Russian election meddling

They are helping Trump so he won’t stop them.

Rosenstein limited Mueller

He prevented a full investigation of Trump’s connections to Russia. This is disgraceful.

The 2016 Trump campaign accepted Russian help

Maybe it’s not a criminal conspiracy but it’s bad. There’s no reason to think it’s not happening again this year. Putin should be thrilled by how much help he has gotten from Trump. He won’t get it from Biden.

Senate Intelligence committee report shows more 2016 election cooperation between Russia and Trump campaign

Trump should be impeached again now. Of course, Senate Republicans will never convict him, no matter what he does.

Trump and Ron Johnson spread Russian propaganda

Russia is interfering in the election to help Trump

I bet he does nothing to stop it. Russia should be thrilled by how much Trump has done to help them. Sad!

Trump won’t stand up to Putin

Once again. Trump takes Putin’s side by not asking about the bounties. Does Putin have something on Trump? It sure seems like it. Withdrawing troops from Germany also helps Russia. We need a president who works for America, not Putin. Sad!

I assume Trump is lying
Trump probably gets Russian talking points in his calls with Putin.

Trump apparently said nothing to Putin about bounties

He would have told us if he did.

Trump was wrong to commute Stone’s sentence

It won’t affect his poll numbers.

If you hate him like I do, you expected this.

If you support him, you think Stone should not have been charged.

Except for Romney, Republicans have not objected to it. Cowards.