Top and bottom states for COVID and flu vaccinations

In general, blue states at the top and red states at the bottom

60% of Covid deaths since the vaccine became available could have been prevented

A new estimate is even higher:

Tweets on the second Covid booster shot

I haven’t gotten my second booster yet.

The media’s misleading tweets on Air Force vaccinations

They are emphasizing the small number of people who won’t get vaccinated instead of the large majority who have been vaccinated.

The majority of Republicans don’t want a booster

Anti-vaccine advocates are wrong

They’re doing bizarre stuff like trying to undo the vaccine.

and there’s this:

Anti-vaxxers terrible comparison of their situation to the Holocaust

They obviously have no understanding of the Holocaust.

More on Big Bird and vaccinations

In the tradition of right-wing conspiracy theories on Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss.