re going to investigate the people who began the investigation. This is another ploy to divert attention away from Trump’s crimes.

Mueller has not helped. He must testify publicly. He stood by meekly when Barr deliberately misinterpreted his report. I understand that he doesn’t want to make this political but it’s too late. Trump and Barr already have. Mueller is helping them by not saying much more than he has. He says it’s all in his report but few people are going to read over 400 pages. I haven’t.

Democrats have come across as divided, indecisive and unwilling to do the right thing. If Trump isn’t impeached, what is impeachment for? I would rather see indictments but now we are seeing nothing. Republicans are winning by stonewalling on witnesses and documents. They are dragging this out which helps them. Why would you have John Dean testify? This isn’t Watergate. We need public hearings on the evidence in the Mueller report so that the public can be educated on how serious Trump’s actions are. Over 1,000 former prosecutors say Trump would be indicted for obstruction if he wasn’t the president.

The media isn’t helping either. They assist the Republicans who claim that the Democrats are only focusing on impeachment, not legislation. The House has passed over 100 bills but Mitch McConnell will ensure that the Senate won’t consider any of them. I stopped watching cable news but still read a lot. I see very little on the bills Democrats have passed on issues such as election reforms and gun safety. The media is all about Trump.

The media is also giving the Republicans a free pass when they only focus on what the Democrats are going to do about Trump’s misdeeds. All of Congress is responsible, not just Democrats. Senate Republicans have made it clear they would not convict Trump no matter what the evidence is. The Senate is a jury. What kind of jury makes up their mind before the case is even presented? This would not be acceptable in a court and should not be acceptable now.

Update 6/12

Two polls and two excellent comments on impeachment.

Over 1,000 former prosecutors say Trump would be indicted if he wasn’t president

I want indictments, not impeachment which will fail in the Senate. I don’t think Trump will go to jail but I think he belongs there.

The case for indicting Trump

I want Trump to go to jail.

Trump’s stalling tactics may force the Democrats to impeach him

That may be the only way to get the testimony and information. Trump is going to try to block everything. He’s obviously hiding something.

Impeachment or indictment?

Max Boot’s column in the Washington Post and my reply.

my comments in the Post

Impeachment or no impeachment?

The Democrats are in a tough position.

If they don’t impeach Trump, they will look weak. There are clearly grounds for investigating impeachment. Clinton was impeached for much less. However, impeachment is sure to fail in the Senate since Republicans don’t care what Trump does as long as he lowers taxes and appoints conservative judges. There is so much evidence, I think it will be hard for Democrats to avoid impeachment hearings.

If they do impeach, it will distract from other issues which are much more important to the daily life of voters. If it fails in the Senate, it would look like double jeopardy if he was later charged in court. At least Republicans would have to go on record that they support his terrible actions.

I still want Trump to be indicted and sent to jail if (or I think when) he is convicted. I know he will get a hearing in the Senate which will clear him. I have much more confidence in a jury.

Trump must be held accountable. He can’t get away with this!

Indictments, not impeachment

I agree with Pelosi. Let’s not talk about impeachment now. We need to concentrate on policy issues. Polls show impeachment is not popular now. Let’s talk about health care, climate change, racism, etc. If impeachment was under discussion, the media would cover that instead. I will include tweets with different views on this issue. There is not a consensus.

I don’t think there will ever be bi-partisan support for impeachment. Fox News will brainwash Trump cult members so they will think the whole thing’s a witch hunt and he did nothing wrong. I would support impeachment if I thought enough Republicans in the Senate would approve of it. That’s not going to happen.

If Trump is guilty of crimes (which I think is already obvious), let’s get him indicted. If it can be done while he is president, fine. If not, indict him on 1/21/21, the first day he is not president if he serves one term. Lock him up!

Good point!

Keep the indictment talk coming

If they can do it in Israel, we should be able to do it here and indict Trump if he has committed crimes (which seems obvious to me). Lock him up!

Indict, don’t impeach

I want to Trump to be indicted, not impeached. Impeachment will fail in the Senate. Enough Republicans will not vote to remove Trump regardless of the evidence. I think it’s clear by now he committed crimes. The most obvious one is election fraud over the payments to the mistresses. Cohen is going to jail for this. Trump should, too. I am glad to see some people say that Trump can be indicted. I am also glad to see people pushing for release of the Mueller report, even if DOJ won’t indict Trump. He’s not above the law and we should see the evidence of his actions.

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