Trump sabotages FDA vaccine guidance

He’s the one making it political. While he is president, I would only take a vaccine if Fauci says to do it. I don’t trust Trump.

I don’t know if this true or Trump made it up
The FDA is in a tough spot. Trump could fire people if they disagree with him.
But Trump’s bleach-swilling cult members would take it.

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Former Pence aide says she will vote for Biden because of Trump’s ‘flat out disregard for human life’ during pandemic

Trump was wrong to attack Redfield

Republican cowards will back Trump. I would rather listen to Redfield. Trump is a liar.

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Selfish people who won’t wear masks

Selfish people ignoring science who don’t care about the health of everyone else.

Two D.C.-area restaurant employees were assaulted after enforcing mask rules. Others worry they will be next.

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