Impeachment or indictment?

Max Boot’s column in the Washington Post and my reply.

my comments in the Post

Is Trump, Jr. too stupid to be a criminal?

That’s what it sounds like though I have a hard time believing that he didn’t know it was wrong to meet with Russians about dirt on Hillary Clinton. I think he’s a crook. Sad!

Barr misrepresented a report before

I don’t expect him to give us an objective, complete version of the Mueller report. He has misled Congress before concerning an earlier report.

Great thread on Trump and Russia

Maybe it’s not illegal but it’s still wrong and alarming. Why does he take Russia’s side?

and more reasons to be concerned about Russia:

Trump goes even further than Barr

Barr spreads Trump’s “spying” conspiracy theory.

Trump has said, with no basis, that his campaign was spied on. Now, Barr backs him up. This undermines law enforcement. I have no trust in Barr now. He’s just another Republican liar sucking up to Trump.

As Philip Bump notes, Trump wins by making an “informant”(routine for law enforcement) into a more sinister sounding “spy”.