Trump calls John Dean a rat


Trump’s inadequate comments a year after Charlottesville

This isn’t much better than “very fine people” on both sides from last year.  One side (Nazis and racists) was wrong.  Not both sides.  No equivalency.  Trump will not condemn the Nazis because they are part of his base.

Trump’s newest NFL tweet

He has learned nothing about race relations in the year since Charlottesville.  He just wants to stoke the bigotry of much of his base.

He is wrong saying the players are unable to define what they are protesting.  Players have said on many occasions that they are protesting racial injustice but Trump doesn’t want to deal with that issue.

He just wants the players to shut up.






Trump lies about California water and fires

Trump lies about California’s water supply for firefighting.  He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he just wants to attack California and Democratic Governor Brown.

Trump and the New York Times

Trump met with the owner of the New York Times.  It was supposed to be off the record but Trump tweeted about it.  Trump’s account and the Times account sound like they were from two different meetings.  Since Trump is a liar, this has happened before with his meetings and calls.  Of course, I believe the Times.  Trump’s comments are dangerous.  Sad!

Here’s Trump’s tweet and the response.