Trump’s stalling tactics may force the Democrats to impeach him

That may be the only way to get the testimony and information. Trump is going to try to block everything. He’s obviously hiding something.

Indictments, not impeachment

I agree with Pelosi. Let’s not talk about impeachment now. We need to concentrate on policy issues. Polls show impeachment is not popular now. Let’s talk about health care, climate change, racism, etc. If impeachment was under discussion, the media would cover that instead. I will include tweets with different views on this issue. There is not a consensus.

I don’t think there will ever be bi-partisan support for impeachment. Fox News will brainwash Trump cult members so they will think the whole thing’s a witch hunt and he did nothing wrong. I would support impeachment if I thought enough Republicans in the Senate would approve of it. That’s not going to happen.

If Trump is guilty of crimes (which I think is already obvious), let’s get him indicted. If it can be done while he is president, fine. If not, indict him on 1/21/21, the first day he is not president if he serves one term. Lock him up!

Good point!

Republican hypocrisy about the investigations of Trump

Republicans spent years investigating Benghazi and found nothing criminal.

Republicans would have had endless investigations of Clinton if she had won.

Democrats are doing what Republicans should have been doing. These investigations should have been started in 2017. Republicans want to cover up the facts and protect their lying, corrupt leader.