Jared and Ivanka use private email/messaging for government business

Hypocrites. Let’s see if Republicans think they should be locked up. I guess this is only bad when Hillary did it. Lol.


Republicans only think it’s bad when Democrats do it.

Pompeo briefed faith-based media

The State Department wouldn’t provide details on the event. They’re taking after Trump since he wouldn’t make information on his meetings with Putin available. This should not be acceptable. Sad!

Kushner update 3/9/19

He’s just as bad as Trump. He shouldn’t have a clearance. He left our officials out when he met with the Saudis. He has financial conflicts of interest because of his business interests.

Ross must go

He broke the law. This is not a hard decision.

Trump’s fight against climate change facts

Trump has challenged the consensus on climate change. Now he is appointing a panel to disagree with the conclusions reached by his own administration. Trump is a threat to all of us because he is so ignorant. When we get a competent president, they will not be able to undo the damage done by Trump.

I won’t be around for it but I hope that Mar-a-Lago is eventually underwater. I hope that alligators take it over.

The Trump administration wants climate change deniers everywhere.