More about the terrible Justice Department decision about Flynn

Michael Flynn is guilty

Barr’s actions are disgraceful. Flynn confessed and now they’re dropping charges.

The media should not cover Trump’s comments on the Democratic primaries

Trump is trying to influence the results of the Democratic primaries. When Biden had an early lead, he tried to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. Now, he is trying to sow dissension among the Democrats by claiming Sanders is getting ripped off. He has done these because he would rather face Sanders than Biden. Also, Russia is promoting Sanders and sowing dissension.

Prior presidents have never meddled in the opposing primaries like this as far as I recall (which is back to 1960). Trump should shut up until the Democrats pick his opponent for the general election.

The media is helping Trump by spreading his garbage. This is unacceptable and shows they learned nothing from 2016. Once again, they are helping Trump.

We find out about Trump’s contacts with other countries from them, not Trump

Trump needs to tell us what he is doing – we shouldn’t have to find out from other countries.

Trump supports Russia

He believes Putin’s lies about the 2016 election and opposes efforts to deter more Russian election interference.

More on Trump’s pro-Putin behavior at the G-7

Trump is promoting Russia’s interests, not ours.