Bad Washington Post headline which they changed

Since DOJ isn’t talking, the media is parroting the Trump cult perspective

Media “both sides” takes

They are afraid of Republicans calling them biased.

Excessive media coverage of crime in New York City

Misleading tweets on Florida checks to some residents

Biden should get most of the credit, not DeSantis. This is very misleading.

Florida’s DeSantis relies on federal relief funds he opposed

CNET did it again:

Misleading CNN articles on extremism

The article says “Across a spectrum of major policy issues, majorities say that each party’s positions are generally mainstream…”

That’s crap. As I tweeted, four of the six Republican ratings for extremism are higher than any Democratic rating. The GOP is much more extreme than the Republican Party. The media likes to give a lot of attention to AOC but New York elected an ex-cop as the mayor. Biden was possibly the most moderate candidate in the 2016 Democratic field.

The two parties are not the same but the media is afraid of being seen as having a liberal bias so they do things like this.

Here’s a second one that carries over the misleading impression of the first one.

Bad media coverage of Biden

I certainly am unhappy with some of his statements and actions but he gets little credit for his accomplishments.

Great column by Perry Bacon, Jr.

The media treats Biden as badly as — or worse than — Trump. Here’s proof.

Bad tweets by the Washington Post

The Secret Service didn’t cause the controversy. Trump caused it by wanting to get rid of the magnetometers and wanting to go to the Capitol with his mob.

More bad news for local newspapers

Will the right-wing Supreme Court attack free speech?

I wouldn’t be shocked if they try to reverse New York Times Co. v. Sullivan. The decision requires public figures to prove malice in defamation lawsuits. Emboldened by their win on abortion, the extremist court will attack other rights.

Justices Gorsuch and Thomas call to revisit landmark First Amendment case New York Times v. Sullivan