Three poor tweets by the Washington Post

They are trying to appear unbiased but the tweets should say that Republicans are doing this. The articles are better.

Republicans don’t want to raise the debt limit.

Republicans want to limit the response to future pandemics.

Republicans want to limit voting rights.

More tweets on the decline of newspapers

Poor Washington Post article on the Ohio train derailment

The media’s continuing failure to cover Trump properly

The media is addicted to Trump because he boosted their ratings. They have never covered him properly since he started running in 2015 and they haven’t learned from their failures. This is addressed in a recent column by Oliver Dary and an old one by the great Margaret Sullivan. I am really worried about how badly the media will do for the 2024 election.

Poor wording by the New York Times

The article says:

“Some of the conspiracy theories have already seeped into the Republican mainstream.”

This is crap. The theories didn’t fall out of the sky and land on Republicans. They intentionally spread them.

Terrible New York Times column

Blaming Biden for lack of media coverage is ridiculous! The media has to take responsibility for their excessive coverage of Trump and inadequate coverage of Biden.

More on poor coverage of the attack on Paul Pelosi by the Times

Bad coverage of the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband

Another example of bad New York Times coverage