Trump orders release of messages of people he considers enemies


Will Trump try to end the Mueller probe?

He’s attacking it as being illegal (which it isn’t).  I wouldn’t be surprised if he stopped it while Republicans still control Congress and won’t stop him.

Woodward didn’t find evidence of collusion because he wrote about the Trump presidency, not the campaign.  He wasn’t looking for collusion.

Trump rants on Twitter (again)

Trump is obsessed with himself.  There are all of these guilty pleas and convictions and he still claims it’s a witch hunt.  How can anybody think that now?

I wonder if he will try to suppress the Mueller report if it is finished before the 2018 elections.  He is laying the groundwork for it here by saying that Mueller and the Democrats are using it to hurt Republicans in the midterms.  I don’t put anything past him.

He also loves to retweet compliments about him.

What does Manafort know?

I am most interested in the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians.  He was there.  I don’t believe Trump when he said he didn’t know about it at the time.

Trump lies about the Lester Holt interview

Now it’s inconvenient that Trump told Holt he fired Comey over Russia so he just lies and says the tape was altered.  Trump has provided no proof…because there isn’t any.  Sad!


Republicans who have attacked the FISA warrants on Carter Page have conveniently forgotten the facts.

This is what got them worked up – usual Trump crap