Fox News is State TV

Trump is pressuring them on who to broadcast and they are responding. He has tweeted many times about Fox News, praising shows that will be favorable to him. This is an unprecedented and inappropriate relationship between a network and a president.

More on Fox News:

More on liar Sarah Sanders

They won’t fire her so the networks should ban her and boycott her press conferences.

I support April Ryan. She does a great job on CNN. Unlike Sanders, she is honest.
She’s a proven liar.

Trump lies about the New York Times

He lies when he says they apologized. He lies when he says they are failing. Sad!

As you can see from the old tweets, he has told these lies before.

Trump’s wrong attacks on the Washington Post and New York Times

The Washington Post and New York Times told the truth. Just because Mueller didn’t charge Trump with criminal activity doesn’t mean the articles were wrong. Trump should not attack them. He says ‘no collusion”. I say “no retractions”.

Trump. Jr. doesn’t know much about Pulitzer prizes so he should keep his mouth shut. Sad!