Republican sabotage in Minnesota

They’ve done similar things in Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina when Democratic governors were elected.

Republican power grab in Wisconsin

You can’t compromise with these people – you just have to beat them.

Elections matter to Republicans…unless Democrats win.

The Republican Party is a right wing extremist party

McConnell wants states to go bankrupt if they can’t pay their bills

McConnell is using the economic revenue losses states are having because of the coronavirus to attack blue states. In fact, blue states subsidize red states like McConnell’s Kentucky.

Republicans try to limit authority of Kentucky’s Democratic governor

Republicans try to limit the power of governors when Democrats are elected. Biden is wrong. You can’t work with these people.

Trump allies to target journalists

They can’t succeed on discussing issues and facts so they have to go to character assassination. This is disgusting.

Fox News poll on Trump’s racist tweets

Here’s an except from the Reliable Sources newsletter by CNN’s Brian Stelter last night and the email I sent him:

From the newsletter:

New polling about Trump’s racist tweets

Some newsworthy results from this new Fox News poll:

 — 63% of Americans say Trump’s racist tweets “crossed the line.”
 — 56% say saying “go back” is a racist thing to say to people of color.
— Only 34% say Trump respects racial minorities.

What I wrote to him:

  • To:brian.stelter@turner.comJul 26 at 12:50 PM
  • I appreciate your excellent newsletter and know it is difficult to work in an environment where the president of the country lies all the time.
    In your coverage of the Fox News poll on Trump’s racist tweets, I think you should have noted that the numbers you cited represent the majority but the views of Republicans were very different.
    The poll showed (per the article you linked to):
  • 53% of Republicans think the tweets were an acceptable political attack
  • 33% of Republicans think the tweets crossed the line
  • 21% of Republicans think the language is racist while 45% do not and 30% say it depends.
  • 68% (which is lower since apparently more Republicans see that Trump is bigoted) think Trump respects minorities
    To me, most Republicans fall in to one of two categories. 
  • They are
  • 1) racists or
  • 2) willing to tolerate racism
    Other polls have shown that Trump’s support among Republicans is around 90% and very few Republican elected officials pushed back against Trump’s racist remarks.

Republicans try recalls to invalidate election results

Republicans were unwilling to accept election results in Wisconsin and elsewhere so they limited the power of the governor. Now, they are trying recalls to invalidate legitimate election results. Disgraceful.