QAnon update

Trump pursues phony Crowdstrike conspiracy theory

This crackpot conspiracy theory blames the Democrats and Ukraine for 2016 election interference. It gets Russia off the hook which of course appeals to Trump.

Conspiracy theory about Beto O’Rourke

Just another right wing conspiracy theory. Sad!

QAnon update 9/1/19

They even think Hurricane Dorian is part of the conspiracy!

Trump promotes conspiracy theories

Trump spreads conspiracy theory about Epstein’s death

He retweeted nonsense that blamed the Clintons. Bots are picking up on it, too. This is disgusting but typical for Trump. I don’t trust Barr to do a complete and fair investigation.

I am not aware of any Republican official who has condemned Trump. They’re all in for their lying bigot.

QAnon update 8/7/19