Trump could be charged after he leaves office

I hope so. I think he’s a criminal and I hope (but doubt) he goes to jail if he’s guilty. In addition to this and the other pending investigations, I think it’s clear that he’s guilty of election law violations similar to the ones Cohen is guilty of.

Trump claims he forgot things

I think he’s lying.

Is Trump, Jr. too stupid to be a criminal?

That’s what it sounds like though I have a hard time believing that he didn’t know it was wrong to meet with Russians about dirt on Hillary Clinton. I think he’s a crook. Sad!

Sarah Sanders is a liar

She should not be allowed on TV. Networks should boycott her press conferences, too. Since Trump is a liar, the only way to defend him is to lie. I would say she should be fired but Trump would just pick another liar.

The redacted Mueller report shows she lied about FBI agents thanking the White House for Comey’s firing.

Bill Barr is wrong again

He should not share information with the White House before releasing his redacted Mueller report. That helps the White House prepare their rebuttal. Yes there’s collusion – between Barr and the White House. It will enable the White House to spin the report before people can finish reading it. He should not hold a press conference before people have time to review the document. I don’t trust Barr on anything now. Sad!

This is much worse.

How to look at the Mueller report (redacted Barr version) tomorrow