Misleading headlines

When Trump’s lies are published without indicating they are false, the media is misleading the public.


This is wrong. There is proof he called her nasty. Don’t just report his lies.

The sad state of local newspapers

financial problems as advertisers go online

Hannity’s hypocrisy

Hannity’s upset that Pelosi said Trump belongs in jail (which I agree with). However, the Trump cult has been chanting “lock her up” about Hillary Clinton for years. He’s a hyprocrite for saying it’s despicable for suggesting that a political opponent should be locked up.

Fox News is State TV

Trump is pressuring them on who to broadcast and they are responding. He has tweeted many times about Fox News, praising shows that will be favorable to him. This is an unprecedented and inappropriate relationship between a network and a president.

More on Fox News:

More on liar Sarah Sanders

They won’t fire her so the networks should ban her and boycott her press conferences.

I support April Ryan. She does a great job on CNN. Unlike Sanders, she is honest.
She’s a proven liar.