The majority wants a mask mandate on transportation

He’s right – the Trump cult doesn’t care about what most people think

Wastewater surveilance for covid

Tweets on improving ventilation to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

More on COVID variant BA2

It seems unwise to drop all of the mask mandates when this infectious variant has arrived in the US. I know everyone is tired of the pandemic but I’m still wearing masks.

Is there another COVID wave coming? Tweets on BA2 and current stats in other countries

If it becomes advisable to reimpose COVID restrictions in the US, I think there will massive public resistance. It will be hard to get people to mask up again once the requirements have been listed. Read the tweets and articles on what’s happening elsewhere – the same things could happen here. Remember that Omicron became common elsewhere before it spread across the US. BA2 could be next.

Me, I’m still wearing a mask when I go out and avoid crowds. No movies or concerts for me yet.

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Tweets on long Covid

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