Pentagon and intelligence officials don’t trust Trump about Russia

This amazing insight is from a story about how the US is attacking Russia’s power grid.

Mueller must testify publicly

Trump and Barr have totally outmaneuvered Mueller. They have lied and distorted his findings and he only objected behind the scenes until last week. His brief public statement was unsatisfactory. He was way too polite and not very blunt. He expects people to read his report – that’s not realistic. It’s over 400 pages. He allowed Trump and Barr to set the narrative and there are now millions of Trump cult members who believe Trump is innocent. I don’t blame Mueller for not wanting to make this political but it’s too late. Trump and Barr already have. Now, Mueller must answer questions in public.

Trump lies about Flynn

He was warned several times not to hire Flynn. He’s just lying.

Trump talks with Putin about the “Russia hoax”

It appears he still accepts Putin’s word instead of the word of our intelligence agencies. What does Russia have on Trump?

this concerns the NBC report discussed below

Lindsay Graham just keeps getting worse

Republicans are pushing their fake idea that the investigation was illegitimate.

Republicans won’t hold Trump accountable