Vaccine mandates work

Much of the coverage is distorted and focuses on the small percentage of employees who are fired compared to the many people who got vaccinated.

Vaccine mandates work

It’s too bad the media focuses on the small amount of people who are willing to lose their jobs instead of getting vaccinated.

Bad CNN tweet on who is vaccinated.

Republicans are the problem. Romney’s statement is cowardly and should be challenged. The media really gets me angry. They’re afraid Republicans will say they’re biased.

Vaccine stats 9/16/21

Mask and vaccination mandates and polls

Right wing Republicans are out of step with the public but insist on imposing their will anyway. Get vaccinated and wear a mask when appropriate.

Vaccine card on your phone

Fake vaccine cards

Why pay for a fake vaccine card when you can get the vaccine for free? The Trump cult would rather die than let Biden look good by ending the pandemic.

Texas Lt. Governor lies and blames Blacks for Covid surge

The Baltimore City Health Department is using memes to promote the vaccines

a fake version to make the city look bad and prevent people from taking the vaccine:

Texas governor Abbott’s terrible approach to Covid