Right wing conspiracy theories on the Notre Dame fire

Right wing liars will make up anything to spread hatred and bigotry. These theories are baseless. Let’s see if Trump spreads this one.

This guy blames Obama for the recession

Obama hadn’t even been nominated yet! He’s just another right winger who doesn’t know or doesn’t care about facts. That doesn’t bother Fox News. That’s how we got Trump.

Trump goes even further than Barr

Barr spreads Trump’s “spying” conspiracy theory.

Trump has said, with no basis, that his campaign was spied on. Now, Barr backs him up. This undermines law enforcement. I have no trust in Barr now. He’s just another Republican liar sucking up to Trump.

As Philip Bump notes, Trump wins by making an “informant”(routine for law enforcement) into a more sinister sounding “spy”.

Republicans go back to attacking Clinton and Obama

The old standbys. They’ll never stop these attacks yet they think Democrats shouldn’t investigate Trump.

The Seth Rich conspiracy theory is finally retracted

The latest crazy Qanon stuff