Excellent thread on coronavirus stats

Plus other recent articles on coronavirus stats

Pence is lying about the coronavirus

It’s not over. What he is saying is misleading and dangerous.

Tulsa officials ask Trump not to hold his rally

He won’t care.

Spikes in coronavirus stats

People are bored with the virus but it’s not over or anywhere close!

Tulsa venue for Trump rally won’t hold any other events through July

This is obviously a bad idea and people will get sick. Trump cares more about his ego than the health of his cult members.

Wearing masks helps

I see so many people are not wearing them when I go out. Everyone should wear a mask.

University of Arizona doctor: People not wearing masks is a factor in state’s spike in coronavirus cases

Study shows how face masks could prevent a second wave of Covid-19 — but there’s a catch

Swabs had to be destroyed because of Trump’s photo op

All because he was too selfish and stupid to wear a mask

People are still gargling with bleach because of Trump’s dangerous comment

Trump lies about using tear gas

There’s proof it was used. Trump and his staff just lie and lie and lie.

The government finally admitted the truth today. I am sick of all of the lies.

6/13 – finally admitting the truth

White House violates federal social distancing guidelines

The White House moved the chairs together so Trump could make a political point. He’s a disgrace.