Majority say Trump lied to us

However, the poll shows the public is also opposed to impeachment. I don’t want impeachment because I want indictments. Trump must be held accountable. Impeachment will fail in the Senate because Republicans have no interest in enforcing the law. They only care what the Trump cult thinks.

However, if Trump and his staff don’t respond to subpoenas, we may have to up the ante by going to impeachment.

Rosenstein talked with Trump about the Mueller investigation

Rosenstein’s behavior is wrong.

Trump tweets unfounded story from a known liar

No surprise that one liar would spread the lies of another one

Trump probably doesn’t care if it’s true or not – he just wants to make Obama look bad

Trump’s stalling tactics may force the Democrats to impeach him

That may be the only way to get the testimony and information. Trump is going to try to block everything. He’s obviously hiding something.

Trump erroneously thinks the Supreme Court can prevent impeachment

Trump doesn’t want to hear about 2020 Russian interference in our elections

Kushner downplays Russian meddling

This is just another lie

Kushner said that the Mueller probe was worse for the country than the Russian actions. Which side is he on?