The media still gives Trump excess coverage

Examples of what I mean:

CNN’s excessive coverage of Trump

Here are the lead subjects of their newsletter The Point this week (from the email Chris Cillizza sends out

10/4: What Mitch McConnell is betting on 

10/5: Why we shouldn’t give Stephanie Grisham a pass

10/6: Here’s exactly why Republicans are afraid to criticize Donald Trump

10/7: Some very good polling news for Donald Trump

10/8: Donald Trump has a theory to explain the anti-vaxxers

Three stories with Trump in the subject line, one about a former Trump employee and one about Republicans. Don’t they understand Biden is president? This is disgraceful.

TV coverage is distorted by what looks dramatic

I live in Baltimore. During the Freddie Gray events in 2015, we were swamped by media folks ranging from Al Sharpton to Geraldo Rivera. I don’t think these people cared about Baltimore and their presence was not helpful. TV emphases dramatic events which distorts coverage of what’s going on. We saw the looting but did you see residents out the next day cleaning up? I doubt it.

The news media overemphasizes Trump and his cult because they make for better TV. Someone who says Biden won and they took the vaccine is boring. I have said over and over on Twitter that the networks need to have more balanced coverage and show Biden voters, not just QANON types. I have prepared the chart below. I am only partially being satirical.

Good TVBad TV
Violence and looting at BLM protestsThe 93% of BLM protests that were peaceful The cleanup of damage by local people
Big Lie believersPeople who know Biden won
People who won’t take the vaccinePeople who did take the vaccine
People who think Antifa was responsible for the insurrectionPeople who know Trump supporters were responsible for the insurrection
People who oppose mask mandatesPeople (not just doctors/scientists) who support mask mandates
1/6 insurrectionNo peaceful comparison

The media won’t tell the truth about Republicans and Covid

They don’t want to look like they’re taking sides. They are cowards. The facts are the Covid situation is generally worse in Republican states because of lower vaccination rates and bad policies by Republican governors.

Margaret Sullivan’s great column on how journalists should cover Trump

I wrote her today and attached a PDF of what I wrote

Great column by Margaret Sullivan on the media

It’s Republicans, not both sides

The media blames things on politics or both sides when in fact it’s one side – Republicans – that are the problem for issues like this. Republicans get over – they know the media doesn’t want to appear biased.