Chao is being investigated

Trump sure has appointed a bunch of grifters.

Abusive Trump appointee keeps job at State Department

Cuccinelli’s racist remarks

How obviously racist can you get? The bigotry of Trump and his appointees is right out in the open now.

Trump wants to politicize intelligence agencies

He’s more concerned with protecting himself than protecting the country. Ratcliffe is unqualified. He did defend Trump on tv which is all that matters.

Trump picks a bigot and a plagiarist

Somehow, I don’t think she’s one of the best people. She did work for state tv (Fox News) which is important to Trump.

Trump tries to bully the Federal Reserve

Trump makes everything political.

Fire Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway should be fired for her Hatch Act violations. I don’t expect Trump to do anything. Democrats will push for her firing but Republicans obviously will let the Trump administration get away with anything.