An Alabama editor defends the KKK

Trump threatens retribution over Saturday Night Live skit

Trump continues his dictator-like comments on the media. He can’t even take satire, let alone serious critiques. Sad!

CNN should not have a town hall with Schultz now

This is right on the money. CNN and other networks helped Trump tremendously by giving him so much coverage. Schultz hasn’t even announced that he is a candidate. Give the town halls to the actual candidates.

Let’s look back. Jeff Zucker, now head of CNN, gave Trump a big boost by having The Apprentice on NBC. CNN gave Trump a ton of coverage in 2016.

“Ten years later, it was Zucker, now the head of CNN, who gave Trump astonishing amounts of free exposure in the Republican presidential primary on the cable network, continually blasting out his speeches and rallies — often unfiltered and without critical fact-checking.

“It’s a not-unfair knock on CNN to say that they went all in on Trump and helped him enormously,” Ken Lerer, co-founder of the Huffington Post and BuzzFeed, said in a recent onstage interview at City University of New York’s journalism school. “I think it was a strategy, a programming strategy.”

Those paragraphs are from the article which is linked to before them.

Newspapers and newspaper jobs are disappearing

Bad news for all of us

Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry shows through in his prayer rugs tweet

I despise Trump for many reasons but the top two are that he is a liar and a bigot.

Trump and his supporters will rightfully complain about the Buzzfeed story that said Trump told Cohen to lie.  How is this different?  It doesn’t have a lot of sources and they are anonymous.