Trump sides with Russia as usual

Trump’s slogan should be “Russia First”. Why does he side with Russia instead of an American?

So does Carlson

Trump and Russia tweets

Trump sides with Putin against the US again

How can Republicans tolerate this? I know Democrats will speak out against Trump.

Trump defends Russia as usual

Hopefully someday we’ll find out why he is so subservient to Putin. Trump hardly puts America first when it comes to Russia. Sad!

Russian election meddling

They are helping Trump so he won’t stop them.

Rosenstein limited Mueller

He prevented a full investigation of Trump’s connections to Russia. This is disgraceful.

The 2016 Trump campaign accepted Russian help

Maybe it’s not a criminal conspiracy but it’s bad. There’s no reason to think it’s not happening again this year. Putin should be thrilled by how much help he has gotten from Trump. He won’t get it from Biden.

Senate Intelligence committee report shows more 2016 election cooperation between Russia and Trump campaign

Trump should be impeached again now. Of course, Senate Republicans will never convict him, no matter what he does.

Trump and Ron Johnson spread Russian propaganda