The media helped create the Trump monster

They gave him way too much coverage which helped him get the nomination and win the 2016 election.

TV networks gave Trump 2 billion dollars in free airtime in 2016

I don’t see how this year is any different. I blame the media for helping Trump spread his lies and bigotry.

Election night coverage is important

We have to prevent Trump from declaring victory before mail votes are counted. The news media will play a major part in determining what the public thinks on election night.

More bad news for local newspapers

If you’re concerned that the media is concentrated in New York and Washington, this will just make it worse. Support your local newspaper.

How We Know Journalism is Good for Democracy

More bad news for newspapers

Support your local paper! We need local news. Nobody will benefit from having all of the news coming out of Washington and New York.

Decline in newsroom jobs

Right wing media spreads conspiracy theories and misinformation

Let’s just say they lie a lot.

CNN didn’t cover Biden’s speech today

They devoted hours to Trump’s Tulsa rally. This is 2016 all over again. Trump is dominating media coverage. It’s very unfair to Biden.

I sent this message in an email to Brian Stelter at CNN today (6/26):

Overall, I think you do a great time during a very challenging time for reporters between having a president who lies often and several major crises happening at the same time.However, I think you should have addressed why CNN did not broadcast Biden’s event on Thursday.  I am concerned that we will see a repeat of 2016 when CNN and other networks gave Trump excessive coverage which helped him win the nomination and election.  Yes, a lot of CNN’s coverage points out Trump’s lies and failings. However, more coverage of Biden is needed now in the interest of fairness.
Harris Levy

TV’s influence on elections

Television has had a huge influence on elections starting with the Kennedy-Nixon debates. Kennedy obviously came across better on TV. Charisma and excellent public speaking helped Clinton and Obama win. We have elected a movie star (Reagan) and reality TV star (Trump).

This applies to music too. Most successful musicians are attractive. The exceptions are those who are obviously or deliberately unattractive like Meat Loaf or Alice Cooper. Because of video, you don’t see average looking folks become successful musicians.

I am discussing this because of Tom Nichols’s tweets.

My opinion on 2020 debates

Trump is pushing for more debates than usual.

Here’s Chris Cillizza’s column.

I hope there are no debates.

This is what I sent to CNN yesterday:

  • I hope there aren’t any debates for the following reasons.
  • 1) Trump will tell lots of lies.  He has more to lie about than in 2016 because he has been in office for almost four years. There have been almost no consequences for him for lying.  The media points outs out the lies and he just repeats them. I expect his greatest hits of lies – Veterans Choice, best economy ever, biggest tax cut ever
  • 2) Who will correct his lies? If Biden does it, it cuts in to his time to present his ideas.  Biden should state up front that he expects Trump to lie and the Democrats should post the lies online in real time. If the moderator does it, Trump will say they are biased.
  • 3) Trump will make dangerous efforts to undermine the election. He will attack mail-in voting. He will make accusations of fraud and that it will be rigged.  Remember, he did that when he won!
    I suggest that you talk to a child psychologist.  I am sure they have dealt with children that lie often and have ideas on how to stop it.  I am sure constantly broadcasting Trump’s lies are not part of the solution.
    One question on the Tulsa Trump rally: Will the reporters be required to sign the waiver forms?  If they are, I hope they don’t go.  In addition to the dangers of a crowded arena with probably few people wearing masks, Trump has attacked the media in his rallies.  We have seen instances where Trump supporters yell at reporters at close range when they are incited by Trump. 
    I appreciate the The Point and look forward to receiving it.  Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.
    Harris Levy