Good riddance to Caputo

I do help his health improves but he doesn’t belong in the government.

Michael Caputo’s outrageous charges

Where does Trump find these crackpots?

IRS commissioner makes money from Trump properties

DeJoy apparently broke campaign laws

Where does Trump find this collection of bigots and cheaters?

Pompeo shouldn’t talk at the Republican convention

Trump has politicized everything. Pompeo won’t follow guidance he gave his employees.

More on bad Trump picks

Trump keeps picking bigots and conspiracy theory supporters

And pro-Russia supporters

Trump evades Congress with appointment of Tata

He isn’t qualified. Where does Trump keep finding bigots and conspiracy theorists?

Another bad Trump appointee

Where does he find these anti-science bigots?

Trump or Barr – who’s lying about the SDNY firing?

Then it should be easier to get Berman to testify since he’s no longer working for the administration. I don’t see how Trump could block it.