68% of Republicans approve of how Trump handled his summit with Putin

59% of Republican call Russia “friendly” or an “ally”  How can they say that?  Russia interfered in our 2016 election.   They’re just following Trump’s lead.  It’s scary.

This poll shows that 79% of Republicans approve of how Trump handled the summit.


Trump is inviting Putin to the US

Why?  We don’t even know what happened in the Helsinki meeting.  It’s so obvious that Trump is a Russian stooge.

Did Trump mean his walk back today?

I don’t think so and I expect him to disown it.  It wasn’t a full walk back –  he will never admit that Russia and only Russia, meddled in the election.  He wasn’t very convincing today reading from a script.  Yesterday was the real Trump.  He only walked it back because he was advised to.