Navy removes commander who warned about the virus on his ship

Trump doesn’t want to hear the truth.

Republicans don’t want everyone to vote

They know they need voter suppression to win. They will fight the use of voting by mail because it would make it easier to vote.

Toilet paper shortages

1973 toilet paper scare

also this

Is Trump going to go golfing soon?

He sets a bad example when he doesn’t employ social distancing at his press conferences. Going golfing would also set a bad example. He has showed no compassion for the victims of the pandemic. Sad!

Make sure to read the article in the Washington Post which Wilson links to.

Adam Schlesinger

Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne died from the coronavirus yesterday. He was 52. Check out “Red Dragon Tattoo”, “Stacy’s Mom”, and “Mexican Wine” from links in the article you can access from the first tweet below. Fountains of Wayne were a power pop band with a great sense of humor and compassions for the people who populated their songs. They performed on a Kinks tribute album and they have some of the same attributes as them.

The last link in the Rob Tannenbaum tweet is to Robbie Fulks’s hilarious “Fountains of Wayne Hotline””.

Denmark’s path to economic rescue

This is an excellent article. In Denmark, the wealthy pay more taxes than they do here. This will aid their recovery from the coronavirus.

Baltimore may be benefitting from empty houses

The peak population of Baltimore was about 950,000. Now, it is estimated to be below 600,000.

In most ways, this is very bad for the city. Lost population means fewer jobs and less tax revenue, for example. It means thousands of abandoned houses that may never be filled.

This may actually be a good thing during the coronavirus pandemic. So far, Baltimore has not had the high volume of cases some other cities have had. Baltimore is like a 150 pound person wearing a 2XL shirt. The reduced population density resulting from lower population may be resulting in social distancing.