Roger Stone’s disgraceful Instagram post

Stone posted a picture of the judge in his case next to rifle crosshairs. This is dangerous.

Good luck with that. Remember the pictures attacking CNN that Trump has posted.

Trump helps Putin again

Trump has done so much to support Putin’s goals.

Trump also pulls out of treaties without having a plan to replace them.

Trump, Jr’s calls with blocked numbers

It turns out that Trump, Jr.’s calls to a blocked number were to family friends and not to Trump. That still leaves lots of questions:

  1. Did Trump know about the meeting? He says he didn’t but he lies all the time. If he got the calls, this would have proven he knew but it still doesn’t put him in the clear.
  2. Why did they lie about the meeting? Trump prepared a false statement saying it was about adoptions.
  3. If the calls were to business associates, why didn’t Trump, Jr. just provide that information?
He could have just told us who he called.

Trump and Putin had another meeting without American officials or interpreters

This is disgraceful.   Who is Trump working for?

Thanks to the Russians for keeping us informed.

Trump and His Associates Had More Than 100 Contacts With Russians Before the Inauguration

and they lied about the contacts over and over, even under oath.  Why?