More on Russian interference in US elections

It’s clearer than ever now. Remember, Trump pardoned Manafort.

The media helped create the Trump monster

They gave him way too much coverage which helped him get the nomination and win the 2016 election.

Trump team lies about the transition after the 2016 election

Trump lies about everything.

The unmasking scandal was just another Trump cult lie

The 2016 Trump campaign tried to suppress black votes

I assume they’re doing it again.

TV networks gave Trump 2 billion dollars in free airtime in 2016

I don’t see how this year is any different. I blame the media for helping Trump spread his lies and bigotry.

Barr is politicizing the Durham investigation

Trump wants to use it as a weapon for his reelection. The whole thing is a phony attempt to discredit the very valid Russia investigation. Never forget that Manafort gave polling data to the Russians. Now one of Durham’s top prosecutors has resigned.

Rosenstein limited Mueller

He prevented a full investigation of Trump’s connections to Russia. This is disgraceful.