Trump’s unpresidential tweets about McChrystal

Little Donald just has to throw a tantrum and fight back.  You’re the president.  Act like it.

See the Jake Tapper thread below by clicking on the tweet.


The Trump shutdown

He owns it.

The majority doesn’t want the wall and more people blame Republicans than Democrats for the shutdown.





Trump’s pathetic attack on Democrats over deaths of two migrant children

He is way out of bounds by blaming Democrats for the death of two migrant children.  They died because of his inhumane policies if you’re going to blame anyone.  This tragedy should not be politicized.


McGurk, top US envoy in fight against ISIS, resigns

Another departure based on Trump’s new Syria and Afghanistan policies.

Of course, Trump trashes him on the way out. Why would anybody work for Trump?

More on Trump calling Cohen a “Rat”


Mob boss Trump calls Cohen a “Rat”

Trump speaks like a gangster instead of a president.  That’s because he is a mob boss.


Trump appears to obstruct justice

Trump criticizes Cohen for cooperating with law enforcement – Trump is the top law enforcement official in the country.  This sure looks like obstruction and the tweets were not a good idea.

This one’s hilarious:

update 12/3