More on Republican litter box conspiracy theory

This is bad even by their low standards

Dungy later took it down

Poor wording by the New York Times

The article says:

“Some of the conspiracy theories have already seeped into the Republican mainstream.”

This is crap. The theories didn’t fall out of the sky and land on Republicans. They intentionally spread them.

Right-wing conspiracy theories about Paul Pelosi haven’t stopped

They’ve all been debunked but the Trump cult won’t apologize or stop. I’ll bet 1/3 of the country believes their disgusting lies.

Republican spreads rumor that kids are being encouraged to identify as cats

This is extreme even by Republican standards

Right-wing Covid misinformation

More on Big Bird and vaccinations

In the tradition of right-wing conspiracy theories on Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss.

The Right-wing lies blaming the riot on Antifa

Why would left-wing supporters want to overturn the election? This conspiracy theory makes no sense.

The Trump cult secessionist movement

These people just get worse and worse. The Trump cult is home to all kinds of terrible conspiracies.