COVID death rates are higher for Republicans

Polls on how Democrats and Republicans see each other

Republicans have undermined trust in institutions

Not even 60% of Republicans trust Fox News!

This is why it will be hard to break through to them. They have no interest in listening to facts. I don’t say they have been misled. They have deliberately chosen to ignore sources of facts.

The fight to keep our democracy

CNN interviews Trump cult members, not Biden supporters who believe in democracy

Republicans bad “Let Go Brandon” slogan

Just another attack on Biden. It’s bad, not clever.

‘Let’s go Brandon,’ explained

Bad CNN tweet on who is vaccinated.

Republicans are the problem. Romney’s statement is cowardly and should be challenged. The media really gets me angry. They’re afraid Republicans will say they’re biased.

We’re not “we”

It’s easy to identify the groups of people who have prevented us from ending the pandemic “We” sounds good but we can’t even have a consensus on basic facts like who won the 2020 election and what happened on 1/6/21. I’m not optimistic about unity in our country.