Brian Stelter doesn’t go far enough

Stelter usually does a good job but in this column he won’t say that Republicans are the problem for most of these issues. Maybe this is the influence of the new CNN owners.

Why do attempts at gun control laws fail? Republicans

The racist views are mainstream for only one party- Republicans

Which party has members who promote the great replacement lie? Republicans

The word “Republican” is nowhere in the column. That’s pathetic.

Great columns by Margaret Sullivan

She’s a great columnist.

Maggie Haberman’s misleading tweet

I included two much better tweets that pointed out that it was meat companies and the Trump admininstration.

More on the Trump administration meat scandal:

My tweets about excessive coverage of Trump/Republican primaries

Media gives coverage to Trump rallies they don’t give to Democrats

Examples from the New York Times and Washington Post. It’s very unfair to Democrats.

Some stories about Florida vs.Disney left out the potential tax hike

Here are two examples