Trump is disgusting

I knew he couldn’t keep his mouth shut on Dr. Ford.  His real character (or lack of it) always comes out.  The man has no compassion or empathy.  He just knows how to attack people.  Let’s not forget that he has been accused by over a dozen women of sexual assault,  I believe the women.

Obviously, Republicans will do anything to get this unpopular nominee confirmed.  I don’t know why any woman would vote for a Republican in 2018.

I bet she still votes for Kavanaugh:

Trump attacks Democrats in advance for criticism on Hurricane Florence response

Trump rants on Twitter (again)

Trump is obsessed with himself.  There are all of these guilty pleas and convictions and he still claims it’s a witch hunt.  How can anybody think that now?

I wonder if he will try to suppress the Mueller report if it is finished before the 2018 elections.  He is laying the groundwork for it here by saying that Mueller and the Democrats are using it to hurt Republicans in the midterms.  I don’t put anything past him.

He also loves to retweet compliments about him.

Trump’s tweet on Obama’s comment on 57 states

As usual, Trump tries to take attention away from his lies by attacking other people.  Sad!

Trump attacks Justice Department on charges against Republican congressmen

Trump thinks winning elections is more important than punishing crime.  He really doesn’t understand that the Attorney General is loyal to the law, not to him and his party.

Trump tweeted about McGahn’s departure without telling him

Trump sounds like a terrible boss.