EPA vs. journalists

The EPA barred journalists from three news organizations from attending a summit on water contamination.  One was allegedly shoved.

Why were reporters banned?



They did something similar today (5/23).


TV is helping Trump by putting his lying supporters on

I completely agree – the media is spreading lies by letting these people on TV:

What is Trump up to?

Trump’s latest unhinged tweet demands that the Department of Justice look into whether or not they infiltrated the Trump campaign for political purposes.  Notice his tweetstorm today did not deal with the substance of the New York Times story that his campaign met with other foreign countries in addition to Russia.

Trump’s request is wrong and unreasonable.  I hope that the DOJ doesn’t cave in.  I think he is doing this as an excuse to fire Sessions, Rosenstein, and/or Wray if they don’t do what he wants.  If he gets rid of Rosenstein, he can put someone in who will fire Mueller.

What happens if he does any or all of this?  The Democrats will get upset but they have no power.  The cowardly Republicans will do nothing; they have not stopped Trump before.  The Mueller investigation will continue even if Mueller is gone – this happened in Watergate after Cox was fired.

Trump is doing damage to the country that will take decades to repair.  We are all less safe because of his efforts to unmask the informant  – why would anyone give confidential information to US intelligence agencies if they know they can be exposed?  The bottom line is there would be no informant if the Trump campaign did not have many contacts with Russians, enemies of the US.

Reactions to Trump’s tweets:

Trump called some illegal immigrants “animals”

This opinion column on Trump’s “animals” comment puts in the contest of prior Trump statements.

The White House justifies his comment:

Nobody wants to defend MS-13!

Great Der Spiegel cover and editorial