I don’t know how to reason with people who think like this

Many Republicans won’t accept basic facts about Russian interference and would even let Trump postpone the next election. I think it’s plausible he would try to do this if it appears he would lose. He’ll claim that it’s rigged and that there would be massive voter fraud.

Half of Republicans say they would support postponing the 2020 election if Trump proposed it.

This is an old survey but the Trump cult seems to be even more devoted to him now.

More on the leaks on the Mueller report

We really do need to see what the report says before we judge it. Still, it looks like Barr did cover up conclusions damaging to Trump. Congress, not Barr, should have made the obstruction determination (which Mueller really should have made).

Barr is way out of line when he indicated he doesn’t want to release embarrassing material about people not charged with crimes. This sounds like it will protect Trump and his family. Republicans had no qualms about releasing material about Strzok, Page and Hillary Clinton. This is just another Republican double standard.

Another lie that Trump has told several times. The Times did not apologize.

Trump’s wrong attacks on the Washington Post and New York Times

The Washington Post and New York Times told the truth. Just because Mueller didn’t charge Trump with criminal activity doesn’t mean the articles were wrong. Trump should not attack them. He says ‘no collusion”. I say “no retractions”.

Trump. Jr. doesn’t know much about Pulitzer prizes so he should keep his mouth shut. Sad!

McConnell’s hypocrisy on Russian election meddling

McConnell blames Obama for not doing enough when he blocked the release of a bipartisan statement on Russian election interference. Trump’s team met with the Russians but I guess that’s alright with Mitch.

Abolish the Electoral College

Elizabet Warren, followed by other Democratic candidates, has expressed support for abolishing the Electoral College. In two of the five elections in the 2000s, the Electoral College vote has differed from the popular vote and put the popular vote loser into office. This trend could easily continue if small red states have disproportionate power compared to larger blue states in the Electoral College.

A way around a constitutional amendment would be for states to agree to give their electoral votes to the popular vote winner. Some states have passed this idea (National Popular Vote) but it’s not up to 270 electoral votes yet. I would not expect Republican states to support it since they benefit from the current system. Here are some recent discussions of the issue. Whether changes are made or not, it’s good that the topic is being discussed seriously.

Make sure to read the tweet below that points out that most of the 2016 presidential campaign events were in a few states.

Trump’s evil lie about the 2016 election

So now he’s back to saying there were illegal votes. As always when he makes this claim, he has no proof. This is just a setup for him to cast doubt on the 2020 results. He’ll probably claim there were illegal votes even if he wins. Let’s see if any Republican defends our electoral process. I doubt it. They’ll just continue to put up with the lies and bigotry.

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