Biden was right to fire the Social Security Administration Commissioner

Hypocritical Republicans have complained about Trump firing Andrew Saul. The media makes it sound unusual, too. Saul is emulating Trump by not accepting that he is gone. Biden is right to want someone who agrees with his policies. Trump and the Republicans have politicized everything.

Originally, the SSA commissioner was not such a political position. Several served for 10 years. Here’s a full list. You will see that several left around the time of the inauguration of a new president.

Here’s the recent history:

Astrue, appointed by Bush, served the fill six year term which extended into Obama’s second term.

Senate Republicans prevented Obama from appointing a commissioner who would serve a six-year term. His appointees were all temporary.

Trump appointed a GOP donor to the position.

Social Security waits anxiously for Trump to nominate commissioner (2017)

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