Melania Trump is not the first First Lady who has been mocked and criticized

Remember how they talked about Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama?

Headlines or tweets that don’t point out that Trump is lying

I am starting to see articles pointing out that if media outlets just quote Trump, they are not showing that he is not telling the truth.  This applies to headlines and tweets.

update 12/9/18

update 12/10


The White House wants Fox News to support the prison reform bill

This shows how influential Fox News is and how closely tied to the White House it is too.

In other Fox News news:


Hate crimes are up 17%

I blame Trump for a large part of it.  His hateful, bigoted speeches and tweets hive riled up the bigots in his cult.  I also blame Fox News and other right wing outlets.

Their influence was clear in the recent bomb mailings and synagogue mass murder.  And no, the answer is not more people with guns.

The CNN lawsuit over Jim Acosta

I expect CNN to win their lawsuit over the White House’s taking of Jim Acosta’s hard pass.  CNN is being supported by other news organizations, even Fox News.  Also, the White House is changing their story – their response said nothing about their allegation that Acosta hit the press aide.

The White House doesn’t get to choose which media members cover them.  It’s that simple.